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Peaceful factions can purchase Faction Specials, but they now do not take effect until the faction enters aggressive mode. Faction display pages have also had a minor cosmetic makeover. As you’ve probably noticed, Awards now each have their own images as well! You can now view other peoples awards at the bottom of their profile. If your awards aren’t visible on your profile, visit your awards pages, and then home. We’ve added a quick description of how these Award images work, and a picture of each on the Awards page. We now also know that there’s a total of 173 Awards, and if there’s any left to be found for each type (click ‘Read More’), assuming there’s no extra/missing images. If there’s any other updates we’ve missed, comment!

TCB Awards Page: Crimes: Theft: 5/11 Computer: 13/16 Murder: 6/10 Drugs: 5/8 Fraud: 13/16 Grand Theft Auto: 20/21 Commitment: Marriage: 21/21 Faction: 10/10 Rank: Rank: 21/25 Level: Level: 12/20 Networth: Networth: 8/8 Other: Busting: 7/7 TOTAL: 141/173 

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