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New block feature

There is a new spamming feature, where you will keep getting blocked out of the game for multiple clicks in the same part of the game (It does not even have to be 60) So all busters, points market refreshers beware!


You must sell all your unwanted weapons by tommorow (9:00 TC time 23rd June) If you have 1000 baseball bats they will be listed individually and you will have 1000 lines of baseball bats that will take forever to sell, and will clog up your page with a lot of scrolling!

Help Wanted!

I’m looking for very good Stock Market and Casino tutorials to be created! This is one thing we really lack on TCBasic. (As I literally have no clue about stocks) The pay will be 4 DP’s + 30 Xanax. If you’re interested drop us a mail. bcfcespley[181564]