New Travel Location: Dubai

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New Travel Location: Dubai
From Chedburn:

A new destination has been added to the travel agency. A place only for the super rich, the city’s entrepreneurs and those wishing to look but not touch. New items at stupidly high prices that 0.01% of you will be able to afford.

  • Gold Laptop – Cost: $8,000,000,000
  • Gold Plated AK-47 – Cost: $25,000,000,000
  • Platinum PDA – Cost: $12,000,000,000
  • Camel Plushie – Cost: $14,000
  • Tribulus Omanense – Cost: $6,000
  • Sports Sneakers – Cost: $14,000,000,000
  • Handbag – Cost: $16,000,000,000
  • Pink Mac-10 – Cost: $23,000,000,000
Comments (13)
written by icantthink4155, June 24, 2009
Very interested to see what the prices’ll be.
written by Star-InThe-Hood, June 24, 2009
those prices are ridiculous what a pointless update
written by Star-InThe-Hood, June 24, 2009
there ridiculous prices hope they give us some kind of superman powers or summet aha what a pointless update ched im disappointed made hardly any difference to the game ya kno
written by schitt, June 24, 2009
1 mil a day x 365 days = $365,000,000 x 30 years = 10,950,000,000… shit! still cant afford half of it… and if im still playing, shoot me…. twice.
written by Evil_Panda, June 25, 2009
Its an update to take some money off the rich and get it out of the game as resale on these would be close to 0. What better way than to give them something in return.
written by Smash08, June 25, 2009
not only will they take cash out of the economy cause of that other prices would drop in return as people dont have as much cash to buy everything with. if someone wanted to buy all of these and have 1 each of them for their display case it would cost: $98,000,000,000 and some even have decent uses: the pda stops your friend list getting deleted and gives you space for 500 friends. the shoes add 5% per gym train to speed gains the handbag has almost as much power as dual melee weapons with better accuracy then the kodachis. they are the only ones i know what they do. the others not sure yet though but for that price they would do something. i imagine the laptop would allow crimes and gym trains aswell for that price. or something else that can be done with it.
written by Your neighbour, June 28, 2009
the update is not pointless, when the people with the power to purchase those things purchase only one of them, the cash in circulation will be reduced significantly, plus with the decrease interest rate will mean there will be much less free cash coming around. Even if those items gets circulated, it does not add more money into TC, it’s only someone’s money and someone else’s item. If there’s too much cash around, TC will be like Zimbabwe with incredible inflation. The reason why common item’s price haven’t gone up is simple, if AK’s price jumps to $60,000, too many people already have AK and that only increase people’s net worth and fowarding the process of inflation. Maybe they should have a mid-range city that only opens for one week so the medium rich burn some money too. Reduce cash in circulation is a smart idea, we will see how that works out.
written by purple, June 28, 2009
[smash08] how do you know about those items so far, to most people it might be obvious but i want to hear it from you.
written by DCLXVI, June 29, 2009
Those prices are INSANE! Nobody will ever buy it.
written by staley333, June 29, 2009
idiots who dont like this update should be shot, its a great way to get money out of the game and it stops the noobs windging about lack of new items, well now they have it, they just cant afford it LOL great work ched, loan me some money for the ak? pleeezes
written by 032krpq;wdm., July 02, 2009
If you don’t like this update, the don’t buy the flipping items. It’s just that simple, so stop moaning about it.
written by Tempo, July 23, 2009
As this seems to be a varied comments page I will list a few of my thought’s on how the game is going, Firstly, the name change, as for wanting a shorter domain, you should of thought of what all your player’s have shortened your domain to, and you would of come up with one that people may of actually liked instead of the poor choice you made, 99% of player’s call the game TC, so would of been a much better choice. Number 2 on the agenda, Dubai, not a bad update as it’s going to make the uber rich show off’s want them, and it will fix the inflation problem which should of been sorted ages ago, for the people who don’t like this update, there is a very simple solution, “Don’t Travel to Dubai then” number 3 on my list, being charged 10k to change your name, I actually like this but it should of been made with a limit to change your name once per day max, as it would stop the stupid noob’s who are trying to scam changing their name 30 times a day. also sex change should be removed, or have it cost 10mil or something really high then it will stop the Little boys “who are actually committing fraud in real life by Identity theft” from stealing pictures of attractive women and flirting with other little boys who are a Higher level and have decent housing just so they can marry them and get to live in their house and get expensive gifts for what is in effect “gay chat” all the people who are married to characters who have modelling pictures with “this is me” wrote underneath should be shot for being a dumbass and believing them, How many women who look like that do you think spend 18 hours a day on TC? when most women who look like that spend 8 hours a day in a beauty parlour and the other 10 hours shopping with their friends and clubbing on a night. Number 4, scamming being legal, this is just so staff don’t have to do half as much work, and is it just me but, haven’t they noticed since that update that they are getting 22000 new players every 2 months? yet they still are not deleting multi’s like they should be, if they have advertising that gets them 22000 actual different people to join their site and log in daily then I’d like to know it so I could advertise my Online RPG game their, I’d love the 22000 daily players. Staff need to stop having their fun playing the game and actually start Moderating the game or they should be removed from staff list, as it only seems that staff send each other silly warning’s and benefit each other, I came across a player who was on the staff list and was only like 135 days old and lived in a mansion, so, living in a PI myself and having decent stat’s I thought I would have a pop at beating him it wasn’t until I got to attacking him I noticed the “220000000” HP bar, How fricken ridiculous that someone who is 135 days has a HP bar that huge, he was level 16, even if he had every merit available in the game and used them on HP at his level it still wouldn’t give him a HP bar that size, Staff nee to actually start “Staffing” the game.
written by Smash08, August 02, 2009
[purple] if you read the item descriptions it will tell you about those items. that is how i know about them
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