Please be patient, awards, and merits, may take a while to be credited, even days.
For some honors, you need to click on a related link for them to be awarded (or do another crime/ attack etc).

There are two types of awards, honors, and medals:

Honors Once you’ve unlocked an honor you can display it behind your user name, as a background. Honors are unlocked by meeting certain requirements. You gain one merit for every honor you receive. Tip: If you have not received an award but think you have one for one of the areas below, you might need to click onto a certain page to receive the Honor. For example: For Education, You need to click on the course where you have completed the Bachelor, and then click on the final course name. For ‘Luxury Real Estate’ you need to click on your Island and then ‘Upgrades’.


‘Defaults’ consists of over 100 ‘Flag’ Honors, and two ‘Standard Bars’, which gives you a blank background. These are unlocked by default.


Fascination Married for 250 days
Chasm Married for 750 days
Stairway to Heaven Married for 1,500 days
Kill Streaker 1 Kill Streak of 10
Kill Streaker 2 Kill Streak of 100
Kill Streaker 3 Kill Streak of 500
Spray and Pray 2,500 Rounds Fired
Two Halves Make a Hole 25,000 Rounds Fired
Precision 25 Critical Hits
Self Defence 50 Successful Defends
Night Walker 100 Stealth Attacks
Deadlock Stalemate 100 times
50cal 1000 Critical Hits
007 Perform 1,000 Attacks and Defend 1,000
Domino Effect Domino Effect Attack and win against someone displaying this honor
Bounty Hunter Bounty Hunter Collect 250 bounties
Blood Money Blood Money Single mug over $1,000,000
Middleman Dead or Alive Collect $10,000,000 total reward from bounties
Chainer 1 Chainer 1 Make the 10th Hit in a Chain
Middleman Flatline Make the 25th Hit in a Chain
Chainer 2 Chainer 2 Make the 50th Hit in a Chain
Genocide Genocide Make the 75th Hit in a Chain
Chainer 3 Chainer 3 Make the 100th Hit in a Chain
Luxury Real Estate Own a Private Island With Airstrip
The High Life Own a Private Island With Yacht
Instant Billionaire Win the Casino Lottery
Jackpot Win the Slot Machine jackpot
Spinner Spin the Roulette wheel 1,000 times
Poker King Achieve a Poker score of 10,000,000
Jail and Hospital
Magical Veins Use 5,000 Medical Items
Florence Nightingale Do 500 Revives
Second Chance Do 1000 Revives
Middleman Bar Breaker 1000 Busts
Aiding and Abetting Aiding and Abetting 2500 Busts
Don’t Drop It 10,000 Busts
Middleman Freedom Isn’t Free 500 Bails
The Socialist Reach level 5 in Facebook app
Another Brick in the Wall Upgrade Level (over 10)
Middleman Half Way There Upgrade to level 50
The Beautiful City Upgrade to level 75
To The Limit Upgrade to level 100
The Whole Nine Yards Upgrade to level 100
Stats and Gym
Bronze Belt Bronze Belt Buy membership for all of the Light-weight gyms
Silver Belt Silver Belt Buy membership for all of the Middle-weight gyms
Gold Belt Gold Belt Buy membership for all of the Heavy-Weight gyms
Phoenix Phoenix 1,000,000 Speed
Behemoth Behemoth 1,000,000 Defense
Draco Draco 1,000,000 Dexterity
Abaddon Abaddon 1,000,000 Strength
Moneybags Put > $100,000,000? of Stocks up for Sale 4
Stock Analyst Buy and sell shares actively in the stock market
I’m Watching You Find 50 Items in the City
Pocket Money Invest any amount in the Bank
Green Green Grass Invest $1,005,000,000 in the Bank 6
Loan Shark Borrow 500k from the Loan Shark 5
I’m a Real Doctor Steal 500 Medical Supplies
Journalist Have a Newspaper Article published
Velutinous Have a Comic published
Driving Elite Reach Racing Class A
Slow Bomb Use a Dirty Bomb
RDD Use a Dirty Bomb
Keen 100 Army Spies used
Discovery Build a Dirty Bomb 10
The Affronted Annoy each job interviewer 7
Two’s Company Refer 1 player who gets to level 10
Threes a crowd Refer 2 players who get to level 10
Social Butterfly Refer 3 players who get to level 10
Pyramid Scheme Have 1 of your referals, refer 5 more players
Redline 250 wins with the same car
Seeker Seeker Earn 250 Awards
Middleman Middleman Have 100 unique customers in your bazaar
Middleman Bargain Hunter Win 10 Auctions
Middleman Energize Refill your energy 250 times
Middleman Wholesaler Sell over 1000 points
Middleman Optimist Find 1000 items in the dump (Not 1000 searches)
Middleman Eco Friendly Trash 5000 items 9
Couch Potato Achieve 1,000 hours of activity on Torn
Silicon Valley Silicon Valley

