Items, Operation Ancient

You gain more stats if you train a little at a time, and let your Happy refill before training again. We have the training formulas in the Training tutorial!
Items, Operation Ancient
There’s been a complete overhaul of the Items pages, which will make it much easier for staff to edit information. Hopefully it also simplifies your browsing. 9 new Staff Items have been released as well as three Items (including two new Melee Weapons) and one Education related to the new Operation Ancient Mission (lvl 15+, Age 1,000+). Have fun oldies!
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Award and Regen calculator
Instead of simply waiting for someone to step up and actually create our own calculators we’ve instead made direct interfaces to dotLeo’s TC Calculator.  The links in the Tools & calculators section have been updated to reflect this. Disclaimer: We have no control over this calculator. The direct links are as follows: Award Calculator Regeneration Speeds
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Last Updated ( Sunday, 02 March 2008 )
Factions, colors and Company’s
The phenomenal TC Company Summary Spreadsheet is available in Tools and Calculators, thanks to Generjustin. If you want to check out how company’s work, and how to get a profit, and much more, you should definitely take a look! You can also now find the list of the new Faction Special costs and effects in the Faction info page (incomplete- please comment with more information if you can) We’ve completed a BETA Stat color list. Please take a look, and comment if anythings wrong- Click ‘Read More’ to take a look.
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Last Updated ( Saturday, 22 March 2008 )
Gamebasics Network
Hey Everyone! We’ve just released the Gamebasics Network, which (so far) contains helpsites for two other online text based MMORPGS other than Torn City. This is due to TCBasic currently only requiring a small amount of my time, mainly just updating pages when TC has updates, and monitoring comments, giving me enough free time to start some other sites. I’d like to reassure everybody that TCBs updates will not be influenced by this development! Lately, due to a forum ban, it has been difficult for me to update TCB as much as I’d like to, but this will change soon. If you’re interested in the other sites, you can find them under Gamebasics or Links in the menu. If you would like to add and create a site of your own, for another MMORPG you play, we are happy to offer hosting and support for dedicated people. Thanks again to Aurigus, who gives us all these Domains and Hosting for free!! Cheers, Aerozol 
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New Missions!
As most of you are aware, two new missions have been released. Guides to both missions can be found in our ‘Missions’ information page. Good Luck!
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More Racing Stuff
Still not managed to start getting wins on the Race Track against all of those people with hundreds of wins? Thanks to 2DIE [424413] and his Team we’ve added even more onto our Race Track Tutorial, as well as a new Upgrade Guide that should help you decide when and what upgrades to get for your car. Maybe you can even set up a Team of your own and start making your way to the top…
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Last Updated ( Monday, 21 January 2008 )
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