New Company Specials

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New Company Specials
A while ago we* at TCB compiled a list of possible new company specials, three or more for every company, to be posted in the suggestions forum. We have been informed that 80% of this list will be used for the new specials! We wont be putting the specials up (yet), so you all have something to look forward to, but rest assured that there’ll be some fun company updates! Most specials were constructed to bring new elements into the game, but not to bring more ‘free’ money into the game- So don’t expect companies to suddenly become huge cash cows. Thanks to the people from the forums who helped put ideas together. *me
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written by aurigus, October 17, 2007
Well done guys – it was a great idea to give them the list of ideas!
written by I love it, October 21, 2007
Thanks a lot, great job 🙂
written by Hogfather, October 21, 2007
And what were these specials which you suggested?
written by jarhead3, October 21, 2007
I am looking at the list right now 😉
written by Hogfather, October 21, 2007
Ah nevermind I found them… they’re on around page 4-6 of the suggestions page… Although some of them do worry me a little, I think one or two may give people a very unfair advantage, and did I spot some which could devastate other companies/factions? However a lot I do like a lot.
written by aerozol, October 22, 2007
Ooh, aren’t you guys just resourceful 😉 I liked the faction ideas, some serious ownage would go down (If they use those)
written by besty111, October 23, 2007
can u give me the link to the new upgrades on companys coz i cant find them
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