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TC Times Archive
This is an archive for newspaper articles from the official Torn City Times.
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TCB has posted these articles in their entirety, and has not edited any content. This archive is not exhaustive. Back to the Newspaper Tutorial. * No longer updated/ active

DOG TAGS ISSUED – 01/09/08 Today, 5 years on from the initial proposal of identification for the city, Mayor Chedburn has announced that behind the scenes, the government and the police force have been working very closely to formulate a new plan for identification within the city. They decided on issuing each resident and visitor a dog tag. “The dog tags are for your own good. They are being distributed to every one within the cities boundaries. They are here to help reduce crime and therefore must be worn at ALL times. Anyone caught without one on will be cautioned.” says the Mayor. We have been told that, anyone who has not received a dog tag by 12pm on Monday September the 1st should contact police or their local authorities. Anyone that has not received a dog tag and fails to raise the issue will be subject to a caution. This is a very serious matter. Despite this there are a number of protestors outside government buildings within the city stating the idea is ridiculous. One gent said “It is stupid, do they not realise what this will do to the city. For one, I think there is more to this than they’re letting on, perhaps an experiment. Also, have they not thought about the possible circumstances with the high value of this ‘accessory’? People will be mugging anyone stupid enough to go out sporting their new bling! The tags will be held ransom. It will be happy slapping gone silly. Happy tagging!” – Article by
Killer Missing: Escaped – 01/09/08 Panic spread like wild fire today in the city of Torn. As the news of the psycho serial killer Kurt Jameson, escaped from Torn City Jail supposedly minutes after midnight. As of yet there is no word of where the criminal may be hiding, or who may be keeping him. The police began searching the river that runs by the cities prison in the early ours of this morning. After hours of searching, the only clue they found in the river was one of Kurt’s shoes. No one knows how Kurt managed to escape from Torn City State Prison undetected. After finding the hole in the wall by complete accident, the warden of the prison ordered an immediate search of the prisons surroundings. I managed to get hold of the warden and ask him a few questions. Q) “Warden, what time is it thought that Kurt Jameson escaped from Torn City State Prison?” A) “At this time, we do not know if Kurt Jameson has managed to completely escape. He may be hiding somewhere in the prison. But it is believed he must have left during the storm last night. This is thought because the noise of him getting out would have been masked by the noise of the storm.” Q) “Do you have any leads at this time of Mr Jameson’s whereabouts? Or where he may be heading?” A) “At this time we are questioning all the inmates that have been associated with Mr Jameson. So far none of them have known about his plans to escape the prison. All though he has been reported to have been acting slightly different then usual.” Q) “How can you assure the safety of the Citizens of Torn City?” A) “We are currently doing all in our power to find this man. After killing a whole family, this man has to be captured and put back into prison, and kept under a higher level of security, before his spree continues. Now if you don’t mind I have business to attend to, so that’s all I can answer for now.” The warden seemed to be very tense, but who can blame him. He managed to let a psycho killer escape his prison. With the lives of the cities citizens at risk, people are in fear of their lives. And it’s only been a few hours. This man has killed many people before. And who’s to say he won’t do it again. But the question is… Who will his next target be? I’ve heard rumours that it may be the cities mayor, Chedburn. After talking to some of the inmates, I found out that Kurt was obsessive about Chedburn, Talking about how he wanted to kill him and his family. Why? They do not know. It was rumoured that Chedburn was one of the witnesses to the murder of the Austin Family, and he gave evidence that sent Kurt to jail. – Article by
Factions Fixed Forever?! – 23/08/08 For months, factions have been going in several different directions. Citizens will stand behind their factions being peaceful and others will stand behind aggressive factions. Time will show that Torn City was based on attacking, war, money, weapons, and drugs; nothing that even whispered the word peaceful. As of a few months ago, pickets and riots were being gathered everyday outside of city hall in regards to there being a protection on factions who were against warring. Mayor Chedburn decided to change factions and give them an overhaul to accommodate those who did not want to fight. Initially, the mayor created peaceful status to which a faction could not be declared upon and if they declared on anyone, they would immediately relinquish their peaceful status and become aggressive. With the first change, factions that warred could not declare on anyone with 50% or less of their total respect. And with this first change, HOF factions in turn rioted and threatened massive mayhem. The change only lasted but a few days. Eventually, more changes were made and pleasing everyone seems quite the impossible task for Mayor Chedburn. Wars were cancelled and factions were limited to only 50 wars at a time. No one was happy, but it helped the situation of declaring on everyone in the city. Just a few weeks ago, the only attacks that count towards a chain of respect being gained are those that end in the victim being sent to the hospital. No longer do muggings assist in gaining respect leading to factions figuring out another way to gain money and attack longer. A very large addition and or fix to factions have been made regarding what organized crimes were allowed, how many faction members could participate and what crimes they could commit. Previously, no factions could hijack planes; some crimes just seemed way out of reach for factions. Now, anything seems possible when you’re in a faction. Chedburn posted a notice in the city center regarding the new system of crimes that are related to factions. This was the message posted, “ Citizens; Major changes have been made to your factions. We are enforcing that crimes you commit to make money and gain respect will now involve the following rules and or regulations: -Factions can commit multiple organized crimes at the same time. – Faction members