(Archive) Halloween Town

(Archive) Halloween Town

This is the old Halloween Town tutorial page, which was replaced with a new Halloween Town in 2010
Click Here for the current Halloween Town Information.

Halloween Town is an annual event in TC, this version of which took place from 2005 – 09.
You had daily turns which you could use by clicking through various locations, with random results/ items.
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How To Play

To get to Halloween Town go City > Halloween Town

Then you get to select where you want to go next (each area has it’s own items to collect).
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Once you’re in, you have a directional pad which allows you to choose one of 9 directions to go through. When you first enter an area you have 500 steps to use up, Just click the arrow for which direction you want to follow and it’ll use up a random amount of steps. In some rooms you’ll find the special candies, or if you’re lucky a halloween weapon, and if you’re unlucky, you might find that you’ve been attacked or arrested and can’t continue until you’re out of jail/hospital.

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