Crime Fails

You can only pick up 5 items at a time when visiting other countries. If you live in a Private island with an Airstrip, you can carry 15!

Crime Fails
The following is a list of all TC crimes, and their known fail results. All of the following red results will lose you a % of your crime exp. The amount of exp lost varies depending on the crime you fail. The list is incomplete and relies on user submissions, being a work in progress. For more detailed information on crimes and their gains, and various other notes, visit the Crimes page.

Dark Blue results are based on current info. Not confirmed.

Search for cash: 2 nerve  Search the train station  Search under the old bridge  Search the bins  Search the water fountain  Search the dumpsters  Search movie theater — all no red fails

Sell copied media: 3 nerve  Rock  Heavy metal  Pop  Rap  Reggae — all 20-30 minutes jail time Horror DVDs Action DVDs Romance DVDs Sci Fi DVDs Thriller DVDs

Shoplift: 4 nerve Sweet shop: Chocolate – 1hr, 12mins jail time Bon Bons – Extra Strong Mints – 1 hour – 1hr 20mins jail time Market stall: Pack Of Music CD’s – 50 minutes – 1hr 13mins jail time MP3 Player CD Player DVD Player – 1hr 38mins – 1 hr 58mins jail time Pack Blank CD’s Hard Drive Clothes shop: Tank Top Trainers Jacket Jewelry shop: Plastic Watch – 1hr 30mins – 1hr 40mins jail time Stainless Steel Watch Gold Watch Pearl Necklace – 1hr, 41mins jail time Silver Necklace Gold Necklace Plain Silver Ring – 200-210 minutes jail time Sapphire Ring Gold Ring Diamond Ring

Pickpocket someone: 5 nerve Hobo – – $250 – 1hr jail time Kid – 1hr 4mins jail time Old woman – 160-166 minutes jail time Businessman – 155-166 minutes jail time Lawyer – 160-185 minutes jail time Mug the Loan Shark – 160-200 minutes jail time

Larceny: 6 nerve Apartment: Microwave Personal Computer Detached house: Personal Computer Gold ring Mansion: 2hrs 40mins jail time Widescreen TV Cuban Cigars Cars: Six-pack of Beer Gold Ring Office: Gold Watch Personal Computer

Armed Robberies: 7 nerve  Swift robbery –  Thorough robbery 30-45 minutes hospital timeall 3hrs 20mins – 5hrs 15mins jail time Swift Convenience – 3hrs 25mins – 4hrs 5mins jail time Thorough Convenience – 30 – 40 minutes hospital time5hrs 25mins – 6hrs 40mins jail time Swift Bank 50 minutes – 4hrs 10mins hospital time – 3hrs 20mins – 4 hrs 10mins jail time Thorough Bank – 5hrs 53mins – 6hrs 30mins jail time Swift Armored Car – 54mins – 1hr 27mins hospital time 3hrs 41mins – 3hrs 48mins jail time Thorough Armored Car – 5hrs 14mins – 6hrs 34mins jail time

Transport drugs for a local dealer: 8 nerve  Transport Cannabis  Transport Amphetamines  Transport Cocaine — all 200-230 minutes jail time Sell Pills – 3hrs 12mins jail time Sell Canabis Sell Cocaine – 3hrs 38mins jail time

Plant a computer virus: 9 nerve  Simple virus  Polymorphic virus  Tunneling Virus  Armored Virus — all 200-220 minutes jail time Stealth virus – no red fails

Assassination: 10 nerve Assassinate a target Drive by Shooting – 300-341 minutes jail time
Being run over during someone elses attempt – 3hrs 30mins hospital time
Car Bomb – 2hrs 30mins – 6hrs 30mins jail time
2hrs 38mins hospital time Mob Boss

Arson: 11 nerve Home – 2hr 55mins hospital time Car Lot – 1hr 51mins – 3hrs 30mins hospital time Office Building Apartment Building Warehouse – 3hrs 20mins – 10 hours hospital time Motel Government Building – 6hrs 45mins – 10hrs 42mins hospital time 7hrs 10mins – 7hrs 22mins jail time

Grand theft auto: 12 nerve  Steal a parked car  Hijack a car  Steal car from showroom — all 3hrs 55mins – 7hrs 26mins jail time

Pawn Shop: 13 nerve Side Door – 5hrs 350mins- 8hrs 20mins jail time Rear Door

Counterfeiting: 14 nerve  Money  Casino Tokens — all 7hrs 2mins – 9hrs 10mins jail time Credit Card

Kidnapping: 15 nerve Kid – $25,000 Women – $45,000 Undercover Cop – $50,000 Mayor – $75,000

Arms Trafficking: 16 nerve Explosives Firearms Bombings: 17 nerve Bomb a factory – 9 hrs 13hrs 10mins hospital time Bomb a government building Hacking: 18 nerve Hack into a Bank Mainframe – 7hrs 42mins8hrs 52mins jail time Hack the F.B.I Mainframe – 6 hours8hrs 45mins jail time

Note: We need more information on crimes. anything you have would be useful to us, even if you are only searching for cash.