can no longer join the crime; a leader or co leader must select them before the planning starts. – Organized crimes can only be started with the correct amount of people in the team. For example, no more and no less than two faction members can be used for the blackmail crime. – A lot more respect can now be earned overall, giving factions a bigger buffer of respect during wars. – If a person is a member of an organized crime, they cannot leave the faction or be kicked until the crime has been initiated, or cancelled. – The leader or co leader of the faction must wait until the crime has been planned, and then call the number provided to initiate and complete the crime. Any member of the team however can cancel the crime. – Peaceful factions will lose their peaceful status if they try committing crimes harder than a Bomb Threat. In this case, there are warnings to avoid accidental loss. – A faction crime cannot be initiated unless all members of the team are ready and not in the hospital, jail, or traveling. – There will always be a chance to fail an organized crime, the better the team members; the less likely you will fail. – These new organized crimes may seem harder than before. Test what your faction is capable of, and select the correct faction members for the job. -Experience will now be gained or lost while doing these organized crimes, just like committing them on your own. Let any city officials know if you experience any problems with the organized crimes. Good luck!” After this message was posted, reactions were stalled and eventually either protested or praised. Peaceful factions are limited to what they can do, especially when it comes to what crimes they can commit. Many citizens feel that if a citizen is in a peaceful faction, they should be handing out fliers instead of making bomb threats. The Torn City Times suggests that citizens see how the new regulations work out. Perhaps Mayor Chedburn has actually figured out a way to please everyone. Now that would be a miracle. – Article by
The Past of TC w/ Gelosea – 23/08/08 Today Gelosea [34] has given this writer the pleasure of speaking about her past, her history, and her experience as one of the first Torn City citizens. She was one of the first to roam around in this glorious city and knows what it was really like to grow up in this war driven city. Gelosea was here from the start and has seen the city change and develop for more than 1,300 days. Torn City has progressed quite a bit over the past few years. More and more travelers have been settling in to this great area. Statistics show that over 100,000 people live within the city committing crimes, selling drugs, buying drugs, spending money on extravagant items and are often seen going into various gyms every few hours. There is not much about the history of Torn City. No early citizens are left to discuss their knowledge of the city and some don’t feel like remembering the old days. Many citizens are unaware of Torn City’s history and today Gelosea has given the Torn City Times the pleasure of sharing it with our readers. Torn City Times: Gelosea, how did you find about this City? Gelosea: God, it was so long ago. I think I was just bored and wandering around and somehow got stuck there! I liked it because it was quiet and you got to know everyone very quickly… No one was a stranger! TCT: What was it like when you first moved to Torn City? Gelosea: I joined it before it was really a city. My house number was actually in the 600s, but hardly anyone lived here because there wasn’t much to the city. Only donators could attack and be attacked because it was in testing, and factions weren’t allowed or seen being founded until quite a while after the mayor got the go ahead that Torn City was actually a city identified by the government. The only city staff at the time was Mayor Chedburn, his right hand man, Quacks, and I think some guy called Kirby, who disappeared… then Mouser appeared as a city administrator. TCT: So far, what has been your favorite update? Gelosea: When factions first started forming I guess! The EP and S.U.N members in the early days used to really annoy me by spamming the forums. They didn’t know what factions were going to be like, but they just got a load of people together anyway, made them change their names to have the tag on the beginning and stuff like that, I thought it was really stupid. I told Tempie this a couple of months ago, actually – and I think it hurt him a bit. TCT: Can you tell us what it was like to be one of the first to experience brand new updates that would affect every person that moved to Torn City? Gelosea: I never thought the city would grow as much as it did, I left for a couple of months for reasons beyond my control and despite being on the first ever list of Helper staff (there were only 3 administrators and a secretary at the time) I came back and it was a metropolis! The only people I recognized were Chedburn, Quacks and Wynn, all of my old friends like Apredox and Eclipse had moved as well. So basically when factions and attacking was made legal, I never thought about how it would effect so many people. I’m quite proud that I was around at that time… hell, I’m even responsible for the terrible name of ‘el cascado’ a lot of people just moan about how laggy it was, but that never bothered me. I liked the people. TCT: Before I go on, is there anything you would like to say? Gelosea: Well there is one thing I’d like to say… QUACKS GETS HOTTER WOMEN THAN CHEDBURN!!!!! Yeah.. I’m the one that started that campaign. But lets be fair right? Ched gets hotter men than quacks. All sexy ladies can send their photos to Quacks to join me and whats-her-name on Quacks’s profile <3 ! (*disclaimer: gelosea’s comments about the mayor of torn city in no way reflect views times and should be taken lightly, with some milk sugar) TCT: What update would you say has effected how people live here the most? Gelosea: I would probably say the recent housing update. Getting a new house was quite a difficult task before, but now its easy to just rent one from an accomplished citizen. But now you can’t sell it for the full market price back to the paper, which I think, complicates things a bit. I guess the bounty section of the paper has also affected a lot of people as well. There were people who specialized in bounty hunting before, but now anyone can do it, so I guess that’s put a few people out of work. TCT: Do you consider it harder for newer players to start up now than before, or would you say it’s easier? Gelosea: I’d say it’s harder… back in the beginning, everyone was friendly and willing to help. Sometimes they would even offer money but now there are so many people that everyone just gets fed up of being