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Thanks to Biohazard [96865] for this great tutorial!
Updated for 2011 by JimmyJames.

You can join a company at level 3, and own one at level 10.

Keep in mind that each company is different. Companies of Torn City work just like real life companies. So the goal is obviously to make money. Also, remember that changes you make will not be seen until the new day, as well as popularity changes and income gains.

  • For Information on specific Companies, Their Specials, Advertising and Upgrade costs, and more, visit the Company Info page.
  • You can also find the TC Company Summary spreadsheet with extra Company Stats, Graphs and Analysis in Tools & Calculators.
  • For information on Employee Effectiveness, view the FAQ of the same name.

Buying a Company: Opening a company is a risky move. If you aren’t really active… it’s a bad idea. Also, you’re better off buying a pre-existing company than starting a new one. In most cases you will get a better deal, and the company will have some upgrades already, as well as being closing to ranking up and having one less competitor.
When you open a business, you are the director. You have no working position. You have full access to all of the pages, and if your company uses stock items to work, you’re going to have to manage the storage of your business. You can do this through the ‘Shipments’ page. Deliveries can take some time, so make sure you don’t run out. Some companies (eg pubs, restaurants, night club) don’t use shipments. You also have the power to hire/fire employees and change their position/salary for that day. The higher you pay, the happier your employees will be. But you have to be able to pay them for at least 7 days with what you have in the company bank. You can set the pricing of your services as well, higher prices meaning more money for you, but less popularity.

Hiring Employees & Setting Positions: Who you hire is key. The better their stats, the better they will work. Anything over the cap is only worth 50% of it’s normal value.. and anything above double the requirement no longer effects the company.


Stat Cap: 1,000 & Primary Stat: Endurance/Secondary:Manual

Player One – 500 Endurance & 1000 Manual
(Manual will be cut in half, cuz it is secondary)
They will work for 100%

Player Two – 1000 Endurance & 1000 Manual
(Manual again will be cut in half, cuz it is secondary)
They will work for 125%, 1000 endurance being the cap and manual being 50% over the total… after being split in half.

Having double the required stats does not means you don’t contribute to the company. You will be contributing 150%! Any further stats you gain, will not increase or decrease this amount.

One complicated thing is how the stats for the stat cap are determined::

Primary Stat + 1/2 Secondary Stat = Job Stats Total

If you’re still not clear on how much your stats are worth in your company, CHRISMCV has made handy Excel sheet to calculate it for you.

Advertising: This raises your popularity. Your default (starting) popularity is as follows:

100*(1 / Number_Of_Companies) %

For example: 36 Strip Clubs, 100/36 = 2.7% popularity.
Please note that you may not see your popularity rise straight away, for instance if all of your competitors do the same advertising campaigns as you, it will not increase anyones popularity…

Training: You can train your employees for 10k per training session, through which they will gain some primary work stats.
You can’t train anyone who has been in your company for less than three days.
Training your employees raises your efficiency.

Company Specials: Each job has three company specials as well, which you gain access to as you increase in rank.
Check the Company Info page for known specials.


  • What does then Train Link do for employees?
    Train Link allows the director to boost employees stats a little bit.
  • I did an advertising campaign; hired employees, but still have zero customers. Is there a way of earning money?
    You will have to wait until the daily report is issued to see your gains. Also, make sure you have shipments of the things you need to be able to run your business, or your prices are set too high.
  • Are company profits based on ‘real’ customers?
    All results are computer generated.
  • How do I increase my popularity?
    Lower prices and more money spent on campaigns will increase your popularity, and vice versa.
  • Why is my Efficiency dropping everyday? How do i stop it and make it go back up?
    Efficiency is controlled by three things; environment/cleanliness, employee activity, and using the company trains daily. If your efficiency is low, and you’re using your trains and your enviroment and cleanliness are at 100%, then you have inactive employees. If all employees log in daily, your efficiency will stay up.
  • What stock benefits can help me?
    TC Media Productions (TCP) will give you a 10% boost to profit and Tell Group PLC (TGP) will allow you to run free advertising. For TGP, you only need it when you do a new ad campaign, so you can either borrow someone else’s benefit block, or set someone else as director briefly to do the ad. BEWARE: Scamming is legal, so do not make someone director if you don’t trust them, or get collateral from them.
  • What educations can help me?
    Besides the entire Business Management Module, there’s also Media Law (Law module) which gives a 25% discount to advertisements (assuming you don’t have the TCP benefit), and Probability (Math module) which gives a 1% boost to productivity.
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