Big thanks to THUGLIFE [11526] for this great tutorial!
Also thanks to jcgamo88 [102841]!

If you’re looking for the mIRC Chain Bot, It’s on this page!

How to chain:
Firstly it is best to run chains using some type of messenger service. IRC chat is the best in my opinion. Some people also use scripted chain bots that help monitor your chains by keeping a counter of how many hits have been done and alerting you if an attack is getting close to 5 minutes apart from the last.

Now lets use an example on how to chain correctly. Let’s say your faction has 5 members:

Player 1 is – a
Player 2 is – b
Player 3 is – c
Player 4 is – d
Player 5 is – e

The way to gain the best respect in a chain is to rotate your attacks while chaining like this:

Player a attacks and then Player b attacks and then Player c attacks and so on until you get back to Player a and he starts the circle again.

When you start your chain and IF there is no lag then it is a good idea to try to space your chains out a bit, with each attack about 2 to 3 minutes apart. Also it is very smart to monitor the attack news on your faction page and make sure that each attack is within under 5 minutes of the last. Any attack made more than 5 minutes after the last attack will break the chain. Try to have a member ready with energy to attack if you see that the chain is close to breaking, for instance if the person who was supposed to attack slows down or loses his fight.

The same person can attack one after another and the chain wont break, however your respect gains are extremely low when you chain like that. Using the rotation method described above is the most efficient way to chain by far.

What levels to attack:
Also, i was told a few months back by a staff member that the levels of who you attack in a chain dont make a difference in the respect gained. I tested this out and I found out the staff was wrong. Therefore I also suggest trying to only hit players that are around level 15 and up when you chain. If you do this you will notice a lot more respect gained. Attack higher levels later in the chain.

Mugging in chains: (You can no longer mug while chaining in the current attack system)
Mugging chains are fun because each player can get some money while they chain but you wont gain as much respect as you do with hosp chains, so I dont recommend mug chains very often. However, sometimes running mug chains may get your members excited and more into wanting to chain so maybe planning one mug chain a week will make your turnouts better.

Remember, during mugging chains your enemies get out of hospital faster, which can be a good thing if you aren’t warring many factions.
Your members will also gain a bit of exp during mugging chains.
The respect gain from a mugging about 75% less than hospitalization.

Leaving in chains:
Gives virtually no respect, but doesn’t break the chain (Based on current info).

Respect gained during a chain:
The first 3 attacks in your chain do not gain any respect. You will not start gaining respect until the 4th hit in your chain is made. So it isnt a bug if you notice that you gain no respect for the first 3 hits.
When a chain first starts out, say for the first 20 attacks. you tend to get 2 to 3 respect per hosp. Once you hit about 50 to 100+ in your chain ,again, depending on the level of the opponents hosped, the respect gained can be 4 to 6 respect per hit.

 Tip: You can attack people, then leave the screen asking you if you want to Leave, Mug or Hosp them, in order to increase the length of the chain to as long as possible. Your attack will time out after up to 5 minutes of doing this however. Don’t open any new TC windows while doing it though!

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