asked for help, especially considering all the beggars. And then there are the a******s who think its fun to hospitalize new players which is kind of pathetic, in my opinion. Also in the beginning, I guess there were such a great number of stronger players, and most people were in the same sort of place. TCT: Do you have any advice for new citizens? Gelosea: It’s not about what you know, it’s about whom you know because if you make good friends in the city (without just making them to get money), you will enjoy the city more and have a motive to be more active, as well as having people to turn to if you ever have questions. TCT: Is there any updates since you have moved here that you have disliked? Gelosea: I’d have to say the peaceful status on factions. On one hand I think people should have a peaceful place to communicate and work on things together, but on the other it would completely defeat the point of factions. So yeah, I don’t know. Other than that I didn’t like it when they took the dogs away, I didn’t like dogs that much myself, but it wasn’t really fair on the players that made a living on them. TCT: Well, thank you for taking the time to talk to me! I’m sure the younger players will respect your advice, and everyone will enjoy hearing about the development of Torn City! Gelosea: The pleasure is mine! Well, there we have it , an insight to the past of Torn City; with the lovely Gelosea! – Article by
Hijack Hiccup – 30/07/08 Several days have passed since a Torn City Airways Boeing 777 was hijacked in midair on its way back to Torn City to deliver premium cars. Shortly after the article was published days ago, making citizens aware of the mile high hijacking, the reporter who wrote the article was kidnapped and removed from the city. No one has heard from him since, however, city officials believe that the same suspects responsible for the hijacking are also responsible for the kidnapping of the Torn City Times news reporter. The faction that is responsible for the attempted hijack is the Republic of Futuria faction. Specific suspects in the report are listed as Lunchtime, tireland, Druid and Axl_Rose. Police interrogated faction co-leader; Rasoras while the Boeing 777 was still in flight. Through Rasoras, police were able to determine who the participating members were as well as their plans on how they would rob Torn City of over a million dollars in cash and items. Shortly after Rasoras was interrogated, Federal Bureau of Investigation officials received a telephone call from Lunchtime, who demanded a million dollars in cash to be wired to the faction’s bank. Apparently, the citizens on the plane, faction leader, Druid and member tireland, had taken an older woman hostage and were not going to let anyone go until the money was placed into their account. FBI negotiators, acting as fast as they can, assured Lunchtime and the others on the plane that the money was theirs. Approximately six minutes later y faction member Axl_Rose stole a boat at the Torn City docks in order to catch the other faction members who parachuted from the Boeing 777. Druid and tireland both exited the plane within a minute of each other, however, Druid’s parachute failed to deploy and once he was found in the ocean, policemen were able to capture him and escort him to the hospital prison. Unfortunately for the Republic of Futuria faction, the FBI negotiators never wired the money demanded by Lunchtime. Many citizens discussed what reasons were to blame and how the faction was unable to successfully hijack the plane while in flight. Citizens also tried to develop their own ideas of how they could accomplish the crime. Through countless brainstorms, no one felt that they could possibly be as well organized, smart enough, or strong enough as any other factions in order to get any amount of money at stake. One fact is for sure though; that any faction who successfully hijacks a plane in mid flight will gain the most respect among citizens as well as go down in the history books as the first group to commit the hardest organized crime within Torn City. Additionally, due to the high rate of crime within the last few weeks, Mayor Chedburn felt that it was not necessary for the faction or its members to be jailed. He felt that it added a bit of excitement to Torn City and laughed when asked how he would feel if it were to happen again. The mayor stated to the Torn City Times that, “This wont happen again anytime soon. We never sell two parachutes together that both work! Plus, they have to be a bit smarter than those guys. Hell, we never even wired the money to their account!” – Article by
Mile High Hijacking! – 17/07/08 A Torn City Airways plane was recently hijacked on its way to China earlier today. The aircraft, which was carrying the latest shipment of premium cars, was on its way to the Torn City Docks. It was reportedly taken over by four men, three of which were carrying Enfield SA-80’s and one man who seized the pilot with a razor blade. According to police records, it is currently unclear how many cars are on board the plane but an estimated 30 million dollars in cars were recorded before the plane took off. Reports where received by an employee who had e-mailed the Torn City Police with his laptop. Accuracy of the information given by the employee is still under investigation. Police are tossing the idea around that it is perhaps an attempt at receiving a large ransom from Mayor Chedburn. One faction spoke out against the claim about the participation in this apparent organized crime. This faction however, remains anonymous because the police do not want to bring the wanted attention to this faction. They claim they will kill all passengers and destroy the plane if 100 million dollars is not wired to their over seas bank accounts by the end of Thursday. Who will pay the ransom is the real question that many seem to be asking. Citizens hope that a rich philanthropist, or maybe the company who is expecting that shipment of cars. The real fact of the matter to many citizens is how will they travel to buy their drugs if the air ports are closed. Additionally, many are also asking how will factions hide from their aggressors during a war? Recently Chief of Police in Torn City and a Federal Government Agent who specializes in air security were unhappy about making any comments on the matter at hand. Both refused to answer any questions to whether or not air travel will remain a pay and go service as well as what further security will be added. Angry citizens were heard asking, “If some measly aggressive faction can organize a plane hijacking what’s stopping a group of TC rebels from kidnapping the mayor?” Citizens are being told, before they engage in any future air flight, that