Awards, Honors and Medals

There are two types of awards available in Torn City – honors, and medals:

List of Torn Honors | List of Torn Medals

Honors and Medals differ slightly. Honors are unlocked by reaching a certain level or metric in the city, and is a one-time item. Honors, also known as Honor Bars, are available to choose to display behind your name on your profile, forum posts, and other areas of Torn.

Many players enjoy collecting honors and medals in Torn. These honors and medals are earned by a variety of actions in the city, and all of them are obtainable by players depending on how you play the game. Honors and medals are featured prominently on your profile page, and with honors you can select the look of your name around the city.

Please be patient, awards, and merits, may take a while to be credited, even days.

For some honors, you need to click on a related link for them to be awarded (or do another crime/ attack etc). For others, a timer (cron) is run and you will automatically be awarded them when the timer is run.