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TC Comics Archive
The TC Times only displays the last ten cartoons accepted. This is an (incomplete) archive of past comics. Back to the Newspaper Tutorial. The ID’s in [brackets] are the people who created/ submitted the comic.
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written by reyrey2564, October 23, 2008
i can’t believe that dyslexia would do such a thing everyone read the news paper dyslexia has been stealling her comics from another site and editing a few things to make them tc related
written by rejected-Comic, November 27, 2008
I don’t understand what does it mean “professional enough” when the comic is rejected. From this comic list I can see lots or more than a half that are made with mspaint. I made like 6 comics with GIMP 2.6 and were all rejected. I also so lots of comics that are not funny or they can’t even make you smile. At least when the comic is rejected they should send a short message telling why it was rejected so that we can improve. Can you pls tell me what does it mean ” torn city Related or not professional enough” cause my comics have both and non of them where accepted. And if you can tell ched to send a message everytime he reject a comic you will make a favour to me and all of the citizen if torncity who spend hours making a comic which is rejected TCB: We don’t have any contact with Chedburn sorry. If you’d like, we can make a page for rejected comics and host them here.
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