they need to be certain about the security that is seen within the Torn City Airways Airport. Officials are tying their best to help prevent any future dirty bombs being planted in a plane after the apparent bombing in the city center in March, 2008. When asked what evil may have caused this plane high jacking, Mayor Chedburn responded to his citizens by saying, “Respect, Power, Greed, all of these are what drives the evil mind and many Torn City citizens. This evil is very apparent in many strong, aggressive factions.” After the mayor’s comment, many are uncertain of how the city will ever return to a safe state as many have had a difficult recovery after the first dirty bomb was dropped. Many Devastation members, even though they have separated from the faction, are still glowing neon green. No one is confident that the city will not be attacked again because of the high supply of Cesium-137. Mayor Chedburn has stated that that the ransom should be resolved quickly so that citizens may return to their not so peaceful lives. If not, he reassured, “The Torn City government will plan a counter attack on the hijackers and my officials and I will try our very best to help prevent an incident like this from happening again.” – Article by
Crude Talk – 17/07/08 The President of BurgijaM Petroleum Products (BPP), Sifonjer [455259], predicts that oil should and probably will hit the hark mark of $170 a barrel. Sifonjer is the president of the only oil refinery in Torn City with a company rating of three stars. His speculative statement comes at a time when oil inflation is emptying people’s pockets around the world especially when his refinery is the only one for several hundred miles from Torn City. Sifonjer declined to give any indication of his plans to step up oil output; however, his statement may have fueled negative sentiments causing a scare among the global markets and a number of shareholders. Shortly after becoming the first CEO of BPP, the crude prices went up to a record of almost $142 a barrel. The Torn City stock market slid across the board with the benchmark index slipping to almost 620 points at close on Tuesday afternoon. Even though the BPP members recognize that they hold the high card on the oil supply they are acting as if nothing is happening in the face of the current rise in demand. Sifonjer was rumored to have sent out signals that encouraged the speculators to hedge their bets and thus aggravating the speculative elements in the current price rise. Some have claimed that the extraordinary rise is not entirely due to speculation. Demand from emerging economies has helped maintain the high price of oil despite declines in the advanced overall economy within the city. The company’s refusal to increase the output only magnifies the dramatic problem with lack of oil coming into Torn City. Now is the time for oil consumers to start thinking seriously of counter measures. Currently, Sifonjer has a leg up on the supply side oil and therefore consumers also hold a few powerful cards on the demand side. Suggestions are made to consumers that they should start playing the market now simply because the global economy is rumored to be heading for a threat of dropping in the near future. At the same time, vigorous research must continue for alternative technologies such as corn oil and other various methods of conservation. – Article by
Who’s That Reporter? – 08/07/08 Recently, to boost the production of The Torn City Times newspaper, freelance writers have been accepted due to the recent loss of the previous reporting staff. For quite some time, the newspaper has been lacking in the department of putting out articles in a timely manner and for that, 100 points are now offered for work that is accepted. Regardless of the new format of this paper, the previous reporters should still get recognized for being exemplary writers; writers that can be used as a template for all of the up and coming reporters. Among the list of previous Torn City Times reporters there are well known citizens. To commend them, here is a list of the most recent reporting staff that has left: Dash [3901] Lance [51998] Silent-Walker [91795] The-Heretic [26016] PussyKat69 [438789] BD8 [371710] Yuri_Orlov [175440] (These are the names and Ids that I can recall…to the others, I apologize) The newspaper staff would like to thank these writers for making the newspaper what it is and giving it their own type of style that readers enjoyed. Recently, a letter to the editor was received from the previous editor, Yur_Orlov. Yuri has been in the middle of a move from Torn City to another city and with his time, he sent the following letter which is unedited and in full content; “What happened to the newspaper? Where is Dash, Outsider or even that lovable curmudgeon Lance? Even this fair soul a former reporter / editor of the previous incarnation cannot say (or won’t xD) They wrote for the fun of it, without a bold sales pitch to force everyone to purchase the paper… For those that write in the paper today know nothing of their forbearers and the suffering that came before, there was no 100 points or even recognition from the mayor or his officials for our stories. The forums every once in a while became alive with either controversy or in laughter. Those days I fear are long gone; a story to move the masses is tough to do even for the best. That is why I sit at this antique typewriter of the style us old newsmen used back in the early days. Reminiscing and feeling it was time to come out of forced retirement. So I propose new legislation in the form of submitting a humble story. Create collectors items for those old reporters whom we all loved or hated but read as a pastime while waiting for the gym to load. For Dash who could make you laugh or cry with his quick wit… For Supreme101 who’s interviews made you feel like you knew the person he was talking to… For Lance who was at one point so hated that there was a club to honor that position and a counter club that loved him… For Jordanmanuk who knew nothing about how to play this game but tried his hardest to produce readable stories… For all those that touched the TC community by writing for the paper with no reward they should be remembered by creating items that capture their legacy, just as staff past are remembered so should we few… Hopefully this will create some controversy at the city center and what I was known for…at least that way, you know the newspaper is still being read!” Please remember, readers and future writers, that it is time consuming and difficult to write news for this City. Most of the news that makes it to publishing is about crime and eventually, that gets depressing. And prior to the freelancers, there was no reward for such an artistic act. That is why the Torn City Times staff ask that you give a moment of silence for those who gave their time and creativity searching for the truth, the news, the laughter, and the controversy. Article collaborated by Yuri_Orlov [175440] and Yue [420844]. – Article by  
