Attacking/Weapons 2.0 – What to expect.

We will be looking at what to expect from any future updates and changes to the attack systems and weapons.

An huge balance will be introduced with a lot more of varied items and ways to use them, be prepared.

New Features:

• 135 weapons and armours will turn into 335,340,000. (Wow)

• There will be much more to spend your money on, including weapon attachments.

• Complete new ammo system which will make it much easier and much more realistic. Every gun will have realistic ammo. There will be different types of ammo; tracer rounds, high explosive, etc. They may deliver bigger hits, but will have side effects, disadvantages and costly. You will be able to buy this from the City, but it won’t always be available, you will have to travel or “get it from where completely different”.

• A new group attacking system will be implemented to give people better chances to take down harder targets in wars.

• There will be rare groups of armour available, we believe these are already in the game but not available (Items 640+).

• ANOTHER change to life and damage. This time it will help balance out attacking way more, also balanced stats will become WAY more effective.


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