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Numbers in Brackets ( ) are the Company Ranking Requirement for that Special.
Company specials can take three days before activating (eg hunting bonus).

Effect Special Company/s
Melee damage increased* (+7-15%) Butcher Restaurant (3), Meat Warehouse (3)
Drunken Master Pub (3)
25% Bonus to armor Tailoring Clothing Store (5), Lingerie Company (5)

Increases Awareness Illumination Firework Stand (3), Candle Shop (3)

Makes it easier to bust more people out at a time Closing Argument Law Firm (5)

10 casino tokens per job point Bursar Cruise Line Agency (1)

Extra crime Experience per job point Bootlegging Adult Novelties (1), Music Store (3)

2% decrease in item cost per rating at Big Al’s Bulk Sale Discount Gun Shop (1)
15% x Rating decrease for buying someone out of jail Bail Bondsman Law Firm (1)

Minus 24 hours education per 15 job points Tutoring Sports Team (1)

3 Energy per job point Coffee break
Furniture Company (1)
Free Meals
Restaurant (1)
Healthy Eating Grocery Store (1)
Pub Lunch Pub (1)

Extra Experience per job point Attend Fashion Show Clothing Store (1)
Criminal Connections Night Club (1)
Debate Hair Salon (1)
Lingerie Party Lingerie Store (1)
Stagecraft Theater (1)

5 Happy per job point (Uses all at once) Ambience Music Store (1)
Pyromaniac Candle Shop (1)
Sweet Tooth
Sweet Shop (1)
Job Satisfaction Property Broker (3)
6 Happy per job point Fulfillment Farm (1), Zoo (1)
100 Happy for 10 job points Indulgence Sweet Shop (3)
Memory Lane Toy Shop (1)
100% Bonus to happy increase when playing game consoles Gamer Toy Shop (5)
Gameshark Game Shop (5)
Boosts targets happiness by 250 for 30 job points Free Ride Amusement Park (3)
Happiness loss in gym decreased Free Drinks Ladies Strip Club (3), Gents Strip Club (3)
You and your spouse get a boost of 300 happiness for 50 job points Romanticism Flower Shop (3), Adult Novelties (3)
Trade 50 job points for 1000 happiness Binge Pub (5)
Half a targets happiness for 75 job points Embargo Oil Refinery (3)

15% bonus to hunting ability Animal Instinct Farm (3), Zoo (3)

Item Trades
One special flower per 3 job points Rare Import Flower Shop (1)
One special plushie per 5 job points Jumble Sale Toy Shop (3)
Trade 10 job points for a random low quality drug Minor Drug Deal Night Club (3)
Trade 30 job points for a random high quality drug Major Drug Deal
Night Club (5)
Trade 15 job points for a random car Junkyard Dog Gas Station (5), Mechanics shop (5), Car Dealership (5)
Trade 25 job points for ketamine Special K Farm (5), Zoo (5)
Trade 500 job points for a pair of high heels High Heels Gents Strip Club (5)
Trade 500 job points for a thong Thong Ladies Strip Club (5)
Trade 75 job points for a random virus Clone Data Cyber Cafe (3)
Trade 300 job points for a flame thrower Flambayed Restaurant (5)
Trade 500 job points for a gas can Gas Guzzler Candle Shop (5)
Trade 500 job points for a Pack of Trojans Party Supplies Adult Novelties (5)

$1000 per job point Commision Property Broker (1)
Danger money Oil Refinery (1)
Happy Hour Ladies Strip Club (1), Gents Strip Club (1)
Bank time is decreased by 24 hours for 50 job points Oil Mogul
Oil Refinery (5)
Recieve money for 100 job points Distribute Game Source Game Shop (3)

1 Nerve per job point* Audaciousness Firework Stand (1)
Blood Thirst Meat Warehouse (1)
Dauntless Amusement Park (1)
Boosts maximum nerve by 1 Carnage Meat Warehouse (5)
Unflinching Amusement Park (5)

Reduces drug addiction for job points Herbal Cleansing Flower Shop (5)
R and R Cruise Line Agency (5)
No fee for item market Vendor Property Broker (5)
Salesman Car Dealership (5)

25% Discount on car parts Discount Parts Gas Station (3), Mechanic Shop (3), Car Dealership (3)
Improved skill on car racing Machinist Gas Station (1), Mechanic Shop (1)
Rating Test Drive Car Dealership (1)

1 respect for 5 job points. Propaganda Television Network (1)
Drop a target factions respect by 10 for 150 job points Pyromania Fireworks Stand (5)

View a players money for 10 job points Gossip Hair Salon (3), Grocery Store (3)
View a players stats for 20 job points Background Check Law Firm (3)

Endurance for job points Heavy Lifting
Furniture Company (3)
Nine to Five Clothing Store (3), Lingerie Store (3)
Trade job points for defence Conditioning Sports Team (3)
Trade job points for strength (+ 0.1%) Roid rage
Sports Team (5)
Hard Yakka
Furniture Company (5)

Enemy stealth decreased Rumors Grocery Store (5), Hair Salon (5)
Enemy stealth greatly decreased High Fidelity Music Store (5)
Stealth increased Dramatics Theater (3)
Suppressed Weapons Gun Shop (3)

Able to bring +2 items back with you from other countries Portage Cruise Line Agency (3)

10% x Rating decrease in virus coding L33tg33k Cyber Cafe (1)
Ub3rg33k Game Shop (1)
ub3rH3x0r Sotware Corporation (3)
Cancels targets virus programming for 125 job points Proxy Hacking Software Corporation (3)

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