Poker Released

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Poker Released
Poker released for levels 13+ Referral change: For every person you refer to TC, you are now rewarded with 5 points, once they reach level 5  UPDATE: Poker tutorials now online, thanks to Dunkin [157749] and Gram [16010].
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Last Updated ( Tuesday, 12 June 2007 )
Bot fixes!
Minor but important chainbot update.
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 06 June 2007 )
Hit/Visitor Counters
Just a quick note to everyone that some minor TC security measures were changed, so hit counters added to your profile/ signature with the [img] tags wont work anymore. Just change the BBcode tags to  [flash=HeightxWidth]hit counter URL[/flash], and they should work fine!
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TCB changes
First of all, a big thanks to Aurigus for hosting TCBasic all of this time for free, as well as helping out with the creation of our site! But sadly Aurigus has been having some trouble within TC, so he is no longer going to be playing. This means that we might have been forced to change hosts, but Aurigus has kindly offered to keep the site up for us, as long as he can offset the cost with some Google Ads, which we are happy with. So please excuse the ads that will be displayed on the site in the future, and we hope that it doesn’t interfere too much with your business. Thanks again Aurigus, TCB Staff
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Last Updated ( Friday, 01 June 2007 )
New TC look
New TC logos have been made for the following screens: Standard, Jail, Hospital, Attacking and Travelling, with more to come! Taken from Chedburns Click Read More to see the new images (spoiler).
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Last Updated ( Friday, 25 May 2007 )
Mr and Mrs Torn City Competition
Torn City has just released the Mr and Mrs Torn City competition. From the description:

Torn City is offering points for the top three best Mr and Miss Torn submissions! To enter, upload an image of yourself to your user gallery with your User ID written by hand in the photo. (I.e. On a piece of paper in the photo). This is to prove it is you in the photo. Then go to your user gallery and edit the description to the number one thing you strive for.. i.e. ‘World peace’. Then change the type of the image to either ‘Mr Torn submission’, or ‘Miss Torn submission’. Your image will then be viewed by a staff member and accepted/declined. Once accepted, the Torn City players will vote on who they want to be their new Mr and Miss Torn!


  • Participating – 25 Points
  • Mr Torn 3rd Place – 125 Points
  • Miss Torn 3rd Place – 125 Points
  • Mr Torn 2nd Place – 275 Points
  • Miss Torn 2nd Place – 275 Points
  • Mr Torn 1st Place – 525 Points + Mr Torn 2007 Crown Item
  • Miss Torn 1st Place – 525 Points + Miss Torn 2007 Crown Item
  • For more information, view the “” link on the sidebar. Feel free to ply your photo in the comments area of this article. Make sure you do not break any rules of the competition!
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Last Updated ( Monday, 07 May 2007 )
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