Victim or Irresponsible? – 08/07/08 Tim is Torn City’s only loan shark and because of that, he takes pride in his job. When he first moved this city, he thought he found his dream home, however, recently he has been getting very agitated with many of the citizens within Torn City. For years he has done nothing but help the citizens with their assorted money problems, and now things have taken a turn for the worst for Tim. After word spread about how he keeps a large sum of money on him at all times, more and more people, some who are even prior customers, are mugging him multiple times, every day. Obviously he has been having trouble with maintaining a living and his once profitable occupation has now turned over negative profits for the past year and a half. Tim recently contemplated retirement, but at the age of 39 he has too much to work for, especially with a baby on the way. The only way that Tim knows how to make a living is being a loan shark and by golly, he is the best. Anyone with a problem like his would want to speak about it and get make the public aware. Recently, Tim was spotted at a local clothing shop trying to fight off a mugger. Heroik, a freelance writer decided to speak with Tim about his recent hard comings… Heroik: “Hello Tim, how are you today?” Tim: “Could be better, you got my money?” Heroik: “That’s not why I am here…” he laughed as he glared at him, “I am here for the Torn City Times and I would like to interview you to let the public know your problem.” Tim: “Okay go ahead…” Heroik: “So, how does it feel being you right now?” Tim: “Well, I feel used to be honest, but lately, I have done nothing but help these people and now they are betraying me. Sometimes I wonder if the muggings will ever stop.” Heroik: “Did you see the recent comic about you having a line behind you with muggers?” Tim: “Yes…I laughed, then cried…Literally. It was true…my family laughs at me and so do I, until I realize that I’m the butt of their jokes…” Heroik: “Why don’t you stop walking around with large sums of money?” Tim: “Sir, I understand you are trying your best to be a good reporter, but any idiot can understand that it’s my job. I am a loan shark so money is my business. If I have a customer come up to me in need of cash, I have to give it to him and I need to have it, otherwise, I’ll lose a future potential customer. Not like it matters now a days anyway.” Heroik: “Yes, well,” Heroik coughs, “Of course any idiot would know that. Anyway, next question. Why are you always walking the streets, and shopping at the clothing store if the muggings always occur? Can’t you get your wife to go places for you? Also, why are you always shopping for clothes? Tim: “Well, there is a reasonable answer for that. My wife is a quadriplegic, and my son, Tim Jr., he’s five, is too young to subject himself to the streets of Torn City. Catch my drift?” Heroik: “Oh yes of Course…please continue…” Tim: “Anyway…about the clothes. That is kind of embarrassing for me.” Heroik: “Our readers and myself are very considerate, and feel for you. There is no shame in sharing, especially when more comics can be made at your expe…I mean, go on…” Tim: “Well, recently I have been gaining weight, lots of it. My doctor says the excessive eating is from the stress of constantly being mugged. He tells me to take yoga, but I never really considered it. I am up to 367 pounds now from my former 210 and I need new clothes that fit me every week now. “ Heroik: “Ahh sorry, you are too depressing for words Tim. You are married to a quadriplegic and are stuck raising a young boy, basically, on your own. Now due to the stress of constantly getting mugged you have gained nearly 150 lbs and need to buy new clothes weekly.” Tim: “That pretty much sums it up,” Tim says, as he starts to tear.. Heroik: “Oh stop it Tim, you’re going to make me cry…To all the readers out there, please try to not mug Tim. He is a person too and deserves respect. Thank you for speaking with me Tim.” Tim: “The pleasure was mine.” A few mere moments later, unknown to Tim, Heroik was only looking for a target. He grabbed his money clip and ran as fast as he could with $240. – Article by
Peace Worth 1/2 Respect? – 04/07/08 For the past two days, gang related activity has nearly tripled. City officials have failed to release any official comments regarding the recent epidemic of violence, but reports indicate that the unusually high criminal activity is the result of the recent removal of peaceful status from the majority of factions. On March 9th of this year, Mayor Chedburn announced his intentions to remove municipal protection over inner-city gangs. Since, it has been a controversial decision that has been met with criticism and praise alike. Many citizens were initially outraged with the decision to even protect gangs and some citizens went as far as accusing the Mayor of being paid off by the larger, better known factions. The mayor has since denied any allegations to this matter. According to the Mayor, when the gang protection bill was passed on February 12 of this year, his administration was overwhelmed by how many factions wanted the government protection. Mayor Chedburn stated that he had no choice but to revoke the peaceful status eventually, or offer it, with a price. For weeks since his announcement in February, residents have protested his decision by causing riots throughout the city and obscene posters at the city center. On June 24, 2008, a week before the protection for the majority of peaceful factions would end; Mayor Chedburn announced a program for gangs to retain their government protection. Hoping to curb both the controversy and criticism of his decision, he stated that leaders could prolong their peaceful status by paying a price; respect. In order to qualify for the program, a faction must have a fair amount of “street cred,” around 250 respect, to be exact. A shroud of secrecy will not protect factions that plan on signing up for the protection program any longer. As a result, factions that sign up for the program will undoubtedly lose respect on the streets. Reports have indicated at least 50% of a factions respect will be loss when the paper work is signed. While many factions have signed up for the program in a city where respect is its own currency, many factions have stubbornly chosen not to sign up. On July 1st, the peaceful status was revoked from factions. The majority of the factions that refused to