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This is a short summary of the latest changes to Torn City: – Domain Change* Torn City will now also be known as Torn. You can use either www.torncity.com, or  www.torn.com  to login. – Faction Updates Your factions are now ranked from 1-10, based mainly on the Battle Stats of your members. Factions with 3 or less members stay unranked. Attacking outside these ranks gives decreased respect returns. Respect gains have been increased, and chain effectiveness decreased. Chains now increase respect gains no matter how long the chain, but with decreasing effect. Peaceful factions no longer have to ‘buy’ peaceful days, but can decide when they want to change to aggressive mode. – Code Changes Backend/ code changes have been put into effect. * Update: Greasemonkey codes have been re-updated, to try and fix further issues.
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written by TC Long Live, May 24, 2009
Name change was considered a major upgrade? Obviously Ched’s team are too free and nothing better to do.. they are stagnant now.. He claimed that “A shorter domain is always more professional”, the answer is NO!! Need to know why? Go and check how many thumbs down in the announcement forum.. we don’t need a developer team who come out with all this and still fail to resolve the recession problem for new entrants.. Ched, I’m totally disappointed with you AGAIN
written by BTMX Spireite, May 24, 2009
I cant even get on the site now since the name change just doesnt work with torncity.com or torn.com
written by Bill_Goldberg, May 24, 2009
I visit the bug reports section now and then but since the domain change yesterday there have been tonnes of reports here are some ive found 503 error Warning: include() [function.include]: php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known in /torncity/html/sidebar.php on line 67 Warning: include(https://edit.torn.com/includes/sidebar/down/index.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /torncity/html/sidebar.php on line 67 Warning: include() [function.include]: Failed opening ‘https://edit.torn.com/includes/sidebar/down/index.php’ for inclusion (include_path=’.:/usr/share/pear:/usr/share/php’) in /torncity/html/sidebar.php on line 67 this means since yesterday the coding is fucked well done Ched uve fucked up TC
written by spidey2nd, May 24, 2009
theres a lot of bugs when i redirected through www.torn.com invalid vkey, 503 error and more,.. not happen when www.torncity.com is in the add bar… for the name change i dont like the so called “professionalism”,.. www.TC.com is way thousand miles better than www.TORN.com well its just me who just living here for 100plus days,.. what about who longger?.. i think its weird to change the name without open a vote or something,..
written by Jon-Claw, May 25, 2009
@spidey: Ched would claim the vote null and void because he wouldn’t like the outcome.
written by schitt, May 25, 2009
alot of people i know using superpack greasemonkey script, when they goto the city they see “After clicking on function link, please roll down the browser You are using ver (some numbers)” easy fix.. in firefox goto “Tools” > “Greasemonkey” > “Manage user scripts” Click on superpack, then goto “Edit” below that. the script should pull up in notepad. Hit F3 (find next) and type in “After clicking on function link” it will bring you to them lines of code, which look like this: var msg = ‘After clicking on function link, please roll down the browser You are using ver ‘ currentVersion; replace them with: var msg = ”; probably not the best fix, and im sure the author dont like it.. sorry… but it worked quickly, and solved the problem for me and everyone else i know, and kept it functioning.
written by schitt, May 25, 2009
*by the way* If it was once, thats normal and it should say that, but its showing up 20-50 times.. its just tc edited code, made part of the script error.
written by Legend_Killer, May 26, 2009
As for the torn opposed to Torn City update – I think that after 4 years of it being Torn City, they came out with this update way too late. Back then it woulda been ok, but as for now? Come on Ched. The new updates, or also known as “Quick Patch” indicates that they are under control… They’re wrong. Here’s some bugs and exploits: – Faction Bug: When clicking on “Information” from the faction main page, you will notice yourself (if Co-Leader is unassigned,) as the Co-Leader. I.E I look at my faction (in which I’m leader,) it tells me I’m both. – Log in Bug: I haven’t checked to see if this has been fixed within the 24hour period that I reported it almost 2 days ago but with the new change I didn’t realize my browser never saved the information and carried it over (dumb of me not to think of that,) and just hit “enter” to log on. When I logged on it said something about being in Fed when I noticed the report and the IP’s (they’re shown,) weren’t mine. This is information being given to any user who is experienced in hacking and has no life. Nice one Ched. — As for the peaceful status – My faction has appeared “Aggressive” though we aren’t, at least we weren’t for the updates and now I can’t seem to change it. Seems fair since I dropped half my respect before the change to get it that way. Also thank you Ched. — All-In-All these new “updates” are taking Torn City down hill in my opinion.
written by TC Long Live, May 27, 2009
seems most are negative feedback till now, might really want to join a force (if there ever exist one) TO PROTEST AND ASK TO REPLACE THAT IDIOT, WE DON’T WANT SUCH MAYOR IN TC!!
written by smcizme, May 30, 2009
can some one please help me…. i cant log on it says i am logged on twice at the same time… and this is at the top of my page when i do log on… MySQLDatabase._query.err.mysql_query : Error in mysql query: 1114 : The table ‘users’ is full sql:UPDATE users SET last_login=’2009-05-30 21:00:13′,lastloginip=’′ WHERE userID=’1188999′ ——————————————————————————– MySQLDatabase._query.err.mysql_query : Error in mysql query: 1114 : The table ‘users’ is full sql:UPDATE users SET sessionID=’96956518′ WHERE userID=’1188999′ ——————————————————————————– MySQLDatabase._query.err.mysql_query : Error in mysql query: 0 : sql:UPDATE users SET life=’2700′,busttrys=’3′,citysearchs=’0′,lifeupstamp=’1 243713613′ WHERE userID=’1188999′ ——————————————————————————– MySQLDatabase._query.err.mysql_query : Error in mysql query: 0 : sql:UPDATE users SET lastaction=’1243713613′ WHERE userID=’1188999′
written by Toast, June 07, 2009
LMAO, you guys complain about it, HOW ABOUT YOU GUYS CODE A FULL WEBSITE WITH AROUND 170 THOUSAND PLAYERS, THEN TRY NOT TO MAKE ANY MISTAKES… They will be working on them right now, or they will have fixed them by now, but if a error message comes up, then just ignore it. Creation is full of errors, your never going to get it perfect without somone being a noob about it.
written by TC Pro, June 12, 2009
LMAO, Toast don’t get what we don’t like the most this round, IT’S ABOUT THE NAME CHANGED YOU ARE LANGUAGE CHALLENGED AND NOW WE KNEW IT
written by Toast, June 15, 2009
Uhm im language challenged? pff, feck off… your the language challenged one here… note the “AND NOW WE KNEW IT” its actualy know… get it right before trying to insult someone! I bet your just a 10 year old trying to be cool.
written by COOHN2, June 17, 2009
Toast b1tchy, don’t try to behave like you are Ched’s pet here, barking and protecting him right, you thought you doing nice job?? good dog!! he is totally sucks and so do you TC Pro, i like your comments and will stand at your side
written by MoNiEs, June 20, 2009
you all see, Ched did learn a lesson though, he is trying to behave in the announcement forum by asking concensus suggestion and idea on naming… beware, another time happen with players can’t feel you respect us, you will be condemned..
written by Kay-tee [627779], August 03, 2009
A friend of mine ALF [385222] raised a good point about all this, shouldnt TCB now be Torn Basic due to name change? As of now people will google Torn help not Torn City help
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