Code 100 viruses

Web of Perks Web of Perks

Have 100 personal perks

Time Traveller Time Traveller

Survive a Torn City restore

Allure Submit a Picture in Mr/Ms Torn
Jack of All Trades Complete rounds 1-4 in the  Endurance Challenge
Proven Capacity Complete round 5 in the  Endurance Challenge
Globally Effective Complete round 6 in the Endurance Challenge
Master of One Complete bonus round in the  Endurance Challenge
Mission Accomplished Awarded to Members from the Top 10 Countries in the World War Contest
Supremacy Awarded to Members from the country that came 1st in the World War Contest
KIA Hold at least 50 dog tags at the end of the Dog Tag Contest
Departure Hold at least 250 dog tags at the end of the Dog Tag Contest
Good Friday Complete the Easter Scavenger Hunt
Purple Heart Purple Heart Perform 50 attacks against enemy countries in the World War contest
Brainz Infect 50 Civilians as a Zombie in the ‘Torn of the Dead’ Event (2012 onwards)
Resistance Attack 50 Zombies as a Civilian in the ‘Torn of the Dead’ Event (2012 onwards)
Survivor Survive the entire time as a Civilian during the ‘Torn of the Dead’ Event(2012 onwards)


Woodland Camo 5 Attacks Won
Desert Storm Camo 20 Attacks Won
Urban Camo 50 Attacks Won
Arctic Camo 100 Attacks Won
Fall Camo 250 Attacks Won
Yellow Camo 500 Attacks Won
Digital Camo 1,000 Attacks Won
Red Camo 2,000 Attacks Won
Blue Camo 3,000 Attacks Won
Orange Camo 4,000 Attacks Won
Pink Camo 5,000 Attacks Won
Zebra Skin 50 Hunting Skill
Leopard Skin 75 Hunting Skill
Tiger Skin 100 Hunting Skill


Weapons 3
The Stabbist 100 Finishes with Piercing Weapons
Cartridge Packer 100 Finishes with Shotgun Weapons
Slasher 100 Finishes with Slashing Weapons
2800 FT/S 100 Finishes with Rifle Weapons
Axe Wound 100 Finishes with Clubbed Weapons
Yours Says Replica… 100 Finishes with Pistol Weapons
Stumped 100 Finishes with Heavy Artillery Weapons
Act of Faith 100 Finishes with Sub Machine Gun Weapons
Pin Puller 100 Finishes with Temporary Weapons
Lend a Hand 100 Finishes with Machine Gun Weapons
Machinist 100 Finishes with Mechanical Weapons


Fire Starter 5,000 Frauds
Candy Man 1,000 Thefts
Stroke Bringer 10,000 Thefts
Bug 1,000 Computer Crimes
Smile You’re on Camera 2,500 Thefts
Breaking and Entering 7,500 Thefts
Joy Rider 5,000 GTAs
Smokin’ Barrels 5,000 Thefts
Find a penny pick it up Find a Penny Pick it Up 5,000 Other Crimes
Escobar 5,000 Transporting Drug Crimes
Professional 5,000 Assassinations
We Have a Breach 5,000 Virus Crimes
Civil Offence 5,000 Selling Illegal Products
Society's Worst Society’s Worst 10,000 offenses


