Companies 2.0 – What to expect. (inc 10 stars)

Companies 2.0 – What to expect. (inc 10 stars)

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We will be looking at what to expect from any future updates and changes to companies.


Current companies have no real point or targets except to get it to 5 stars, most users join companies for specials over pay.

New Features:

• Completely changing the daily payout system to be more effective and realistic, and making it much easier for directors to understand what they’re doing right or wrong.

• More things for companies to buy; small add-ons which will boost company profits.

• Company skill for users – Users can slowly gain skill for the company type they’re working at, they would keep this skill always, even if they change to a different company. Higher job skill would work alongside a users working stats to increase the overall company’s profit.

• Special company educations, which would help boost company profits.

• Company points to follow players, so they can leave a job and go back to it without those points going anywhere.

• 2 new companies; Architects & Contractors.


10 star companies:

As far as we know this is still in the works with up to 60 new specials being added. The 10 star companies may work like a league table, where only the top 20 companies of that type will be able to receive the full 10 stars. This creates a competitive market and makes Popularity, Efficiency, Environment & Cleanliness actually important. The top 20 companies would change daily accordingly, so it Won’t be about who gets 10 stars first but about who can hold onto it through employee stats and stars.

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Above average
Tonywalker , February 16, 2013

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