(Archive) Frequently Asked Questions

(Archive) Frequently Asked Questions
This page is archived (on 21.12.2010) and no longer updated. This is because we would rather spend time updating specific pages, rather than updating information in multiple locations, including here.
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This FAQ has been taken from the Torn City forums/ Questions (DG’s post), and almost completely rewritten by TCB staff.

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To buy ammo for your guns, visit your Items page. There is a link near the top of this page, just below the display showing you which weapons you have equipped, called Ammo Locker. Clicking this link will allow you to buy ammo. You can also sell Ammo in now by clicking on the “Sell Ammo” link in your ammo locker. Check our Weapons Item pages for weapon ammo cost and clip size.

To borrow a weapon from your faction armoury you will need to put in a request with your faction leader or co-leader. The armoury for your faction is upgraded at a cost of 100 points per upgrade. The first upgrade is for weapons, then medical items, then armour.

Arson / Gas Can
To do the arson crime you will need the gas can which you can either buy from the auction house, item market, or swap 100 points in the points building for one. You will also need a drivers license to commit this crime.

To attack someone you need at least a melee weapon equipped, 50 energy, then click the [attack] link in your targets profile, choose the weapon to attack with, and make sure not to double click! If you need to find a player to attack first, you can use either the Search feature or the Users Online list, both of which can be accessed from the menu to the left. Leaving gives the most experience, mugging gives little, and hospitalizing gives none.

Auction House
At level 5 you gain access to the Auction House where you can sell your items to the highest bidder. You have to sell items for at least $1 and for 2 hours, up to a maximum of 48 hours. Once your item is in the Auction House there is no way to remove it so make sure you add the right item for the right price. You may only have up to 3 items being auctioned at one time and you may only have a winning bid on 1 items at a time, due to auction house abusers.

Awards , See Merits

The bank can only be accessed by players who have reached level 5. Once you reach level 5, a link to the bank appears in the City. You can increase the amount of interest you get from the bank using merits.

Begging for money or items is now legal in TC. In the past this has been a fedable offense, however now there is relatively little policing of any type of begging in Torn. However, if your begging turns into harassment, this would be considered a jailable offense.

Bolt Cutters
Bolt cutters can be bought in Mexico, or the item and auction market. They are used for the mission Operation Nitty Gritty.

Busting out depends on the amount of dexterity you have trained. Its best to begin with players in jail who are a similar level and that are in jail for less than 60 minutes. Then work your way up to 100 minutes, and so forth. A lot of it will be guess work and trial and error on your part.

You can steal a car if you have a coat hanger and if you are able to do the Grand Theft Auto crime. I would not recommend trying that crime unless your nerve bar is at a maximum of 30. You can also buy cars from the Auction House (level 5+) or from the Item Market. You can also go to the Trading Post forum and request cars there, or sometimes people are selling. Cars have no real use once you have bought them except for collecting or for resale.
Cars can also be used to Race.

Casino Tokens
You can use your casino tokens to game at the casino. You get 75 each day which you can take 75 spins of roulette with, 75 hands of high-lo or 75 spins on the slot machines. The slots and generally a safe bet to start with. If you are in the casino job you can exchange 1000 job points for 25 more tokens.

Chaining, See Respect

Coat Hangers
Coat hangers are needed for the Grand theft auto crime. You can purchase a coat hanger from the item market or auction house, alternatively you are able to swap 1 merit for a coat hanger (not worth doing in my opinion, better to buy one).

Crimes , See Nerve Bar

Delete Account
There is no way to delete your account, but if you stop logging into your account it will be automatically deleted in time. Changing your password to something random that you wont remember can help.

You can get divorced by visiting the Divorce agency on the south side of the city, and is only visible to married players. You must have been married for at least 7 days to get divorced. When getting divorced, each player keeps the house that they owned, and all of their own money/items (assets are NOT divided evenly between the players). There is no cost to get divorced.
Long time marriages give Awards.

?Donator Packs / ?DPs
Donator Packs can be purchased by players to help keep the server running. While you are a donator you will enjoy 150 energy instead of 100 and your energy rises every 10 minutes instead of 15.
You also receive a blue name and a star in the forums, a friends list and black List which can be used to keep track of other players, an advanced player search feature, and a forum search option. Once your donator status expires, you will lose all your donator benefits except the friends list, black list, and searching features.
You can read more about DPs in the City by visiting the Donator House.