Spaced Out Overdose on Cannabis
Party Animal Take 50 Extacy Drugs
Free Energy Take 50 Xanax Drugs
Painkiller Take 50 Vicodin Drugs
Who’s Frank? Take 50 Cannabis Drugs
Horse Tranquilizer Take 50 Ketamine Drugs
Acid Dream Take 50 LSD Drugs
The Fields of Opium Take 50 Opium Drugs
I Think I See Dead People Take 50 Shrooms Drugs
Crank it Up Take 50 Speed Drugs
Angel Dust Take 50 PCP Drugs


Mile High Club Travel Anywhere 100 Times
There and Back Travel Anywhere 1,000 Times
Cascado Travel to Mexico 50 Times
Toronto Travel to Canada 50 Times
British Pride Travel to London 50 Times
Hula Travel to Hawaii 50 Times
Maradona Travel to Argentina 50 Times
Land of Promise Travel to Dubai 50 Times
The Rising Sun Travel to Japan 50 Times
Cape Town Travel to South Africa 50 Times
Like the Celebs Travel to Switzerland 50 Times
Year of the Dragon Travel to China 50 Times
Shark Bait Travel to the Cayman Islands 50 Times


History Bachelor Complete all History courses
Fitness Bachelor Complete all Fitness courses
General Bachelor Complete all General Study courses
Psychology Bachelor Complete all Psychology courses
Sports Bachelor Complete all Sports courses
Defence Bachelor Complete all Self Defence courses
ICT Bachelor Complete all Computer Science courses
Combat Bachelor Complete all Combat courses
Biology Bachelor Complete all Biology courses
Business Bachelor Complete all Business courses
Law Bachelor Complete all Law courses
Mathematics Bachelor Complete all Mathematics courses


You can view other peoples Awards at the bottom of their profile.
If they are not displaying in your profile, view your Awards pages, then Home.
Only your latest Award of each type is shown, with the corresponding number. For instance, if you have 4 Rank awards, the image for a Rank award will be shown, with a ‘4’ next to it.

Crimes: 4 Nerve, 5 Nerve, 6 Nerve, 7 Nerve, 15 Nerve
The Sneak Thief medal! 1,000 Thefts
The Cat Burglar medal! 1,500 Thefts
The Prowler medal! 2,500 Thefts
The Safe Cracker medal! 5,000 Thefts
The Marauder medal! 7,500 Thefts
The Cat Burglar medal! 10,000 Thefts
The Pilferer medal! 12,500 Thefts
The Desperado medal! 15,000 Thefts
The Rustler medal! 17,500 Thefts
The Pick-Pocket medal! 20,000 Thefts
The Vandal medal! 22,500 Thefts
The Kleptomaniac medal! 25,000 Thefts

Crimes: 9 Nerve, 18 Nerve
Ub3rn00b Hacker medal! 500 Virus Crimes
The N00b Hacker medal! 1,000 Virus Crimes
The 1337n00b Hacker medal! 1,500 Virus Crimes
The Ph34r3dn00b Hacker medal! 2,000 Virus Crimes
The Ph34r3d Hacker medal! 2,500 Virus Crimes
The Ph34r3d1337 Hacker medal! 3,000 Virus Crimes
The Ub3rph34r3d Hacker medal! 3,500 Virus Crimes
The Ub3r Hacker medal! 4,000 Virus Crimes
The 1337 Hacker medal! 4,500 Virus Crimes
The Ub3r1337 Hacker medal! 5,000 Virus Crimes
The Key Puncher medal! 5,500 Virus Crimes
The Script Kid medal! 6,000 Virus Crimes
The Geek Speak medal! 7,000 Virus Crimes
The Techie medal! 8,000 Virus Crimes
The Cyber Punk medal! 9,000 Virus Crimes
The Programmer medal! 10,000 Virus Crimes

