• Effects may vary.
  • As you become addicted, you will experience certain negative effects (see table below).
  • When you take some drugs they randomly might not do anything, and cause you to lose happy.
  • Being addicted will lower the effectiveness of your battle stats.
  • You cannot take another drug while you are still feeling the After Effect from a previous one.
  • You can tell how long your After Effect is going to last for by hovering your mouse over the symbol.
  • You will lose Extacy and Xanax drug effects at certain times (see Drug notes).
  • Check the Items page to see in what locations you can buy what drugs.
  • You can get rid of your addiction by going to Rehab 1 in Switzerland.
  • You can wait for the addiction to wear off over time, but this happens extremely slowly.

Addiction Effects 4
Taking any drug will raise your addiction level by a certain amount, causing negative effects.
The addiction ‘%’ displayed is relative- addiction levels can go beyond 100%.
Note that an overdose will result in 2-5x normal addiction levels.
Addiction Level Effect
Any Battle Stat Effectiveness Lowered, relative to your addiction level.
38% Company Employee Rating drops to 3 Star. Further drug use will drop your rating further.
100% Kicked from current Education Course.
? Can’t train in the Gym unless under a drug effect (hit the ‘Glass Door’).


Drug Effects
Effects Duration After Effect Overdose Addiction Effects (key) 4
% Education Company*
+ Crime Success rate
+ 1-2 Nerve (Sometimes)
00:50-01:40 00:50-01:40 05:10-05:30 in Hospital 0.2 490 184
Doubles your Happy. 00:00-00:15
03:20-03:40 – 100% Happy
– 100-150 Energy
3.0 34 13
Note: The effect lasts until every 15 minute mark (xx:15, xx:30, xx:45, or xx:00), then you will lose it.
When the effect wears off you will retain happy, up to your maximum.
+ Defence
– Speed and Dex.
00:40-00:60 00:40-00:60 17:00 in Hospital
– 100% Happy, Nerve, and Energy
Speed and Dex are non-existant until after effects wear off
After Effect: 27:40
1.9 53 20
+ 50 Energy
+ 20-50 Happy
+ 5 Nerve.
00:05 06:40-07:30 Energy set to 0
Nerve set to 0
– 50% Happy
6.25 16 6
*Revives You, with 1/2 max Life
+ 90-100 Happy
03:20-04:00 03:20-04:00 No Overdose 2.8 35 12
Note: *If applicable.
+ 250-255 Happy
+ Strength and Dexterity (?)
03:20-04:30 05:45-06:40 16:39 in Hospital 7.6 13 5
+ 250 Happy
– 25 Energy
00:05-00:10 03:00-04:10s 01:40 in hospital
– 100% Energy, Happiness, Nerve
1.6 64 24
+ Speed
– Dexterity
+ 50 Happy
04:00-06:00 04:00-06:00 02:30 in Hospital
Lose all Energy, Happy, Nerve.
4.2 24 9
Attacks cost 25 Energy
+ 75 Happy
03:20-05:50 03:20-05:50 – 150 Happy 3.3 30 12
+ 250 Energy
+ 75 Happy.
00:00-00:10 06:00-08:00 83:20 in Hospital
– 50 life (permanent)
Lose all Energy, Happy, Nerve.
After Effect: 23:05
11.2 9 3
Note: The effect now lasts until the energy is used. Be careful when stacking energy, when you pass 1000 energy, it will automatically reset back to 0.


1 Rehab Center:
The Rehab Center checks if you have a drug addiction and if you do, it costs $250k to instantly rehabilitate a part of your addiction. The Rehab Centre is located in Switzerland.
2 Changed on 22/03/10. Old Ecstasy overdose effect: You lose all Happiness and your Friends List gets cleared.
The more addicted to drugs you are, the less likely you are to OD.
This was changed in March 09, it no longer applies
4 Thanks to Bogie [148747] for this information!

Addiction Effect Key
Note that an overdose will result in 2-5x normal addiction.
% A relative measurement of how much addiction each specific drug adds.
Education How many of each specific drug it will take until you are kicked from your education.
Company* How many of each specific drug it will take until your Company Employee effectiveness drops to 3 stars.

  • Anonymous

    A PCP OD wipes all your Energy, Nerve & Happy, might want to put that in there

  • TISH

    Just want to clear one thing… When you say + Crime Success rate, is it permanent or for 15 minutes only?

    • lol _c3n

      Crime sucess rate is increased until the drug cooldown has worn off.

  • Lyno

    PCP (I think) reduces one of your stats by 50 permenantly as an OD effect too

  • lucky

    xanax no longer reduces life !