Donator Packs

Donator Packs

Donator Pack

Donator Pack | Permanent BenefitsTemporary Benefits

Donator Pack

The item can be purchased two ways:

1) – Costs $5/£3 real money.

  • Paypal (Currency: USD)
  • Google Checkout (Currency: Interchangeable)
  • Zong Mobile (Currency: Interchangeable mobile top-up)

2) – Prices vary between $16-18 million.

Permanent Benefits

Friends List – Here you may want to add your friend, daily trader or even someone who you can give advice to on a daily basis. You will not forget who they are as you are able to add a little description to remind you. Having them added as a a friend allows you to access their profile in just two clicks! A lot faster than usual. Your friends list can hold a maximum of 50 people.

Black List – The black list near enough mirrors your friends list, only this time you can keep note of your worst enemies. Here you may keep past scammers, levelling targets or just general flamers. This also has a maximum of 50 people.

Advanced Search – Here you are able to search with precision! With different rows of criteria to be filled in, you are sure to find your target. Below shows a picture of the advanced search.

Adsearch 2943756

Temporary Benefits

Whilst a donator, you are able to check how long you have left until you lose the benefits. To do so, you simply hover over the star icon. (as shown below)

Donator 5530065


One of the main benefits of being a donator is you regenerate (link will explain everything you need to know) much more energy than a non-donator does.

You also get a maximum energy bar of 150, instead of 100.


When opening the donator pack, you get given 50 points as a reward.


You gain access to a special forum that is only viewable by donators.

Coloured Name:

Instead of the boring black name, you get a much more exciting blue name. This shows people that you are a donator!


You are able to send a mail every 10 seconds being a donator, instead of one every 60 seconds.


A specialised notebook is accessible in the City > West Side. Here you can store information e.g. players stats. You lose access to this feature when your donator days run out but the stored information is kept and you will re-retrieve it when you donate again.


Donator20tag 2318380

Above is an image taken from your friends list, by ticking the box you enable someone to show at the bottom of your navigation bar every time they are online. You can tag up to 50 of your friends.

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