Federal Jail

You get sent to federal jail when you’ve either cheated or done something really wrong (eg, abused a staff member).
Times vary depending on your offence.
There’s really nothing to do in federal jail, but here’s a quick overview of what your account will look like when you log in after being federal jailed.

Imprisoned in Federal Jail
In federal jail, all you can see is:

  • How long you are in for
  • The reason you’ve been sent there
  • A special chat screen that only Staff can see. This is purely for you to plead your innocence,

NB: The staff have the ability to stop you from chatting with them.

Here is a screenshot of someone who is/was in Federal Jail:

Click the thumbnail to see a larger picture

Federal Jail List
To see all the inmates in Fed jail, Why they’re in there and for how long, go City>Federal Jail.
No longer available.

No, you can’t ever bust out of federal jail. The only way for you to get out is if an admin releases you, if your time has been served, or in the case of extremely long jailings (eg 50 days +), deletion.