Useful information includes: All results (including failures) with jail/ hospital times and money earned. This information is useful in bulk.

Comments (41)
written by chspogo, April 17, 2007 someone got jail time for stealing cash from a hobo 😐 I’ve only seen red where the person has to pay the hobo off
written by roflolmao, May 03, 2007
chspogo, perhaps that person didnt have the money on hand to pay the hobo so he wouldnt press charges?
written by Andy411, July 05, 2007
why isnt their anything said for the larceny crimes … arent their any red results ? TCB: If noone has submitted any fail results for a crime, it will remain blank, regardless of if there are actual fail results or not. Larceny does have fails though.
written by Sylar_, July 07, 2007
To Andy411: mostly no, but they give no experience. only these cheap items!
written by trojan38, July 18, 2007
What about if you try to break out of jail and fail do you lose crime exp? TCB: We’re not sure.
written by DJ-PAUL-CYMRU, July 26, 2007
hey i had 36 nerve bar and i finished my networking course then i was doing level 18 nerve crimes and completeing them, then i faild one and it took 5 nerve then i dne 5 stealth crimes and a few busts and it went back up to 36 then i was still doin stealths to make sure i didnt loose nerve bar again and after a few it went again with out gettin red’s
written by Hardrada, August 16, 2007
Thorough Bank, 2 red: 5 hrs 53 mins – 6 hrs 30 mins jail time Swift Armoured Car, 10 red: 54 mins – 1 hr 27 mins hospital time ..OR.. 3 hrs 41 mins – 3 hrs 48 mins jail time Thorough Armoured Car, 3 red: 5 hrs 14 mins – 6 hrs 34 mins jail time
written by Reyka, August 19, 2007
i would really like to provide bulk information bout crimes and crime failing but where or who do i send the copied information to? TCB: You can sjust comment it, or send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , or mail it to one of our staff in TC (see the ‘Staff’ page)
written by PassionSugar, August 29, 2007
I got “5 hours, 25 minutes” for “trying to rob the sweet shop” in Thorough robbery. It was the sweet shop one.
written by pr3mium, September 01, 2007
i got 2hours 40 minutes trying to rob the mansion.
written by KtotheFC, September 10, 2007
Thorough Armored Car You will be in jail for another 6 hours, 13 minutes and 33 seconds yet! Minimum seems to be a bit lower than 6h 20min.
written by Kroleex, September 13, 2007
Got something missing there. Car Bomb can get you Hosped, hit in the head by flying metal. Its around 2 hours to 4 Hours , i got 2 hours and 38 mins, but i ve seen ppl for more than 3 hours. So i belive, 2-4 hours.
written by Stonewall, September 13, 2007
If you dont have $250, you will spend an hour for failing to rob a hobo.
written by sproutyrouty, October 29, 2007
1. You walk along the street and see a mansion. 2. You see the family leave and decide to take a shopping spree. 3. Once inside you start looking around until you see a big screen TV! Result: You take the time to think of an easy way to get away with out leaving evidence. You called up a friend with a u-haul and load the TV into it. Once you get out of the house and on the street you look in the mirror to see the family, just getting home.Error: you must pass a table and query does anyone know what this means?
written by karl, November 13, 2007
In jail for 7 hrs 11 mins Was caught trying to pickpocket Tim ???????
written by -_Jay_-, November 25, 2007
When I was caught while doing a swift robbery, I was sentenced to 3 hrs and 30 minutes…
written by Stinger, December 23, 2007
Clothing shop for a jacket: 59 minutes and 50 seconds in jail.
written by Stinger, December 23, 2007
This is what bonbons got me at the Sweets Shop. 1 hour, 1 minute and 55 seconds in jail.
written by icantthink4155, March 21, 2008
swift robbery Result: As you lean over to collect the cash, two police officers run in. You give yourself up to prevent being shot.
written by Spandaueren, April 01, 2008
Was caught trying to burn down something You will be in jail for another 8 hours, 11 minutes and 36 seconds yet! Goverment building max jailtime is higher than specified here
written by z3en, April 05, 2008
some please help me out! doing 5 never crime i keep loan shark i always get green results or red results??? what is going on? i get 2 or 3 green results in one a roll then i’ll get a red result. please tell me what is going on…. TCB: Move down a crime. Everytime you get a red, you lose crime exp, meaning it’s less likely to pass next time. A ratio of 9 greens to 1 red is ok, otherwise you’re trying a crime that’s too difficult for you. Greens and reds are random, some crimes don’t have many browns.
written by DON_C0RLEONE, April 19, 2008
Does the fail for Bombing factory take away a lot of crime experience? Roughly, how many arsons/stealths would I have to do to make up for the fail?
