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In accordance with the last poll, from now on only constructive comments/questions will be displayed/validated. Please read the tutorials and info pages thoroughly before asking questions or posting comments, and make sure you check previous comments to see if your question has already been asked and answered. We aren’t going to selectively censor the site though, unless it’s an unrelated or inane comment. Thanks, TCB staff
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Radio and BB
TC Radio BETA (Click )and the TC Big brother house (Click ) are both now open to the public. Also, good luck to the top ten Mr & Mrs TC contestants, and another reminder that TC forum rules have been changed (Click ‘See More’ for rule details).
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The Pet Market has been removed, and the Dogs Hall of Fame has been replaced with the Poker HoF. Rumour has it that dogs may soon be removed, although TC admins haven’t made any announcements concerning the subject. Also, ?
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Scripts and Poker
We’ve added two poker tutorials to the site, one by Gram and one by Dunkin, that should answer all of your questions, and have you winning loads of cash off other players. Assuming they didn’t read them too… They can be found under ‘Poker’ in the Tutorials section of the menu. We’ve also added a great Tool by hexkid to Tools & Calculators that lets you use Firefox and the Greasemonkey add-on to customize your TC browsing, with lots of handy features. Highly recommended! –This tool has now been classified an illegal tool by TC admins. It is still available on the Tools & Calcs page, at your own risk.
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 11 July 2007 )
Terrible mix up!
Ok, JCgamo made a terrible mix up with his bot the other day.  He accidentally uploaded the code and zip file for a version of the bot somewhere close to V2.0 As of now, the problem has been fixed.  Remember to message jcgamo88 [102841] to complain about him being such a n00b!
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Poker Released
Poker released for levels 13+ Referral change: For every person you refer to TC, you are now rewarded with 5 points, once they reach level 5  UPDATE: Poker tutorials now online, thanks to Dunkin [157749] and Gram [16010].
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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 June 2007 )
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