Event – Endurance Challenge

On the 5/8/2010 Chedburn announced a new annual competition.

This is his announcement post:

Topic: Torn City Endurance Challenge

Presenting the Torn City Endurance Challenge… You have 26 days left to complete all 6 stages + Bonus.

Good luck!

Endurance Guide

Section 1
  • TIP: Use Vicodin.
1.1) Attack 30 People: We strongly recommend starting section 6 first. Also take you Vicodin so attacks only use 25 Energy.
1.2) Mug 10 People Take you Vicodin so attacks only use 25 Energy.
1.3) Hospitalize 10 People Take you Vicodin so attacks only use 25 Energy.
1.4) Use 10 Temporary Items
We strongly recommend starting section 6 first. A list of temporary items can be found Here.
Section 2
  • TIP: We advise you start 2.2 (Win a horse race in the bookies) as soon as possible as it is very hard.
2.1) Line up 3 in slots Simply line up 3 icons in slots, use $10 for cheapest way possible.
2.2) Win a Horse Race at the Bookie This is quite tricky, we suggest you start betting on as many races as possible as soon as possible.
2.3) Win 2 games of Russian Roulette Simply find someone else in the gambling forum RR sticky thread.
2.4) Win 5 Roulette games
Simply bet on red or black, and you’ll do this in no time.
Section 3
  • TIP: Sell your items on the market for $1 for guaranteed sell.
3.1) Dump 3 items Go to your items list, and simply [Trash] 3 items you don’t need.
3.2) Buy 3 items from Bazaars Simply browse some bazaars and buy 3 cheap items. You do not need to own a Bazaar to complete this.
3.3) Sell 3 items on the market Add 3 items no longer needed for $1 each ot the item market.
3.4) Send Anonymous [9] a gift
Simply send any item to id [9].
Section 4
  • TIP: 4.1 is to do with crimes, not City finds.
4.1) Find $150 Searching the streets This is not an item find in the City. It’s to do with -2 crimes. Search theatre to complete this quickest.
4.2) Bust 5 people from Jail Remember busting people who have been caught busting is easier!
4.3) Bail out 2 people from Jail Go to the last page and bust the cheapest person out.
4.4) Attempt to escape from Jail
Simply purposly jail yourself then attaempt to escape, it doesn’t matter whether you fail or succeed.
Section 5
  • TIP: Using a Minigun as much as possible will help.
5.1) Attack 100 People Use vicodin, try and get your temp weapons out the way with.
5.2) Fire 5000 rounds We recommend using a Minigun to complete this, it eats up bullets.
5.3) Use every type of weapon There are 11 types of weapon: Piercing, Shotgun, Slashing, Rifle, Clubbed, Pistol, Heavy Artillery, Sub Machine Gun, Temporary, Machine, Mechanical. A list of of all these weapons can be found Here.
5.4) hit every body part
There is no guide to this as it is completely random.
Section 6
  • TIP: 5.1 is to do with crimes, not City finds.
6.1) Travel to 10 different countries Simply fly to each country.
6.2) Attack 10 people abroad Don’t forget to take your Vicodin before flying, and make sure you watch your drug time vs your flying time.
6.3) Hunt 25 times You Must fly to South Africa to complete this. Once there you must hunt 25 times which will cost a total of 250 energy.
6.4) Visit the Fortune Teller
You must fly to China to complete this. Once there simply visit the Fortune Teller, this will cost $75,000.
Bonus Challenge
  • TIP: Preperation is the key in this one.
Do 20 attacks in 20 minutes. Thanks to GunGrave for these 3 guides:

1. FHC method

This method is best for those looking to get the honor with the almost no risk of ODing or getting a kick.

Cost: Roughly $25,990,000
What You Need:
– Full Energy Bar
– 50 points for 2 refills
– Donator status

– Vicodin – 20 low levels(preferably inactives)

The trick is to start at around 11:50PM TC.
– You take the vicodin and make 6 attacks(with a full Energy Bar)
– Use a refill before midnight and make six more attacks(you’ve now done 12 attacks)
– The refills reset at 12:04AM, so once it passes this mark go ahead and refill.
– Now make another 6 attacks(now 18 attacks)
– Finally, use the FHC to refill your energy once again and make the last two attacks

2. Xanax+Refill

This method for getting the honor is the least risky method when it comes to stacking xanax for getting Master of one.

Cost: Roughly $3,525,000.
What You Need:
– Donator Status
– Full Energy Bar
– Vicodin
– 2 Xanax
– 1 refills
– 20 Low Levels(optional)

How to do this:
– Take a vicodin and wait till the last 10 minutes of its effects before you start.
– Do 3 attacks with a full 150 energy bar(6 hits so far)
– Use a Refill and do 3 more hits(12 hits so far)
– After the vicodin effect wears off take 2 xanax and do 8 more hits to reach 20 hits.

3. Xanax Stacking

This is the simplest but risky method for completing the challenge although its the best method all around especially for non donators.

Cost: roughly $3,320,000 or more if you OD
What You Need:
– 4 Xanax
– 20 Low Levels(optional)
– A few million in case you OD(likely to happen)

Preferably do this on an empty energy bar since the 4 xanax will give you enough to do the 20 attacks needed to get the honor . Anyways pop the 4 xanax and hope you don’t OD so you can do the 20 hits should take you 5 minutes or less.


For the Torn Endurance challenge you have to work your way through tiers of challenges.
Once you have completed all the challenges on that tier, you unlock the next one.

The 2010 challenge:

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The 2011 challenge:

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