Customize TC Styles

Customize TC Styles
Thanks to Mused [591697] for this code/ Tutorial!
This tutorial shows you hwo to customize the CSS (page styles) for Torn City.
For instance, you can change the sidebar colours, text colours, text sizes, fonts and backgrounds etc. on every page.

How to install and implement custom styles:

To be able to use Custom Styles, you need to be using the Firefox browser, and install the Stylish extension.
Download the Firefox browser from:

Remember, if you don’t like it, you can always just uninstall it again.

Then, open the firefox browser, and install the following Greasemonkey firefox addon:

After you’ve restarted firefox, open, and click on the small page and paintbrush icon at the bottom of the page.
Then select Write Style > For, as shown:

You can now enter a description for your Style into the box that pops up, and then enter the code for the style itself into the larger box.

For now you can now copy and paste in the entire following code as an example (courtesy of Mused):

After you’ve entered this code (You have to Save it, and click ‘use the code as it is’ when the Error box pops up), your TC page should change to the following Styles:

You can edit this code at will- you can use to find simple (or complex) tutorials on how to edit and change page Styles.
It should be easy for you to edit the colors, fonts, backgrounds etc by editing the template above, and removing/ adding attributes. The ‘!important’ in the code overrides TC’s default CSS.

If you have any other Styles/Codes you’d like to share with other users, please comment on this page, or in the forums.

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