retain protection are now being decimated. For three months, unprotected factions have become experienced at coordinating and launching their own chain attacks and as a result, uncoordinated and ill prepared factions recently thrown into the world to defend them selves are not doing as well as they perceived they would. Countless numbers of faction leaders and members have abandoned their head quarters in hopes that they will still find a faction protected under the new laws and guidelines. While many are inclined to believe the violence will continue to escalate, experts believe the violence may have already peaked. One expert stated that, “The reason violence has gotten so bad over the past few days is because there was an extreme amount of hype surrounding the removal of government protection. For months we have had the protected citizens training and waiting for July 1st; D-Day.” He continued, “The unprotected citizens who have had disapproval towards the peaceful status from the beginning have been preparing and wait for July 1, 2008 as well. I expect a slow decline in violence in the near future.” Expectedly, some residents are still skeptical that Torn City will ever be the same. In regards to those who don’t believe the city will ever be the same, one anonymous citizen stated, “Need I remind you where we are all living? This is Torn City. We have the highest crime rate out of any city in the world. There are well over 800 known gangs residing in this city.” As the citizen continued, he grew angry; “Every single one of us is affected by criminal activity every day of the week. Most of us have become used to this violence, and for some of us its what keeps us here. It is because of this criminal activity in Torn City, even the most mundane activity can be exhilarating. My point is, if you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen. You should know by now, Torn City is a far cry from being a safe city. Our city has survived so much worse then this. Hell, we survived a dirty bomb attack for God sakes! This recent rise in gang activity looks like a tea party compared to the days of World War III!” Many citizens are continuing to train hard and hold their ground as peaceful factions lose their status. We at The Torn City Times are dedicating to helping citizens become aware of any developments on the factions and hope that our readers will look to the paper for insight. – Article by
Colts Jewels Grabbed! – 28/06/08 Around 2 to 3 million dollars in gold, diamonds and jewelry, including Torn City’s Indianapolis Colts Super Bowl rings, were stolen from a city jewelry company in one of the largest heists in the city’s history. The heist occurred at the Jewelry Shop, on the East Side of the City and is actively being investigated by city detectives. Apparently, the perpetrators disabled the alarm system and cut a hole in the roof of the building before fleeing with a safe through the front door that weighed at least 1,500 pounds, according to a police report. No suspects were immediately identified, however, the police suspect that someone with great upper body strength may be involved. The following teams are going to be questioned later today about the matter: Seven Nation Intramurals, The Super Sarongs, Lost Fighters, Butte Pirates and a few more teams that are currently being disclosed. Colts Manager, Buthidae [356841], declined to comment extensively on the heist but was being reassured that the best city detectives were actively investigating the missing rings. The only statement that Buthidae could provide was, “All I’m being told is that they are looking into the matter but I can’t tell you who I think did it…yet.” The Jewelry Shop on the East Side of Torn City is now the scene of a multi-million dollar heist. When asked about the extent to which the thieves took in carrying out the crime, Unicron acknowledged, “Whoever did this knew what they were doing.” An employee discovered the break-in and theft Saturday morning after he could not access his work e-mail from home. The thieves cut the phone lines that connected to the main company server when they disconnected the alarm system preventing anyone from checking their email or private files from home. According to City Officials, it is believed to have occurred sometime since late Friday night. Detectives thepeon [356975] and FadetoBlack [29545] are leading the investigation and took evidence from the scene with the assistance of state police so that they could assess what was left behind and give more information on who may have stolen the merchandise. Colts Owner Unicron [61736] said earlier the company is cooperating with the investigators and said the break-in was “unpleasant” but only briefly hampered their operations. Unicron also stated that, “Regardless of our rings, we’re still winners and we’ll be training and playing like we always have been. We’re a great team and a few shiny rings being stolen wont stop us from winning again next year.” When asked about how deliveries would be affected, such as the Super Bowl rings, the Jewelry Shop Owner, Aaron said, “I’m not going to discuss specifics. Our biggest customers understand we’ve run into a bit of a hiccup.” He complemented his employees saying that, “Everybody is being positive. And that’s what we need right now.” While many jewellery manufacturers in the city have either moved or gone out of business, the family-owned Jewelry Shop is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year in part by transforming its business to more than just a few diamond rings with either silver or gold. Shop owner, Aaron is now involved in advertising and promotional specialties where he now designs, makes or markets a wide variety of products from high-dollar corporate and commemorative rings to recognition products. “The good news is that we’re back up and running and we’re mainly focused on supplying our customers as we normally do. Just because we have a hole in the roof and a few broken windows, we’re still open. Lets just hope it doesn’t rain!” Aaron said as he laughed. In other news, please expect thunderstorm warnings until Wednesday. – Article by
