Firefox Plugins

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Firefox Plugins
Marky [251013] has made some cool Firefox plugins that let you use the browsers tool bar to search Torn City Player Names and ID’s. Check them out under Tools & Calculators
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Company Specials Unveiled
Company Specials can now be seen via your company page. There are a total of 15 specials spread across the companies. Please submit info to our companies info page (through the ‘jobs’ link in the menu), so we can keep everyone informed! Note: We now already have all of the job specials (known) added to the companies page. Under ‘more’ is a list of information we already have, and information that we can still add! Please check it, and see if you can help, and please check it before submitting info. Thanks to all those who’ve helped so far!
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Last Updated ( Saturday, 16 June 2007 )
TCB updates to do with TC updates
We will show a list of what’s been updated on our site, that has something to do with the TC updates here. TCB Updates:
  • All new items added to the items list
  • Companies info
  • Added multiplier for the Flexible Body Armour in the Weapon Multipliers page
  • Prelim Companies Tutorial released
  • Prelim Race Track Tutorial released
  • Crime Gains page has been updated to add all the new crimes (but no results yet)
    • Added the results for the Search for Cash crime. Thanks to Hogfather!!
    • Added the results for Selling copied media crimes.
    • Updated Crime Fails page with new crimes
    • Added loads of crime results! Thanks to the people who contributed through the forums. Keep it up
  • Notebook added to the Donator Packs Tutorial
  • Changed the hospitalizing merit to 10mins (from 5mins)
  • Added the required items for the Counterfeiting crime
  • Added what level you need to be to access the race track to the Level Benefits page

We need your help! If anyone has any information that we don’t yet, especially company information or race track info, please contact us, or leave a comment!

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Passwords Compromised
Torn City was hacked lately, and a number of passwords were taken and posted on the internet, including staff members and high levels.
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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 13 March 2007 )
Here’s a list of updates taken straight from the forums! Updates include:
  • Notebook
  • Crimes
  • Companies
  • New Items
  • Car Racing
  • Small Changes

Please Note: Once we get enough time and information, we will update TCBasic to include as much information on these new additions as possible. If you find anything out, please let us know about it! either contact us through TC, TCBmail or the Forums (must be registered for the mail and Forums)

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Last Updated ( Friday, 02 March 2007 )
Compensation has been distributed! Heres how it went: Everyone recieved 31 days Donator status and 5 merits (Worth $75,550,000 all up). Monetary compensation was determined by level: Levels 1-1 (5332 users) – Credited with $100,000 Levels 2-3 (3640 users) – Credited with $250,000 Levels 4-5 (2802 users) – Credited with $500,000 Levels 6-10 (6587 users) – Credited with $1,000,000 Levels 11-15 (5074 users) – Credited with $2,000,000 Levels 16-20 (4228 users) – Credited with $3,000,000 Levels 21-25 (2875 users) – Credited with $5,000,000 Levels 26-30 (1546 users) – Credited with $7,000,000 Levels 31-40 (723 users) – Credited with $10,000,000 Levels 40+ (30 users) – Credited with $12,000,000  Discuss your gains/losses here (must be registered)
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 28 February 2007 )
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