Crimes 2.0 – What to expect. (inc Jail riots)

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Crime 7496322 As the year of 2013 commences we have been promised a whole lot of new systems (Torn 2.0), we will start with Crimes 2.0 and what you should/may expect from it. The current system is very repetitive and has no real point but with leaked info & public info we should know what to expect from crimes and the new jail riot system. New Features: • There will be a complete new structure implemented with 1000′s of new crime outcomes which will be designed by ‘professional authors’. And nearly every single crime outcome will be unique. • Crimes will be re-arranged to make it more realistic with new sub crimes, as well as new crimes added inc Blackmail. • The new crimes will give results such as new abilities, events and items. • Special crimes will be added which will appear randomly. Some crimes you might not even gain money for, instead you’ll be rewarded with honors, special useable items, special player bonuses, stat boosts, and totally unique weapons. • Missions will require certain unique crimes to be done. • A completely new unique system will be built and more than likely integrated into OC’s.


Jail Riots: As for Jail riots, all we know it will take x amount of people to choose to start a riot, once an x amount of nerve is in putted the riot will commence with some people being injured, some being thrown back in jail and some escaping. There will be an honor for this.

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