Darkness in TC: Gone? – 28/06/08 Attacks to power stations across Torn City have been reported as of Last Sunday. The attackers in question are the infamous Torn City Global Warming protesters who managed to destroy an electrical server in a near by power station as part of their campaign to plunge the city into darkness. At several times over the past few weeks were they successful. The power “lag,” as the chairman for Torn City Power called it, has pulled the city to a halt over the past week at different times throughout the day and has caused many of the citizens to complain about not being able to make it to the gym and or to the city center where they enjoy a beer at the city bar. The recent upgrades to the city’s new “efficient” power seem to be the cause but what or who to blame is currently unknown. Mayor Chedburn stated that everything should be back to normal and that there should be no more issues with the subway, train stations, or any of the electrical towers in general. The brown outs have stopped since his statement, and many believe it is still something to worry about and continue to complain and disagree if the real issue has been fixed. Some citizens were protesting that another 2007 blackout may occur, frightening many others and children. The last blackout, which occurred in February 2007, was caused by a flight returning from Switzerland that crashed into a transformer. Mass panic happened everywhere in the city and caused many citizens to move. Banks also lost their records causing many to lose their savings. Chedburn also stated that, “We’re lucky that the problem has been resolved in time for the factions to be corrected and given the chance to be made peaceful, if they worked for it, because even more chaos would have been caused. We didn’t want to send out countless number of police into the city center because we want to catch The Global Warming protesters before they do this again.” Not long after the Mayor made his statement to the city, the Torn City Global Warning protestors were captured and placed into federal confinement until further notice. No names were given as of June 28, 2008. – Article by
The value of your friend? – 26/06/08 What’s your friend worth to you in this Torn(ed) City? Having a friend in this city, which you can fully trust to – it’s a rare thing to have. I’ve read and heard many stories and rumours of people who have broken their precious relationship of their former friend due a misunderstanding. AKA scamming. Scammed by your ‘best friend’. These days this business seems more like normal, just like eating breakfast. Those who you’ve known all your life, choosing money over you. It’s more like that society turns you into something evil. Something where you’re willing to do anything to have the dollars with the corrupt mayor’s face on it. It’s like society hypnotizes you to go into the dark road. Just like this city, it’s totally dark where you have to watch out if you go on the street. You could just get robbed, businessmen, woman or children it doesn’t matter. Hell, even if you’re in your car waiting for the light to turn green. What’s with this city? You would say that these bounds, friendship, should be preciously restored, if it’s damaged in any way. Communicating is the first cause of these broken relations though. Try to communicate more frequently with your loved once, friend, ally, family or even if it’s a relationship based on a invisible contract. For example your protectors. Not communicating with each other makes it harder to read for your friends where you stand, against – or with them. Even TRUE friendship, which you’d think would be very hard to be broken, is easily broken up with just a few misunderstandings. Of course everyone wants that precious palace or hell a private island just outside the city. Is it really worth getting this, where you are in the end, still getting owned by the feared underground Organised CRIME Factions (OCF’)? What will happen, when the so-called peace, forced by the Mayor by a temporarily no-fire statement will end? Will you then turn your back to your old friends, who kept you in their peaceful house? Will the Mayor use the SWAT teams forcing the little crime offenders to stop. Knowing they can’t do anything about those OCF’s. What am I saying – Peaceful? Officials are scared going to work without seeing a bench blown up in the park. Or even getting abducted, and hopefully – knowing that they only want cash – not getting slayed by the abductors. Using the train – once the safest way to travel – now also is very dangerous. I’m trying to tell you readers – Don’t give up, as in hard times, friends and family are those willing to help you. In hard times you will see the true faces, without the masks of your friends. Remember – there are a lot of people just toying with your emotions, faking to be your friends, just to have the benefits of your current financial situation. So – who is your friend? – Article by
The Noobs Strike!! – 26/06/08 WARNING bolt your doors and shut your windows the noobs are attacking!!! We have always had noobs but now… now we have a higher amount of noobs infesting our city than ever before. They are like the common cold. Not deadly not dangerous but annoying enough to make you stop what your doing and focus on it. And much like the common cold there is no cure. This “species” if you will keeps coming back. There is no vaccine there is no escape. Sure some of us have our guns and canes to beat them off of our lawn but when we have them by the thousands attempting pathetic scams on our old folks who want to retire in peace. When we have them crawling around the gutters in the sewers begging for cash, and really just waiting to have a bounty placed upon them. What are we supposed to do? What can we do to stop these little things from attaching themselves permanently to society? Well here are some tips to remember and use as a weapon against these infuriating people. 1. This is the most popular choice by far, and it is a simple bounty if you stroll down to the good old newspaper stand and tell them to put a good old bounty on “sxcbby” then they will realize (maybe not quickly as scientific test prove that they have very limited mental capabilities) that they can’t beg and scam and be well… noobs. 2. The “repetitive maneuver” e.g. below noob “ hez u better sendz me 100 billion dollrz or me will getz my lvl 100 friend to hosp u!!!! also mez hax ur accounut because I am a haxer and have already taken overz chedburns account and willz destroy urs”. You “sure sending the cash how much do you need?” Noob “how much do you havez?” You “sure sending the cash how much do you need?” Etc etc. 3. Now the third and final noob repellant method. This is a simple one really. You simply click the report feature then the ignore button. They will soon be picked up to be taken to the asylum. (Code name fed jail) you shouldn’t ever hear from them again. Ways to spot a noob a simple guide. They will misspell very common words such as “have” and “yours” and “you”. They will use their own language known as “1337” (experts are still deciphering It.) they will insist upon being hackers and or being staff. They will also insist upon having high level friends who we all know don’t exist. Lastly they will swear a ton and call YOU a noob. Well I hope that you have found this guide useful and can use it to discover and obliterate at least a few of the evil race that walks among us, and please if you know a noob that has gone unpunished there are ways that they can be “taken care of.” – Article by
