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Back to Christmas Items 1) The Gum Drop is a/an Candy – Small soft candies. Sell Value $3 2) The Peppermints is a/an Candy – Small peppermint flavored disks. Sell Value $3 3) The Candy Cane is a/an Candy – Small peppermint flavored candy cane. Sell Value $3 4) The Mint Kiss is a/an Candy – Small teardrop shaped candies. Sell Value $3 5) The Peppermint Bark is a/an Candy – Small peppermint flavored candies shaped like tree bark. Sell Value $3 6) The White Chocolate Angel is a/an Candy – Small candy shaped in the form of a white chocolate angel. Sell Value $3 7) The Chocolate Stocking is a/an Candy – Small chocolate flavored candies shaped like stockings. Sell Value $3 8) The Chocolate Sleigh is a/an Candy – Small chocolate flavored candies shaped like miniature sleighs. Sell Value $3 9) The White Chocolate Snow Flake is a/an Candy – Small candies shaped in the form of snow flakes and made from a special white chocolate. Sell Value $3 10) The Mint Christmas Tree is a/an Candy – Small mint flavored candies shaped like decorated Christmas trees. Sell Value $3 11) The Cinnamon Ornament is a/an Candy – Small bell shaped candies that are slightly flavored with a touch of cinnamon. Sell Value $3 12) The White Chocolate Ribbon is a/an Candy – Small white chocolate candies in the shapes of ribbons. Sell Value $3 13) The Chocolate Santa is a/an Rare Candy – A large 2lb block of chocolate shaped like Santa. Sell Value $20 14) The Chocolate Reindeer is a/an Rare Candy – A large treat for large cravings. This candy is a full 5lbs and has a cherry for the nose. Wonder who this is modeled after? Sell Value $20 15) The Wintergreen Mints is a/an Rare Candy – Small multi colored mints. Sell Value $20 16) The Chocolate Covered Cherries is a/an Rare Candy – A large box of chocolate covered cherries. Sell Value $20 17) The Gingerbread House is a/an Rare Candy – A large gingerbread house coated with powder sugar and sweet icing. Sell Value $20 18) The Chocolate Teddy Bear is a/an Rare Candy – A large 5lb chocolate candy shaped like a large cute teddy bear. Sell Value $20 19) The Wreath is a/an Collectible – A replica of the huge wreath that is on the castle. Sell Value $0 20) The Snow Globe is a/an Collectible – A small globe that when shaken shows a snowy Torn City. Sell Value $0 21) The Golden Candy Cane is a/an Collectible – A beautiful golden candy cane with 08 on the wrapping. Sell Value $0 22) The Wooden Hammer is a/an Collectible – This small wooden hammer has made countless toys for boys and girls Sell Value $0 23) The Reindeer sleigh is a/an Collectible – A miniature Reindeer sleigh. Sell Value $0 24) The Conductors Bell is a/an Collectible – Used by one of the many conductors over the the years. You can almost feel the joy just touching in. Sell Value $0 Back to Top
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Last Updated ( Wednesday, 24 December 2008 )
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