Event – World War

Event – World War

World War 2012

Topic: Competition: World War!

To join the competition, select a flag to fight for by clicking ‘World War’ on the sidebar.

For the rest of the month, you will live by that flag, fight for that flag and if needed.. die for that flag.

You, and others holding the same flag as you, must fight for pride. Few simple rules and tips….

Attack, mug or hospitalize people holding different flags to gain points.

– There is a 2,500 limit on the amount of people who can join a single flag.

– There’s a new honor for first place, to join the other two HERE.

– Introducing ‘High-priority’ targets, take these out to cripple the enemy flag by preventing their biggest attackers.

– The competition will automatically close on midnight of September 30th (TCT).

– +2 Points for attacking and winning.

– -1 Point For being attacked.



The Competition description from the sidebar:
Competition Worldwar 1389191


This was Chedburns announcement post as the competition ended:

Topic: World war competition ends!
Lithuania are the winners, with 27,887 wins and 22,473 losses, giving them the best ratio! The winners have received the ‘Medal of Honor’ item.

An honor bar has also been given to everyone fighting for the top 10 flags. The top 10 are…

1. Lithuania
2. Myanmar
3. Barbados
4. Bosnia & Herzegovina
5. Mauritius
6. Finland
7. Jolly Roger
8. Former USSR
9. France
10. Tunisia

It was a very, very close competition. Countries being flung from first to tenth in a matter of minutes. All countries with a ratio over 1.00 should be proud!




536 Medal of Honor items were given out to the winners:

493medalofhonour 3529958


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