Elimination 2017 Information, Guide and More

Elimination 2017 Information, Guide and More

Welcome to Elimination 2017 for Torn City!

This is a guide for joining the competition, strategies, and more.

To join the competition, first select the elimination icon on the navigation bar on the left (or at the top of your screen on mobile).

During the entry phase, you will be able to select one of 4 teams. First, you will be able to select Pink Power (if a girl) or Mountain Men (if a male) as selected in Torn. Then 3 other teams at random will be available for you to join.

The Teams for 2017 are as follows:

Pink Power
Short Bus
Rebel Front
Original Gangsters
Mountain Men
Green Army

The timer for starting the elimination will be at the top of the elimination screen.

The teams will be eliminated based on score at regular intervals. To avoid rehashing any information, just look at the elimination page. Basically, don’t be at the bottom of the list at the elimination round.

To read a recap of the 2016 elimination tournament, read 

Elimination Team Strategy

Team strategy is still evolving. Last year, even though some teams were stacked with great players, that made them a target in the beginning and were eliminated early.

It may be a good idea to keep attacked even keeled in the beginning and then ramp up at the end. Or maybe just go hard AF from the beginning. What is your favorite strategy?

Elimination Personal Strategy

Joining a competition means that you will be a target. Keep equipped and ready to battle at all times.

Keep an eye on your elimination group chat area in order to find out updates and to coordinate your attacks.

Energy Sources

Energy sources remain the same as they are as always in the game. You get your normal refills (up to 100, or 150 if a donator). You definitely want to be a donator for this competition.


Stock up on Points for energy refills. You can use the point refill once per day.

Energy Cans

Energy Drinks
Boost: Energy
Time Consumption: 2/24
Max usage per day: 12
Item Effect Max Gain
Can of Munster 20 Energy 240 Energy
Can of Santa Shooters 20 Energy 240 Energy
Can of Red Cow 25 Energy 300 Energy
Can of Rockstar Rudolph 25 Energy 300 Energy
Can of Tourine Elite 30 Energy 360 Energy
Can of X-MASS 30 Energy 360 Energy


You can use your job points from the following specials to get more energy:

  • Restaurant – 1 star – Free Meals – 3 energy per job point
  • Sweet Shop – 7 star – Energy Rush – Can of energy drink for 15 job points
  • Pub -1 star – Pub Lunch – 3 energy per job point
  • Grocery Store – 10 star – Canned in – Can of energy drink for 12 job points
  • Candle Shop – 7 star – Reinvigorating Therapy – 5 energy per job point
  • Furniture Company – 1 star – Coffee Break – 3 Energy per job point
  • Game Shop – 10 star – Overpowered – 1 nerve, 5 energy, 50 happiness per 1 job point
  • Farm – 10 star – Early Riser – 7 energy per job point (can only use 100 job points per day on this)


Use Vicodin to increase your battle stats temporarily by 25%.


Have other tips for the elimination competition? Make sure to comment below!



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