(Archive) Race Track

(Archive) Race Track
This is the old race tutorial page, which was removed on approx. 5.31.2010, and replaced with a new system on 9.26.2010
Click Here for the current Racing page.
Thanks to Altarious [15507] and 2DIE[424413] for most of this great tutorial!
Please mail [344503] if you want help getting a Team together (Not 2DIE)
For a list of cars and their upgrades, you can visit the (Archive) Info Page.
For a guide on what parts to buy and when visit the (Archive) Upgrades Guide.
Note: You need to be level 10 in order to access the racing feature in Torn City

Getting Started:

  • Getting a car: The first thing you will need to do is to get a car. You can either steal one doing the 12 nerve Grand Theft Auto crimes, or by buying one in the item market. (Be careful stealing one, you need a good amount of crime exp in order to steal one). There is a lot of debate on which car to use, but a general rule of thumb is that the more expensive the better. It is possible to get race wins in any car, but you should probably get a GT40. It is kind of expensive, but it is better than the other cars and there is really no point in wasting money on any others. All of the top racers use the GT40.

  • Getting set up:Once you have obtained your car, it is now time to register it. Click the Register your car to racelink on the Torn City Raceway main page. Then, add the car in your inventory that you want to race. You can only have five registered total so make sure you are aware of this. (Note: Once you register your car into the race track it is forever removed from your inventory and there is no way to get it back or sell it.)

Now you need to select the car you want to race with. You can either go to your garage and click the Go here to choose a car to race with link or click the Select car link on the Torn City Raceway main page. Either one goes to the same page.

Congrats! You are now ready to start racing. Before you do, though, I

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