Donator Packs (DPs) – Buying
There are several ways to become a Donator. The easiest way is to visit the Donator House in the city. There you can pay for a Donator Pack with PayPal. You could also trade 100 points for a DP in the Points Building. If you decide to use TC cash to buy a DP, you can buy one off another player in the Trading Post forums. You will only receive the Donator Pack item if you donate $5, you won’t get the item if you donate with 100 points. Also, you don’t get to keep your friends list and other additional features if you don’t use a donator pack item.

Drivers License
The drivers license education course takes 30 days from start to finish. Once you’ve completed the drivers license course you will be able to do drug transporting crimes and arson. You will have to wait until your current education course is finished before starting your drivers licensing.

Drugs / Travel Agency
At level 15 you will gain access to the travel agency.
To buy drugs from other countries you need access to the travel agency, which is for level 15+ only. You can still buy drugs from the item market, through the trading post forum, or in the auction house (level 5+).

Dogs/Pets , Training/Breeding
Pets (dogs) were removed on the 21 Nov ’07, and the owners were compensated 100,000 per dog they owned.

Education courses can be taken to increase your working stats so you can get job promotions faster than you would normally. Some education courses unlock different things in Torn City too. There are too many courses to list here

Your energy is used for training battle stats, attacking, and busting people out of jail. Your energy bar will regenerate 5 points every 15 minutes for non-donators, and 5 points every 10 minutes for donators. You also get 150 maximum energy instead of 100 if you’re a donator. 2 other alternate ways of gaining energy are to exchange 25 points to refill your energy bar to its maximum or to take a Xanax pill for an additional 250 energy added to your current amount. Energy, and making good use of it, is probably the single most important thing in the game.

Faction member requirements differ from faction to faction. Some factions have training factions, which will take lower levels in until they are of a higher level. It’s a case of searching around to find one that is willing to take somebody of your level. Also try the faction talk boards on the forums, to see what factions are recruiting at this time. To create a faction you can find a link in the City to do so, the cost is $1,000 multiplied by the current number of factions.

Firewalk Virus
A firewalk virus is the virus that you need to complete the level 25 mission.

Friends / Enemies – Adding
Only donators and ex-donators have access to the friends and enemies lists. To add a player, visit their profile, you will notice a link which says [Add to Friends (or enemies)] below their profile picture. Alternatively, click the Friends/Black List link, and then Add Friend/Enemy, you can then enter their ID and they will be added to your list.

Gas Can – See Arson

Gym – Average Joes
Average Joes gym uses 10 energy per train instead of 5 and gives you just over double the stats. Because of this it is also a lot easier on your happiness as well. It may not seem like much extra but that really adds up over time.

A better house increases your maximum happy bar. When your happy decreases drops from training, going to jail, or buying a new home you have to just wait for it to go back up again. Your happy bar will regenerate on it’s own by 5 points every 15 minutes or you can take certain drugs to make it go up, though some only help temporarily. More happiness makes you train better and increases your crime success so its very important.

Life/Hit Points
Hit points, or life points, are basically a measure of how much damage has been done to a player. When you attack someone the amount of strength you have, combined with the weapon you’re using, will take away hit points from your opponent when you land a hit. When their, or your, hit points reach 0 the fight is over. Hit points regenerate every 15 minutes and when you level up you gain more hit points.

House / Housing
Better housing should be one of your main priorities in Torn City. New houses can be bought by going to the “Newspaper” or “City”, then to “Estate Agent”. Once there you will see a list of homes and their prices. The more expensive the house the larger your happy bar will be. You will also have to pay more taxes for more expensive homes. The larger happy bar will help you train better and will help you commit crimes to a lesser extent. To sell your current house, just buy a shack and you will receive the money from your home.

IP Address Issues
You are unable to send items to people on the same IP address (the same computer or network, basically) as you. At one point in the past it was allowed but people abused it, and cheated the game. Make sure not to send items to people on your ‘IP address’ in any way, either using a middle man or faction, and you won’t need to worry. If you try to get around the IP block you will get caught and your character will be put in federal jail.

Items – Unique / Collectable
Some items cannot be brought from the shops, as they are an item that you steal, they are listed in the shops so players can sell the items that they steal. Sometimes the items listed that you cannot buy are ‘find only’ items. Normally if you really wish to buy these items then players who have stolen or found them will sell them on the auction house, or the item market. And even more rare, some items are created by coders and given out for competitions or other special events.

Jobs / Job Points
To get a job check out the “Jobs” section in the “Newspaper”. Each job has different special options and each day you get “Job Points” that can be used for those different bonuses, depending on the job you have. You get more job points if you’re higher rank in the job, and higher level, but you need more working stats to get promoted.

