A Special Thanks To…

A Special Thanks To 2258878
Current Staff:
Aerozol Anonymouse Aurigus bcfcespley Alphanumerical LDP

Retired Staff:

JCgamo JimmyJames Cutie59 Ieatpenguins Donfardz

A big thanks to these players for their information and support:

Info on awards, critical hits, etc.
Mechanic course info.
Wrote a huge part of the begginers tut, crime info, Xanax info.
RPG launcher info.
Information on ‘Operation Kenishi’ including what stat for what weapon, Brutus Keychain, and the Hamster Plushie. And the Profile Music tutorial. New Company Specials info, Christmas ’07 item list help.
‘How to make money’ tutorial
Crime info
Crime info, Pets Tutorial
Crime info
Education info
Torn City Calculator, training formulas
Parachute info
Tycoon award, Item info
Offer of hosting, training idea
Weapon multipliers
For the correct © code
Clearing up the marriage tutorial
Bail formula
Allegiant Faction Member award, and more
Informed us about Paws and The_Hamster
Pseudo, Imposter, Imitation and the Simulation fraud crime awards
Counterfeiting crime results
Crime results
Wrote the Report Tutorial
Claymore Multiplier, Bomb Factory, Hacking info
Chaining and mugging information, Attacking tutorial, free Chain Bot code, Flexible Body Armour multiplier, and lots more!
Thanks, Torn City Talk
Faction upgrades
Profile flash tutorial
Showroom info, lots of crime info, crime type info
GTA award info
lots of various Award, Faction, OC and Drug information
Chaining Tutorial!
LSD or Ecstasy, Magic Mushrooms, and PCP or Ecstasy research and information
Networth info
Crime info
Speed after effects
Chain Bot images
Pet info
Hunting info etc
Crime fails
OC, Merit info, lots of various scoops, quite a few Tips’n’Tricks, Crime Guide Tutorial
Complete Toy Store info
Car Dealership, Company info
Firefox Player and ID Search Plugins
MSN Plus! Plugin
Informed us about person selling our chainbot
Level 60 award, Level 71 Rank Trigger
TC Greasemonkey Tool
Poker Tutorial, Med item tip
Poker Tutorial
Rank #20 trigger
Adult Novelties company info
Jail busting info
DP tip
high Heels
Blackjack Tutorial
Company info, Crime fail results, Training Calculator
Company info
Race Tutorial
Race Tutorial, Upgrade Guide
Tips n Tricks
Company info, Specials, and more
Hunting help and Tutorial
GP tutorial
Wep/ Armour Table
OC information pages!
Job Calculator fix
SuperPack Greasemonkey Script, Xmas Town Map Help
TC CSS Tutorial
Operation Keneshi Update
Nerve Bar Tutorial
Compound Bank Interest Tool
Honors Images
Honors Images
Honors Images
Honors Info
Honors Image
Honors Images
Honors Images
Honors Images
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Images
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Info
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image, Programmer Medal
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image
Honors Image
TCM Stock Info
Hunting Tutorial, Excel Sheet
Company Efficiency Calc
Lots of race and car info
Race info
Xmas Town 2010 Quests
Faction Specials
Merit Page info, Racing Class A Parts
Dual MP5 Weapon Type
Property Sell Values
Drug addiction effects and numbers!

Thanks also to these TCB members, who have been helpful through TCB mail, comments or forums

TheThirdMark Lots of info and help
Cloud Bombing Crime info
ptiger Lots of crime info
Hogfather Lots of crime info, prelim Drag Racing FAQ, Default OC requirements
Spillblood Maloney
Ceasar Grocery steal cash info, Companies
Warsteed Drag Racing tutorial, Company info
don_giughe Gents strip club info
L_Knight Company info
Sehveka Grocery Company info
Exidar Furniture Company info
Colossal Company info, Nightclub info
Hardrada Lots of great Crime info
Jake Cofield Clothing Company info
Royal Marine
Zeeko Masr
Sehveka Grocery Store info
Alima Halloween item info
Horanos Loads of Rank 5 Company Specials
Society Lots of hunting and crime help
Cariad ‘Hard Yakka’ special
Newhope ‘Box of Tissues’ item info
Man-O-War Run Forest Run, Overzealous Award
SneakySquirrel Supremacy Award

Names are (vaguely) listed in order of first submission. If you’ve helped out somewhere, and aren’t on this list and want to be, or you would like something edited, please let us know.

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