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This is a brief overview of Collectable and Rare items in TC. It is impossible for us to monitor exactly how many of each item has been made, or will be made, so the following information is more or less accurate. You can find more information on all items, locations, and types on our main Item pages. You can find more detailed information on some items on our Comprehensive Item Info pages.
Staff Items Staff items have no effect on gameplay, no matter what their description claims. All staff items are given out 20 at a time to staff members who’ve served long and respected terms and are not reproduced, making them very rare. The only variation in their number is from people who’ve been federal jailed or deleted while having an item in their inventory. They are easily identified due to their lack of an Item image. There are other factors that effect their demand, such as item name and description, how old the item is (Item ID no.), what staff member it’s based on, and if the staff member has given them all away or kept a lot of them. You can find a list of all Staff items and their descriptions Here. NPC Weapons/ Armour These are the Snow Cannon, Neutrilux 2000, Egg Propelled Launcher, and Bunny Fur. They were originally dropped to the person/s who defeated an Event NPC, and are extremely rare. They number anywhere between 1-10 each in TC- The number and value is hard to accurately predict because some were later re-issued as prizes, for instance on Radio competitions. Their value lies exclusively in the hundreds of millions. Equipped they are all below average/average weapons and armour. Yearly Collectables These are identified by the date before their name (eg ’2004′), and their connection to a event such as Christmas, or TC’s anniversary. Generally speaking the earlier the item the rarer. A brief overview: the 2004 items are very rare, followed by the ’05 Chocolate Egg. The ’05 Cake and Balloons are very common, and the Jack-O-Lantern only slightly less so. The Snowflake and Christmas tree were released in much smaller numbers again, and are quite hard to find. On the other hand the ’08 Christmas collectables (Mistletoe etc) were released to every member of TC, twice, making them quite worthless. The staff items of the event however are extremely rare, and hard to get. Halloween and Christmas ’07 ‘minigame‘ items are not transferable, and only have personal value. Findable Items The value of these items is generally associated with their usefulness, more so than how hard they are to ‘find’. For instance, the Xbox and the Playstation are made obsolete by the Xbox360, and Pixie Sticks only give a low happy boost, so they are not that valuable. The RPG on the other hand is considered one of the most powerful weapons in the game and is hence very valuable. Stat boosters (The Parachute, Skateboard, Boxing Gloves, and Dumbells) are near useless for some players and very valuable for others. The White Rose is purely a collectable. Hazmat Suit and Cesium demand  are also related to their use- Their value has fluctuated widely during different faction climates. Technically all findable items will only have their value increase in parallel with inflation, as they will continually be found, unlike ‘real’ limited rares. You can find a list of all items that can be found in the city Here. Mission and Foreign items Mission items are any items that can be gained, and used, in a mission, for instance C4, Article on Crime, and the Oriental Log. These can be easily attained by quitting and restarting the mission before the step where the item is used. Same as with items that can only be bought overseas, their value only fluctuates along with effort, time and expenses required to gain the item. They are always available. Items that are gained upon the completion of a mission, such as Dual Melee weapons and the Memory Locket can only be gained once per person, and are a little more rare. ? These items all don’t fit into any of the above categories. Items such as Mr. Torn 2006, Gold Paint Brush, Silver Paint Brush, etc are only won through special competitions. If there’s a year next to its name, then it definitely wont be recycled for use again in future- This kind of item is the only of its kind in TC, and ranks as one of the most collectable items. The Brutus Keychain was (To TCB’s knowledge) made for distribution amongst staff. There are 10 in the game, making them rare. 2 Hamster Plushies were released as prizes for the Hamster story competition, but a few have been known to be available before this competition started. The Dollar Bill item is given out at certain times during Body’s dollar sale events, and the Backstage Pass is given out during Radio contests. Their value depends on how many are given out in the future. Items bought with Merits will have their value increase with inflation, but are of little value to collectors. Some items were never released, for instance the Test Trophy and house Blueprints (Rainbow Stud Earring?). In these cases the item was created to test something that was never released. To our knowledge, none still exist in TC (also known as ‘hella rare’).
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