Crimes: 10 Nerve
The Beginner Assassin medal! 1,000 Murders
The Novice Assassin medal! 2,000 Murders
The Competent Assassin medal! 3,000 Murders
The Elite Assassin medal 4,000 Murders
The Deadly Assassin medal! 5,000 Murders
The Lethal Assassin medal! 6,000 Murders
The Fatal Assassin medal! 7,000 Murders
The Trigger Man medal 8,000 Murders
The Hit Man medal! 9,000 Murders
Executioner medal! 10,000 Murders

Crimes: 8 Nerve
The Drug Pusher medal! 250 Drug Crimes
The Drug Runner medal! 500 Drug Crimes
The Drug Dealer medal! 1,000 Drug Crimes
The Drug Lord medal! 2,000 Drug Crimes
The Candy Man medal!
4,000 Drug Crimes
The Connection medal!
6,000 Drug Crimes
The King Pin medal!
8,000 Drug Crimes
The Supplier medal!
10,000 Drug Crimes
Arson 2

Crimes: 11 Nerve, 13 Nerve, 14 Nerve, 17 Nerve
The Fake medal! 300 Fraud Crimes
The Counterfeit medal! 600 Fraud Crimes
The Pretender medal! 900 Fraud Crimes
The Clandestine medal! 1,200 Fraud Crimes
The Imposter medal! 1,500 Fraud Crimes
The Pseudo medal! 2,000 Fraud Crimes
The Imitation medal! 2,500 Fraud Crimes
The Simulated medal! 3,000 Fraud Crimes
The Hoax medal! 3,500 Fraud Crimes
The Faux medal! 4,000 Fraud Crimes
The Poser medal! 5,000 Fraud Crimes
The Deception medal! 6,000 Fraud Crimes
The Phony medal! 7,000 Fraud Crimes
The Parody medal! 8,000 Fraud Crimes
The Travesty medal! 9,000 Fraud Crimes
The Pyro medal! 10,000 Fraud Crimes
Grand Theft Auto

Crimes: 12 Nerve
The Gone In 300 Seconds medal! 200 GTA Crimes
The Gone In 240 Seconds medal! 400 GTA Crimes
The Gone In 180 Seconds medal! 600 GTA Crimes
The Gone In 120 Seconds medal! 800 GTA Crimes
The Gone In 60 Seconds medal! 1,000 GTA Crimes
The Gone In 45 Seconds medal! 1,200 GTA Crimes 1
The Gone In 30 Seconds medal! 1,500 GTA Crimes 1
The Gone In 15 Seconds medal! 2,000 GTA Crimes
The Booster medal! 2,500 GTA Crimes
The Joyrider medal! 3,000 GTA Crimes
The Super Booster medal! 3,500 GTA Crimes
The Master Carjacker medal! 4,000 GTA Crimes
The Slim Jim medal! 4,500 GTA Crimes
The Novice Joy Rider medal! 5,000 GTA Crimes
The Novice Slim Jim medal! 5,500 GTA Crimes
The Professional Joy Rider medal! 6,000 GTA Crimes
The Professional Booster medal! 6,500 GTA crimes
The Professional Slim Jim medal! 7,000 GTA Crimes
The Master Joy Rider medal! 8,000 GTA Crimes
The Master Booster medal! 9,000 GTA Crimes
The Master Slim Jim medal! 10,000 GTA Crimes



The Silver Anniversary medal! Stay married for 50 days
The Ruby Anniversary medal! Stay married for 100 days
The Sapphire Anniversary medal! Stay married for 150 days
The Emerald Anniversary medal! Stay married for 200 days
The Gold Anniversary medal! Stay married for 250 days
The Diamond Anniversary medal! Stay married for 300 days
The Platinum Anniversary medal! Stay married for 350 days
The Double Silver Anniversary medal! Stay married for 400 days
The Double Ruby Marriage medal! Stay married for 450 days
The Double Sapphire Marriage medal! Stay married for 500 days
The Double Emerald Marriage medal! Stay married for 550 days
The Double Gold Marriage medal! Stay married for 600 days
The Double Diamond Marriage medal! Stay married for 650 days
The Double Platinum Marriage medal! Stay married for 700 days
The Triple Silver Anniversary medal! Stay married for 750 days
The Triple Ruby Anniversary medal! Stay married for 800 days
The Triple Sapphire Anniversary medal! Stay married for 850 days
The Triple Emerald Aniversary medal! Stay married for 900 days
The Triple Gold Anniversary medal! Stay married for 1,000 days
The Triple Diamond Anniversary medal! Stay married for 1,500 days
The Triple Platinum Anniversary medal! Stay married for 2,000 days

