Dirty Bomb

Dirty Bomb

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The Dirty Bomb can be used upon an enemy faction.

– an unkown amount of Faction Respect. (Past bombs have resulted in 10,000 to over 20,000 respect loss)
Target Faction Members lose 100% Happy, and up to 60 hours hospital time with radiation poisoning. This time cannot be reduced through medical items (Apart from the Neumune Tablet, which cures 24 hours hospital time), or revives.
Large amounts of innocent bystanders are also randomly hospitalized, some due to radiation effects (requiring Neumune).

Creating the Bomb:
To create a Dirty Bomb, you need a faction with a laboratory.
To build a laboratory, the faction needs to have over 10,000 respect and it  costs $200,000,000.
Next, 100 Cesium-137 must be donated to the faction.

To start the build process, the faction needs 20 members, who cannot leave or travel for the duration of the build process (200 hours), and the leader needs to have completed the General Science (GEN2119) education course and be wearing a Hazmat Suit.

During the build process, faction members will randomly fall ill with radiation poisoning and lose all their happy, energy, and nerve, as well as being hospitalized for several hours with radiation poisoning (only cure is Neumune Tablets).
At the end of the build process, the Dirty Bomb will be in the leaders item list. 

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