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(Archive) Cars

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Cars Upgrades

Please note that the most expensive upgrades and cars are not necessarily the most effective, and that racing contains a lot of variables. For more info, visit one of the tutorials:

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Location Item Price Sell Price
Cannot Buy
Chevrolet Cavalier N/A $ 5,600
Reliant robin N/A $ 7,000
Volkswagen beetle N/A $ 7,600
Honda Civic N/A $ 9,000
Audi S4 N/A $ 13,000
Acura Integra Type R N/A $ 15,000
Ford mustang N/A $ 17,000
Hummer H3 N/A $ 21,000
Honda Accord N/A $ 23,000
Holden SS N/A $ 25,000
Toyota MR2 N/A $ 29,000
Acura NSX N/A $ 32,000
BMW 5 series M Class N/A $ 43,000
Chevrolet Corvette Z06 N/A $ 50,000
Audi TT Quattro N/A $ 55,000
Firebird N/A $ 59,000
Dodge Charger N/A $ 69,000
BMW Z8 N/A $ 80,000
Ford GT40 N/A $ 120,000

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Acceleration Handling
Top Speed Extra


Acceleration Parts:
These parts will help increase the speed of your car.

Name Cost Wins Needed Description
Performance Mufflers $25,000 0 Enhance the power of your car with these custom mufflers.
Custom Headers Upgrade $25,000 0 Tune into the raw power of your car with these custom headers.
Transmission Upgrade 1 $50,000 2 Boost the power of your car with this custom transmission.
Transmission Upgrade 2 $150,000 2 Take your car to the next step with this custom second level upgrade for your car. Extra power that you’ve been craving.
Engine Modification 1 $100,000 2 Step up your engine with added power.
Super Charger Upgrade $500,000 2 Instant power at your finger tips with this super charger system.
Torque System 1 $125,000 2 Increase the power hidden within your car with this custom enhancement pack.
Torque System 2 $250,000 2 Pull the raw power from your engine and boost your performance across the board with this super torque upgrade.
Engine Modification 2 $250,000 3 Take your engine to the max. This special mod kit has everything you need to tweak your car to the limits
Intake Mod System $175,000 3 Smooth out your cars engine with this customized intake system. Performance quality the pros use.
Electronic Boost Controls $300,000 4 Control your car’s power with these electronic boost controls. This double set up system allows you to map out up to 64 points in your engine load and increase your power at optimal points.
Custom Rear End $400,000 5 Take your car to the next level with this custom rear end kit where performance is counted in the seconds you save.
Custom Fuel System $750,000 6 Custom injectors, tank and delivery system in this package. You will see a more reliable output of power and a consistant flow throughout your entire system.


Handling Parts:
These parts will help control the cars handling.