The Apprentice Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 100 Days
Committed Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 200 Days
The Loyal Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 300 Days
The Dedicated Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 400 Days
The Faithful Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 500 Days
The Allegiant Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 600 Days
The Devoted Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 700 Days
The Dutiful Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 800 Days
The Flawless Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 900 Days
The Honorable Faction Member medal! Same Faction for 1,000 Days
Respect Gained

The Recruit Medal! Earn 100 respect for your faction
The Associate Medal! Earn 500 respect for your faction
The Picciotto Medal! Earn 1,000 respect for your faction
The Soldier Medal! Earn 2,500 respect for your faction
The Capo Medal! Earn 5,000 respect for your faction
The Contabile Medal! Earn 10,000 respect for your faction
The Consigliere Medal! Earn 25,000 respect for your faction
The Underboss Medal! Earn 50,000 respect for your faction


The Beginner medal! (x2) The Beginner Rank
The Inexperienced medal! The Inexperienced Rank
The Rookie medal! The Rookie Rank
The Novice medal! The Novice Rank
The Below Average medal! The Below Average Rank
The Average medal! The Average Rank
The Reasonable medal! The Reasonable Rank
The Above Average medal! The Above Average Rank
The Competent medal! The Competent Rank
The Highly Competent medal! The Highly competent Rank
The Veteran medal! The Veteran Rank Rank
The Distinguished medal! The Distinguished Rank
The Highly Distinguished medal! The Highly distinguished Rank
The Professional medal! The Professional Rank
The Star medal! The Star Rank
The Master medal! The Master Rank
The Outstanding medal! The Outstanding Rank
The Celebrity medal! The Celebrity Rank
The Supreme medal! The Supreme Rank
The Idol medal! The Idol Rank
The Champion medal! The Champion Rank
The Hero medal! The Hero Rank
The Legend medal! The Legend Rank
The Elite medal! The Elite Rank


Level Five medal! Level 5
Level Ten medal! Level 10
Level Fifteen medal! Level 15
Level Twenty medal! Level 20
Level Twenty Five medal! Level 25
Level Thirty medal! Level 30
Level Thirty Five medal! Level 35
Level Forty medal! Level 40
Level Forty Five medal! Level 45
Level Fifty medal! Level 50
Level Fifty Five medal! Level 55
Level Sixty medal! Level 60
Level Sixty Five medal! Level 65
Level Seventy medal! Level 70
Level Seventy Five medal! Level 75
Level Eighty medal! Level 80
Level Eighty Five medal! Level 85
Level Ninety medal! Level 90
Level Ninety Five medal! Level 95
Level One Hundred medal! Level 100


The Apprentice medal! $1,000,000 Networth
The Millionaire medal! $5,000,000 Networth
The Executive medal! $10,000,000 Networth Rank Trigger
The CEO medal! $25,000,000 Networth
The Entrepreneur medal! $50,000,000 Networth Rank Trigger
The Magnate medal! $100,000,000 Networth
The Tycoon medal! $250,000,000 Networth
The Mogul medal! $500,000,000 Networth


The Novice Buster medal! 250 Busts
The Intermediate Buster medal! 500 Busts
The Advanced Buster medal! 1,000 Busts
The Professional Buster medal! 2,000 Busts
The Expert Buster medal! 4,000 Busts
The Master Buster medal! 6,000 Busts
The Guru Buster medal! 8,000 Busts