The more nerve and energy you use the faster you will level up. So logging in frequently to use your nerve and energy will help you level faster. Attacking does help you gain experience to level up but training could be considered better use of the energy since you have something to show for it. Crimes and working stats also give you some level experience. Both your crime experience and leveling experience are hidden in Torn City.
Leveling up gives you many benefits, while deciding not to level up can mislead your attackers into thinking you are weaker than you really are.

When you reach level 10, you will be able to access the Loan Shark from the city. This is the only place in TC where you can borrow money. The loan shark will subtract 1% of your debt from your money as interest each day until you pay off the loan.

The player with the most expensive house shares their house with the player they are married to. You also get an award for every 50 days of marriage. It’s widely said that you cannot get a marriage award twice and the date on the award is the only way to know how long you’ve been married for.

To marry another player, you must first own a ring. You can either buy a ring from the City, or steal one. Once the ring is in your Items page, click the Propose link which shows beside it. You will now be able to select another player to propose to. To accept a proposal there will be a link in the proposal event, or you can go to your “Preferences”, then “Player Management”, and “Proposal”.

Medical / Morphine
Morphine and other medical items will reduce the amount of time you’re in the hospital for. They will take off 100 minutes for morphine, 50 minutes for a first aid kit, and 20 minutes for a small first aid kit. You can steal them if you’re in the medical job or you can buy them from the item market, or auction house. People also sell medical items in the Trading Post forum.

Merits / Awards
You can get awards and earn merits by doing crimes, making money, leveling up, commitment to a marriage or faction, busting people out of jail, and for increasing your rank. You can also purchase a merit for 500 points from to points building.
What you use your merits on, and what is best, is a matter of opinion and personal preference. To see your options click the [use] link beside “Merits” in the upper left. If you do not see “Merits: X [use]” it’s because you don’t have any merits.

Merits – Incremental Upgrades
Increase critical rate means that it will increase your chances of making a critical hit when attacking somebody. Increase awareness will slightly increase your chances of randomly finding things in the city, masterful looting will slightly increase the amount that you gain when you mug somebody. Improve stealth will slightly improve your chances of giving a ‘someone’ attack when attacking, and improving interest will increase your bank interest.

Selling Merits
You can sell items that you buy with merits, or factions can pay you to use the ‘Respect bonus +10 on current faction’ ability. There is no way to trade actual merits. We DON’T recommend ever ‘selling’ merits.

Mission Deduce
Copying and pasting large amounts of text from Torn City, for instance the Help tutorial usually solves this mission. If you are struggling, TCB has the answers Here.

Mobile Phone Donations
There was a bug that is causing people to be improperly credited for donations via mobile phone so it was to be removed. That option for donations may return some day but some people severely abused the bug, so it might not.

There are many ways to earn money in this game, some of them you’ll have to discover for yourself. Getting a job, and doing education courses so you can get promoted is the first step. You should also be doing as many crimes as possible. You might want to try your luck in the casino, in the stockmarket, or even think about selling certain services in the Trading Post forum; many players sell forum signatures, Donator Packs, or become a hit man. Click the Money link above for our complete list.

Nerve Bar / Crimes
To increase your nerve bar and do gain the ability to do better, more profitable crimes, you should make sure to do crimes you succeed at, and do them often. Each time you go to jail for failing a crime you lose crime experience which sets you back and can cause your maximum nerve bar to decrease in size, so avoid failing. Busting people out of jail can be a good source of crime experience too. The more dexterity you have the more successful you’ll be at jail busting. Eventually you will be able to do more difficult crimes and your maximum nerve bar will increase. Your nerve bar regenerates at a rate of 1 point every 5 minutes. You can also increase your nerve bar with merits and smoking cannabis -sometimes- will make it regenerate faster for a short period of time.

On occasion there is a non-player character, or “NPC”, created for all of the players in Torn City to attack. Some NPCs are there all year round for missions while others are only there for a few days at a time, until defeated by the players. The occasional NPCs are added for international holidays such as Christmas, Halloween, and others. Attacking these NPCs will usually earn you a reward. If you are looking for one of the mission NPCs, you’ll have to search for those ones.

Organized Crimes OCs
OCs are organized crimes, which you can do once part of a faction, with your other faction members. Try to start off with easier ones and work your way up and you’ll have better success. Some say success is based on faction respect and the member’s crime experience.

Points – Gaining
You can gain points by voting for Torn City.
You can do this by clicking the ‘Vote on Apex’ link at the top of your home page once a week (1 point).
This can be done by clicking the Earn link beside your number of points. There are also offers on the same page that will earn you points.
You can also buy points off other players on the Points Market, and there are even occasional competitions where you can receive points. The quickest way to get points is to purchase a Donator Pack (50 points). This can be done by visiting the Donator House in the City.