written by croatsouljah, May 03, 2008
well i found out that even gettign brown results you lose exp I was doin hacking crimes i think around once or twice I got a red result and my nerva bar went down
written by Pluto123, May 13, 2008
You all need to check the Forum post in TC-Crime guide. Stuff missing here, like failing a few hackings, a few showrooms or 4 Drugs crimes will lose you 200 busts worth of EXP, or equiv of 600 Arson W/H.I know this is true, as I messed with drug crimes while quite new-only to find now getting NB from 30-35 is taking forever. I have done 1450 W/H and busted 950 ppl……..Read that guide folks……it’s a sticky. TCB: ‘A couple of this is worth a couple of this’ doesn’t meet our requirements for a information page.
written by Pluto123, May 14, 2008
**PLEASE NOTE*** Getting 2 reds for hacking FBI, 4 for showroom and 4 for transporting drugs will lose you over 600 stealths, 600 warehouses and 200 busts worth of experience. This really, really is worth adding. And it’s from the horses mouth so to speak. Better?
written by Ben-Jammin, May 17, 2008
I have a 21 nerve bar, and I was able to get 100% greens on Loanshark, and I failed. I went to school, and I just got back. I went up to Swift robbery and I just failed…. Help please???
written by hpkid2002, June 08, 2008
shoplift bon bon can make you jail 1 hour. Just got me hour ago. it low chance but still happened
written by asad, June 08, 2008
if i do a crime with my full energy and happy bar is there any benefit.please reply TCB: Happy affects how successful you are, but your energy bar doesn’t.
written by negative0, June 18, 2008
on the crime rewards page under gta it says that a parked car has virtually no red results. then on the crime fails page it says under all 3hrs 55mins – 7hrs 26mins jail time. does it have red results or doesnt it? TCB: VIRTUALLY NONE.
written by Forrykt, June 20, 2008
Does having a bigger property affect the crime sucsess rate if you’re at a low level?
written by 1_sephiroth_2, June 22, 2008
uhhh this page will never work….. the more times you are jailed = the more time you will spend in jail…….
written by ninja, June 26, 2008
Bon Bons – jail time 1hr 13min i saw someone was in the jail stealing bonbon
written by MadManCam, June 28, 2008
805211 T-rex316 8 hrs 0 mins 3 Was caught trying to steal a refrigerator [Buy] [Bust] he got 8 hours just for that lol
written by Shikamaru_Nara, July 06, 2008
You can fail GTA, stealing a park car results 1. You walk down to the parking lot to find a car to steal. 2. You pick the car you think would be easiest to steal. 3. You walk over to the Audi S4 and pull out the coat hanger. 4. You slide the modified coat hanger down between the weather stripping and window of the car. 5. You catch the hook onto the lock and pull it up, unlocking the door. 6. You open the door and dive under the dash-board. Result: While trying to hotwire the car, a police officer taps on the window.
written by Shikamaru_Nara, July 06, 2008
Jail time for my last post -Was caught trying to steal a Audi S4 You will be in jail for another 5 hours, 8 minutes and 20 seconds yet!
written by J2K, August 01, 2008
I got caught stealing from a hobo and i had to pay back $250, but i didn’t have that much money and i went to jail for 2hours 11minutes lol
written by eXistence1, August 23, 2008
In jail for 7 hrs 6 mins Was caught trying to steal a pack of music CDs.
written by Rev_Fear, September 18, 2008
Caught counterfeiting. You will be in jail for another 5 hours, 49 minutes and 00 seconds
written by Anko, September 28, 2008
I can’t seem to do stealth virus crimes, yet I am able to do assasinations, what level crime should you be able to do before you should expect success with a stealth virus? I have a 30 nerve bar 3 from merits
written by HeliHB, September 30, 2008
Hey, I am level 11, with a 20nb. Ive had 20 for quite awhile, I am currently doing THrough robbery, and randomly mugging the loan shark. I have will have a drivers lisences in a few days. I was just wondering what level every one starts burning down the warehouse??? What level/nb? Im bout to buy a gas can if im high enough. And Thanks in Advanced. BTW this site has helped me so much in the last year.
written by always brown result, October 11, 2008
1. You walk down to the parking lot to find a car to steal. 2. You pick the car you think would be easiest to steal. 3. You walk over to the Volkswagen Beetle and pull out the coat hanger. 4. You slide the modified coat hanger down between the weather stripping and window of the car. 5. You catch the hook onto the lock and pull it up, unlocking the door. 6. You open the door and dive under the dash-board. Result: You can’t find the correct wires to cross, after 5 minutes you give up and run home. wat do i do TCB: A different crime.
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