Anti Social medal! Win 50 Attacks
Happy Slapper medal! Win 250 Attacks
Scar Maker medal! Win 500 Attacks
Going Postal medal! Win 2,500 Attacks
Somebody Call 911 medal! Win 10,000 Attacks
Bouncer medal! Successfuly defend against 50 Attacks
Brick Wall medal! Successfuly defend against 250 Attacks
Turtle medal! Successfuly defend against 500 Attacks
Solid as a Rock medal! Successfuly defend against 2,500 Attacks
Fortress medal! Successfuly defend against 10,000 Attacks
Close Escape medal! Run away from an enemy 50 times
Blind Judgement medal! Run away from an enemy 250 times
Overzealous medal! Run away from an enemy 1,000 times
Enemies Escaped
Ego Smashing medal! 50 enemies run away
Underestimated medal! 250 enemies run away
Run Forest Run medal! 1,000 enemies run away
Kill Streak
Strike medal! Kill Streak of 25
Barrage medal! Kill Streak of 50
Skirmish medal! Kill Streak of 100
Blitzkrieg medal! Kill Streak of 250
Onslaught medal! Kill Streak of 500
Critical hits
Boom Headshot medal! Deal 500 critical hits to enemies during combat
Pwned in the Face medal! Deal 2,500 critical hits to enemies during combat
Lee Harvey Oswald medal! Deal 10,000 critical hits to enemies during combat
Hired Gun medal! Collect 25 bounties
Bone Collector medal! Collect 100 bounties
The Fett medal! Collect 500 Bounties


Meds Used
Pin Cushion medal! Use 500 medical items
Painkiller Abuse medal! Use 5,000 medical items
Attention Seeker medal! Use 25,000 medical items
Items Found
Watchful medal! Find 10 items in the city
Finders Keepers medal! Find 50 items in the city
Eagle Eye medal! Find 100 items in the city
Frequent Flyer medal! Travel abroad 25 times
Jet Lagged medal! Travel abroad 100 times
Mile High Club medal! Travel abroad 500 times
Voting 8
Donator Days
Citizenship Voted 100 times Be a donator for 30 days
Devoted Voted 250 times Be a donator for 100 days
Diligent Be a donator for 250 days
Valiant Be a donator for 500 days

1 The Gone in 45 Seconds and the Gone in 30 Seconds award used to be switched around. This was fixed mid ’08.
2 Used to be called the ‘Fraud’ awards.
3 To see what weapons fit into the different attack ‘types’, please see Merits > Weapon Upgrades, Here.
4 You just have to put the stocks for sale, they don’t have to sell. You can remove the stocks right after adding them. Putting the exact amount of 100 mil may not work, if so, try putting in a little more. It’s only worked for some people after they put in > 200mil, so we’re not sure what’s going on exactly.
5 You will have to spend points to increase the amount you can borrow form the Loan Shark in the City, in the Point Building (Cost: 400 points).
6 At Once, not total.
7 You must choose the options that will annoy the interviewer, in all the jobs. View our guide Here.
8 Voting medals were changed to Donator Medals on Nov. 10, 2011.
9 You don’t have to trash them all at once, and it can be any combination of items.
10 You do not need to initiate the build yourself, you only need to be in the faction during the build process.

  • Is there a guide on how to OD on canabis? Or does someone have tips and tricks?

    • PhoenixStriker

      Step 1: Take Cannabis

      Step 2: Wait for drug cooldown to be over
      Step 3: Repeat.

      Not much else to do. just keep an eye on your cooldown and plan to log in every time it’s up. Just a numbers game.

      • Ariegi

        City watch is useful there

    • sacster

      one of the hardest merrits i say… i`ve given up after a 3k cannabis without an OD…

  • DarkManV


    Be a donator for 1000 days

  • Jimmy

    The Underboss Medal!
    Earn 50,000 respect for your faction
    The Boss Medal!
    Earn 75,000 respect for your faction
    The Boss Of All Bosses Medal!
    Earn 100,000 respect for your faction

  • nurul syazana