4 Types of Tokens and How To Use Them


There is often some confusion about the Torn City tokens, so I’m going to try and straighten it out. This article specifically deals with the types of tokens that can be purchased from the store, as well as their worth on the market vs. how much they actually cost.

So first thing first: These tokens have no real worth besides a limited time only use within Torn City. They cannot be traded, and no one will ever pay you for them because they can only be used as an extra bonus when redeeming a premium item.

The second important thing to realise is the difference between the types of tokens: There are current tokens, old tokens and unassigned/unused tokens and casino tokens.

Current Tokens: These are purchasable using real money from the Torn City store, at a cost of US$ 0.99 per token. The value of these tokens depends on how much their worth would be within Torn city itself – therefore all items that could possibly require a token have been priced according to this formula (which was then slightly changed). You can find these prices in-game or on the wiki.

Old Tokens: These are items that have been deprecated from the item database, due to being replaced by a new version of the item. All current currency-using items will be kept in the database as long as they provide their benefits, but deprecated currency-only versions will still only be available for redemption until the currency-only versions go out of circulation (usually after 1 year). From this point on, old tokens can no longer be redeemed and therefore lost their purpose. It seems like these were never made purchasable from the store (unlike Current Tokens) – instead, players seem to buy them off each other or receive them as part of holiday events such as Halloween and Christmas (although it is still debatable whether those tokens really do exist). Unused Tokens: These are untradable tokens that were introduced for the Halloween 2010 event, but never redeemed. They can no longer be used – if you find them in your inventory today, they will not provide any benefits.

These items have no real worth besides a limited time only use within Torn City. You cannot cash out on these like it is often suggested (example). At the same time, they cannot be traded amongst players either (and even Usertown trading isn’t possible because someone would simply redeem them by clicking ‘Redeem’).

What you can do with Tokens though is use them for an extra bonus when redeeming premium items like cars or houses. So if you have enough of these, you can redeem that expensive White Lambo after all. That’s about it.

If you are not into the money spending part, there is no need for you to worry about them at all – they are simply an extra bonus for people who feel like throwing away some money on something they don’t really need but want.

So why does everyone keep talking about tokens in Torn City? Well… mostly because it’s fun to complain or debate with others when there is nothing else to talk about. As said before though, they are useful only when redeeming an item in your inventory that requires a token (example). If this was not the case, there wouldn’t be any reason to even mention

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