Points – Spending
Points can be spent on certain special items or bonuses. To see what extras you can buy with points, check the Points Building in the City. Points can also be used to purchase upgrades for factions. If you wish to sell your points, you can do so at the Points Market, which can be accessed from the City.

Your rank increases for various undisclosed reasons. It’s widely agreed that earning money from crimes, casino, and stocks will make your rank go up.

When you refer someone else to the game the referral count in your profile increases by one. Don’t refer people who play on the same computer as you though, those referrals will not count to prevent cheating. To get the link you will use to refer people go to the “City” and look at the bottom of the page. You will see a referral link there or you can go to the “Referral Center” to have Torn City send your friend a an email with your referral link.

The drug rehabilitation center is located in Switzerland, which can be accessed through the travel agency if you’re level 15+. If you do drugs too often or regularly you might end up overdosing and needing a trip to rehab. It will cost you $250,000 per visit to the rehab center and it may take more than one visit to detoxify yourself depending on the severity of your addiction, but you are able to make multiple visits to rehab while you’re in Switzerland.

Respect / Chaining
Respect is a major part of having a faction. Factions begin with 100 respect and gain you can gain more from succeeding at organized crimes and from hospitalizing enemy faction members during times of war. To gain more respect for your faction, and cause your enemy target faction to lose more respect, you can “chain”. Chaining is basically just a group attack against your enemies. A chain has to have at least 3 attacks to start (those hits do still cause respect changes) and each attack must be completed no more than 5 minutes after the previous one. Hospitalizing or leaving your targets will work for chaining but hospitalizing your opponents will cause greater respect changes, as well, the larger the chain the more the respect changes.

Russian Roulette
To invite someone to a game of Russian Roulette, you need to own the weapon S&W Revolver. The weapon can be bought from the Item Market, Auction House, or you can complete the mission Operation Prospect (lvl7+) to gain one. Once you have this weapon, visit your Items page. Next to the Revolver, there will be a Use link. Clicking this link will allow you to challenge another player.
You can accept RR challenges without having completed the mission, or owning the revolver, but you must be level 7+. This is to stop multis.

Signatures, Forum and Profile
To get a picture in your profile or forum signature, you need to first upload the picture to somewhere (like photobucket, or imageshack), then once its uploaded get the URL for the picture. Copy and paste the URL into your signature, in between these two BBtags [IMG][/IMG]. Your picture should then show. If you do not have an image and want one created, but you’re not sure how to make one, you can hire someone in the “Trading Post” forum under the “Buying & Selling of Sigs” topic.

From time to time, new Helpers are needed, and the link to make an application will be placed in the Announcements forum.
The requirements for a staff job will be posted with the application link. You must have a professional attitude, and be active in the forums or IRC chat. You must also be consistently helpful to other players.
Can I be Staff on TCB?
We aren’t usually looking for new staff. Due to the nature of this site, it requires very little work to maintain.
We check and verify comments daily, and fix any issues/ errors that are reported, as well as adding information to pages. Every now and again we add new features or do updates that can take a lot of time and work, but this is done on an individual basis.
However if you think you can bring something to TCB, please contact us with an application. Please write exactly what it is that you want to do here, and don’t be offended if we turn you down- we get a large amount of applications from old, high level players, and none are usually accepted.
Any information you do submit however, is left for all to see in the comments, in the Thanks To… page, or on the page you’ve submitted it to! We wouldn’t be here without your help.

Stock Market
Before you can access the Stock Market, you need to purchase a Stock Ticker for 20 points. This can be done at the Points Building in the City. Once you own a Stock Ticker, a link to the Stock Market will appear in the North Side of the City. When buying and selling stocks pay careful attention to your remaining stock tickets, make sure you have enough to sell your stocks if needed.

Temporary Items
Temporary items, such as mines, are not usable yet. The coding for the items is not yet completed.

Everyone has their own style of training. Strength helps you do more damage. Speed helps you hit your opponent. Defense subtracts damage done by your opponent, and dexterity helps you dodge hits as well as bust people out of jail. How and what you train is up to you.

There are many different weapons in Torn City that fall into 4 categories: Melee, Secondary, Primary, and Temporary. You will need to have at least a melee weapon to attack people, if you have firearms you will need ammo for those weapons (items – ammo locker). A general rule of thumb, the more expensive the weapon the better it is, so if you’re wondering what the best one is just take a look on the markets for highest prices.

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