Crack-Down on TC Drug Use – 23/06/08 It seems that the city has taken extreme measures to halt the mainstream drug use that is so widely used by Torn City citizens. Several days ago, Mayor Chedburn officially stated that there would be noticeable changes to those who trained while high or those who trained only one aspect of their physique. Anyone who was settled in knowing who they could and could not beat by keeping track of their enemy’s physical statistics are now throwing away their graphs and charts and testing the waters with their new opponents. One of the factors in attacking is now the effect that drug use will have on a citizen. Drugs were once on the black market and very expensive. City officials felt it was best to bring drugs out in the open and sell them with a minimal tax so that they could control the output of these drugs from any dangerous factors or lowlife drug dealers. Drugs like xanax and ecstasy now seem to be a little different these days and it’s a theory to many that the Mayor and some of his officials have laced these drugs with other components that will alter the way a person fights…and not in a “hulk mad, hulk get big and green” kind of way. Previously, the way that fights on the streets went, they were simple and easy. If someone beat you and you knew what he or she trained, you could train whatever you needed knowing that you could eventually beat him or her. Perhaps, even with the help of a drug during your training time. Now, citizens have no idea what to think because they’re getting mixed results. Drug selling and buying seems to have slowed down until everyone knows what they’re in for. WickedPrincess [249533] is an avid drug user and has seen both the good and the bad side of the new method of fighting. WP says, “I train with xanax every time I go to the gym. Now, someone who has never used drugs beats me and they have 1/5 my stats! Even still, I can beat a druggie like myself and I have 1/4 their stats.” Now, even though she can take down someone a lot stronger than her, she continues, “I honestly hate the new system I’ve spent a lot of money for donator packs just to be able to do xanax. And then the new fighting system comes along and I get screwed because I bought donator packs to buy drugs!” Many are unsure of what they should train when they head to the gym. Most citizens train what they have been training but then think if they should return with a new regiment. Hopefully, there are a few courageous citizens out there who will test the new attack system extensively and inform those who are worried about their abilities. For now, the staff at The Torn City Times suggests that our readers save up and fly to Switzerland and lay off those drugs. Drugs are bad or are they? Mmkay. – Article by
Win 2M daily.. for Life! – 21/06/08 Many citizens of Torn City are being hurt by the economy with the stocks falling frequently, a new real estate service, a lack of well paying jobs, and many other factors that disappoint the hard workers of this city. The Torn City Times gets many letters containing the subject, “How can I earn money?!” or, “May I please have some cash, I’m new in the city,” and the like. We, the staff at The Torn City Times, are quite sure that our readers are also sick of those borderline homeless citizens who like to beg for a living. Well, keep reading if you’d like to know how to earn money the quick way, or, TWO MILLION PER DAY! Posted on the boards in the social part of the city, the center city, are always ways to make a quick buck. Highlighted will be the successful contests and lotteries that have been seen in the past as well as some amazing new ideas that are currently posted. The Fun & Games boards at the center city is a place where the well off citizens can reach a helping hand in a creative way to the citizens who have a hard time making good money for themselves. These citizens throw contests for artwork, as well as lotteries, raffles, and even a simple give away. There are many, many contests that are worth mentioning however, one contest will be focused on this week for the sole reason of being completely and utterly awesome. A cruise line agency titled, “Tupac is Alive” is throwing a raffle. The two owners, Primetime [90028] and Freebird [94563], have decided to give away to the grand prizewinner, TWO MILLION DOLLARS PER DAY (equal to 730 million per year)! Recently, Primetime posted a notice in the Fun & Games section of the city center, a proposed idea of a raffle. Many citizens have had successful raffles in the past and this one should be no different. Now, it may be on the expensive side, however, the raffle entries will pretty much be what you make in the game for the next couple of years. Every ticket is worth 125% of a payday with the cruise line, so 2.5 million per raffle ticket. The winner will be given a job in the company, regardless of their working stats (and if the winner is unhappy with that, Primetime says that there are ways around it!). Despite the 2 million per day and the added working stats, the company has some pretty nice incentives! Be warned though, Primetime and Freebird plan to sell 500 raffle tickets, otherwise, they will not be able to hold the raffle!!! So if you’re interested in winning 2 million per day, SHOW YOUR INTEREST AT THE CITY CENTER BOARDS!!! This factor CANNOT be stressed enough! For all of the citizens who write The Torn City Times asking about how they can make a quick buck, walk around the city, because we’re sure there are many ways you can use your talents or just gamble a little, and earn a good chunk of change in a few days. Even though there are the citizens who like to take your money and run just use some common sense when you’re entering the raffles and contests. Get to know your community and those who like to help out. For a list of current noob foundations, continuing contests, and some tips on making money, check [420844]’s front yard in a few days. Good luck citizens! – Article by  
TC has oil! – 21/06/08 Reported by zak on the 20/06/08 About 5 weeks ago the largely unannounced BurgijaM Petroleum Products started producing oil for Torn City. The new company which is now nearly more than 5 weeks old had an extremely positive effect on the stock market. In the 24 hours after the company set up shop the stock markets rose 10%. There are also rumours that it’s record profits were behind the 25% jump about a week ago although these rumours are unconfir
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