More Racing Stuff

Before buying a house, check the rental market for a good deal!
More Racing Stuff
Still not managed to start getting wins on the Race Track against all of those people with hundreds of wins? Thanks to 2DIE [424413] and his Team we’ve added even more onto our Race Track Tutorial, as well as a new Upgrade Guide that should help you decide when and what upgrades to get for your car. Maybe you can even set up a Team of your own and start making your way to the top…
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Last Updated ( Monday, 21 January 2008 )
Christmas Adventure Town!
Christmas is here again, and the Christmas Adventure Town has been released in the City! Have fun exploring all of the new locations and collecting all of the candies… Christmas Town is open until new day on the 27th. Our comprehensive list of the new Christmas Candies, their locations, effects and descriptions can be found here . Good luck!
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Item image makeover?
Rumour has it that all of the item images are going to be getting a makeover. To see the images leaked to TCB, from a reliable source, select ‘Read More’.
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As I’m sure you’re all aware, TC has released a lot of updates in the last weeks, quite a few unannounced! Here’s a list of the updates: 1 view per minute limit removed from points market Rearranged Item Market Links added to homepage New upgrade for Factions with 10k+ respect- ‘Laboratory’ New education- ‘Physics’ Equipped weapons visible on your home page/ item page Blind friendly validation   – There has been a lot of confusion over how a blind person can play TC to begin with. If you’re   interested, click . New Forum layout Change in mail system Company newsletters Trade items/ Mass item send Backup time has been reduced to 15 minutes You can Save, Delete and send events Busts, Faction Chains have been added to the HoF Poker score replaced with daily Streak in HoF Pets completely removed Page tutorials Confirm pages added to various features Awareness boosted/ fixed Also, Stats now have colours showing your progress with them Please comment with the amount of stats you have, and what colour they are so that we can add them to our Training/ Stat tutorial! This includes working stats. Also, please give us the exact shade of colour so we can make an accurate graph- Select your stats, right click and and select ‘show source code’ to see the exact shade of colour (will be a blue number, eg #006600 is Green). Please give your level too! Note: if you don’t want people to know your stats, make sure you comment using a different name to your TC account. Begging is now also ‘legal’. Don’t forget that you have an ignore button, and if the begging becomes spam, it’s still illegal! If you’re aware of any other upgrades we’ve missed/ haven’t listed, please tell us.
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Last Updated ( Thursday, 20 December 2007 )
Newspaper, Race Tutorial
Want to know what stat affects racing? We have a brand new comprehensive Racing Tutorial (found in the menu) thanks to Altarious [15507], that covers all of that and more. Go check it out. We’re also trialling the latest issue of TC Light, a player created newspaper with interviews and reports. Check it out Here , and feel free to vote if you’d like to see more of the sort on TCB.
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Codes and Banners
Thanks to our admin Aurigus[37524] you can now listen to the TC Radio through a Flash applet on TCB- Give it a try! (Can be found under ‘More’, in the menu)
Also, Sylar_[423569] has coded a great Gym Calculator that can be found in the Training/ Stats tutorial. If you want to figure out how much a house upgrade will help your stat gain, this is the perfect tool for it! There’s also been two new additions to our ‘Support TCB’ page (Also under ‘More’ in the menu)- The famous Explosm flash sig that people keep asking for, and a rather naughty Sexy Losers sig. Check them out!
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Last Updated ( Friday, 09 November 2007 )
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