Bank Rates and Forum Scores

Bank Rates and Forum Scores

Bank Interest rates have been lowered, from 1.4 to 1.25 (1 week investment)
The influence of merits on this number stays the same for shorter investments, but has been reduced for longer periods- You can see all the new interest rates on our banking page. The interest calculator has also been updated to display the new returns.
Please keep in mind that the interest rates might fluctuate slightly over time, so we can no longer guarantee the return to an exact amount.
The banking cap of 2 Billion is currently still in place, but its removal is being discussed.

You can reclaim the Merits you’ve spent on the Increase Interest special until the 12th of March
You can find the option to reclaim these at the top of your Merits page, which can be found through the Awards link in your sidebar, and then going to > Use your merits.
This wont effect any investments that you already have in the bank.

Forum scores have also been implemented.
Your score is based on your posts, how people rate your threads, and if staff move/ lock any of your posts or threads.
You can see a complete overview of how this works in our Symbols tutorial. Based on its reception and performance this addition may also later be removed or edited.

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