Hire a spy for 10,000 army points and $5000

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Hire a spy for 10,000 army points and $5000
Job special You can hire a spy from the army to gain valuble statistics from your enemy. It will cost you $5000 and 10,000 army points. Type in the ID of the target: > Back Spy results for Chedburn Information Name: Chedburn [1] Staff 18 Days Left Days old: 824 Level: 35 The spy managed to get the following results Speed: 99999994 Strength: N/A Defence: 1000099999999.5 Dexterity: N/A Total: N/A Manual labour: N/A Inteligence: N/A Endurance: N/A Total: 55727 > Back The Spy finds you the battle and work stats of the player/ id that you ask them to spy on. The amount of stats and what stats they find, are completely random, and will vary each time. Getting all of a players stats may take a while, as the same stats may be given repeatedly. Please note that posting a players stats on the forums is against the rules. Back to Army Job
Comments (21)
written by Emperor, April 16, 2007
Speed: 99999994 Strength: N/A Defence: 1000099999999.5 Dexterity: N/A >_>
written by Emperor, April 16, 2007
He cheats =]
written by grim, April 24, 2007
no he’s the maker. ;P
written by anti-ched, April 29, 2007
ban this cheater
written by theinuyasha, May 09, 2007
no hes not a cheater he is playing completely legal in the rules it is only against the rules todisplay stats in torncity but on other websites its completely rule-freindly
written by the spaz, June 01, 2007
I don’t think Chedburn cares if people know his stats.
written by macedawg, June 10, 2007
seriously. i dont think anyone could even challenge him. it would probably take everyone in torncity attacking him to kill him. maybe even injure him.
written by aerozol, June 12, 2007
Torn City users hospitalized him not long ago… there’s an article in the TC newspaper about it. I think it’s now been changed so you can’t attack him 😛
written by Chedburns enemy, July 19, 2007
I got a good idea for all of you why dont you turn a lot of people in torn city against chedburn and fight him he will die his not that good
written by Jorgy411, July 25, 2007
1. You tried to disrupt an admin working, but failed. > Back IT IS TRUE……they turned off attacking admins….this sux!
written by fourgot10, August 27, 2007
do you always get to see that persons stats after you spy? or does it stop showing them to you after you click on another link? TCB: It only shows you the stats once. If you close the screen, you will have to spy again in order to see any of their stats.
written by Soulja, December 03, 2007
think about it if u made this game u could do anything in it so would u really waste your time training?
written by scarface111111, December 22, 2007
think about who killed the admin , he look at wallet , let body on street or hospitalized =PPPPPP
written by Me, lol, December 24, 2007
It was Banksy who attacked him, K_A and Thug have been known to do it too.
written by AeonWar, March 13, 2008
Does a user know if they’re being spied on? I spied on someone who mugged me when I was new and not 2 hours later he attacked me and hospitalized me 2x.
written by Viandante, June 19, 2008
I would like to know if people can see you spying on them, too!
written by ttatmost, June 23, 2008
If you hire a Spy and then quit the job in the army do you lose the Spy or do you keep him for ever? TCB: The spy is one use only. You have to be in the army, and pay the points and money every time you want to see someones (random) stats.
written by zubatech, June 28, 2008
how often can you spy on someone? TCB: As often as you can afford.
written by zubatech, June 29, 2008
if you rank up, will u still be able to hire a spy?? TCB: Yes.
written by Newbie, October 26, 2008
Can we spy ourselves?
written by zubatech, February 01, 2009
do people know if you spy on them?
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