Name Cost Wins Needed Description
Spoiler $25,000 0 Streamline the dynamics of your car with this customized spoiler. All makes and models covered.
Tire Upgrade 1 $10,000 0 Bring your car up to the next level with these custom racing tires.
Rim Upgrade $10,000 0 A step up from the basics, these rally wheels are a favorite among racers.
Rim Upgrade 2 $20,000 0 Take your rims to the EXTREME! Our super special rim upgrade offers plenty of eye candy for those who want to show off their ride.
Suspension Enhancement $35,000 0 Protect your car from the ground up. With our custom suspension package you will instantly feel the difference in the control of your car.
Hood Upgrade $45,000 2 Enhance the dynamics of your car with this special hood.
Tire Upgrade 2 $20,000 2 Super rally sport tires. Used by the professional racers!
Body Mod Kit 1 $250,000 2 With customized body enhancements the sleek new design will allow you to shave seconds from the clock when seconds are all that matters. Available in all makes and models.
Custom Gauges $2,500 3 Custom designed gauges fit into the overall look of your car and offer a more accurate display of your cars information.
Tire Upgrade 3 $30,000 3 Wide tires for better traction and handling. Tested and proven to enhance your performance.
Hood Upgrade 2 $250,000 3 The best of the best. Imported and custom made to fit your car this hood will allow you to cut through the air like never before.
Grounding System $5,000 4 Protect the delicate electronics that your car has with this custom built grounding system.
Hood Upgrade 1 $75,000 4 Take your old hood and scrap it. You will find it useless when you outfit your car with this new and more areodynamic model.
Custom Bumpers 1 $100,000 4 Enhance the overall areodynamics with this front and rear bumper upgrade.
Body Mod Kit 2 $500,000 5 Streamline your car’s areodynamics with this custom body kit.
Body Mod Kit EX $600,000 5 Take your car to the extreme with this enhancement kit. Seen world-wide on many customized race cars, this kit offers many enhancements which you don’t see on your everyday racing car.
Custom Bumpers 2 $200,000 5 A new sleek design allows for a better control and increased airflow across your car. You will not only see the difference in your time trials but feel the difference within your grasp.
Weight Reduction Kit $1,000,000 5 Reduce your autos body weight and increase your areodynamics at the same time. Remember in some automobiles a weight reduction may have a negative effect.
Wide Body Kit $2,000,000 6 This kit allows you to give your car what it’s always needed. A more stablized system, better handling and sensitive controls.This upgrade is for the serious racers and not the faint of heart.
Power Shifter Kit 1 $500,000 7 Included is a short throw shifter along with a customed electronic LED shift indicator
Power Shifter Kit 2 $750,000 8 Included is a quick shift adjustable throw shiftter along with an electronic LED shift indicator and RPM gauage


Top Speed Parts:
These parts will increase your overall top speed.

Name Cost Wins Needed Description
Turbo System Upgrade $25,000 0 Point for point power increase on a large scale, these turbo systems will allow your car to perform in ways you’ve never imagined.
Performance Air Intake $50,000 0 Boost your car’s overall performance and power with this customized intake system.
Single NOS Boost $45,000 0 NOS. The name says it all. Pure power.
Performance Exhaust $35,000 2 Custom exhaust system to enhance your car’s power.
Custom Wiring System $20,000 2 Stop problems before they start with this custom wiring system you can depend on. Extra heavy duty heat resistant wiring is used to provide dependability and performance.
Custom Ignition System $15,000 2 Make the timing of your car perfect and pull extra power from your car you never knew it had!
Double NOS Boost $80,000 2 Double the boost your car has.
Triple NOS Boost $200,000 3 Three shots of this powerful stuff!
Performance Drag Pack $500,000 4 Increased handling and acceleration. This is for the enhancement is for serious racers only.
Performance Power Pack $1,000,000 5 Increase your car’s power and acceleration this enhancement pack. Highly tested and racer approved.
Racing Suction Intake Kit $120,000 6 Developed as the premier intake system for high performance
Power Flow Air Intake Sys $250,000 7 Specially designed for high performance in larger motors and engineered to the highest standards
Custom Cooling system $75,000 9 Increase the stability of your engine with this custom cooling system
Air Diversion Panels $125,000 10 These under the hood panels contain airflow to the radiator core and improve cooling efficiency.


Extra parts:
These parts will add driver protections.


Name Cost Wins Needed Description
Helmet $10,000 0 Safety first! This customized helmet is decorated with your logo. Look cool and protect your head at the same time.
Custom Roll Cage $500,000 0 Rolling your car is one of the worst fears a racer has. With this special upgrade you can squash your fears!
Racing Harnesses $100,000 0 Safety first and formost. From the minds of I Industries comes the BI2k. Avaliable in all colors these racing harnesses will offer a lot of protection when you need it the most.
Flame Retardant Suit $300,000 0 When seconds count you need something you can depend upon. This suit will not let you down. Tested in various stages this suit has withstood the most extreme heat and came out undamaged.Another great product from I Industries.
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