All year round Torn City celebrates many international holidays, where they usually reward you quite nicely if you participate. There are also other Special Events, where you can earn various rewards in a number of ways.

Special Events

Event: Date/s:
Torn City Rocks 2005
Hamster Competition ?
Mr & Mrs TC Anually
Art Competition ?
Comic Strip Competition ?
Happy Tagging Annually
Easter Hunt April 2010
Torn of the Dead May 2010
World War Annually
Endurance Challenge Annually

Torn City Rocks
In 2005 TC rewarded you for submiting an image of yourself and your TC ID.
You can view a selection of these images .

Hamster Competition
In this competition you had to write a story about Hamsters taking over TC. There was both a Staff and a Civilian category.
The two winners received Hamster Plushies, and second and third places won points.
You can see the winners and read the stories .

Mr & Mrs TC
This competition is held every year.
Every person who submits an image of themselves holding their ID, and is accepted, gets 10 points. After that, people in TC can vote for their favourites.
The winners gain the Mr & Miss TC crown, while second and third get points.
There is also a ‘Most Extreme’ category, that staff pick. – In 2010 there was no Most Extreme, but all participants were awarded the Allure honour.
You can view the previous winners here:
| | | 2010

Art Competition
The winners of this competition got rewarded with bronze, silver, or a gold Paint Brush item for their design efforts.

Comic Strip Competition
To enter this competition you had to create a comic strip, and enter it. TC players could then vote on a scale of 1-10.
The winners were rewarded with points (?).
You can view their names, and their comics .

Happy Tagging
For this competition every player in TC has been issued with 1 ‘Dog Tag’, displayed when they click home. The amount of Dog Tags you have is always hidden to other users.
When you mug a player you gain all one of their Dog Tags!
Tags1 8378904 + Tags2 4495217 + Tags2 4495217 = Tags3 8222045

This competition will end some time after the 1st of October, and the person with the most Dog Tags will win!
1st place (most dog tags) – Gold Dog Tag
2nd place – Silver Dog Tag
3rd place – Bronze Dog Tag
4th to 10th place – Medal Dog Tag
Everyone – One point for every dog tag you acquired by the end of the contest


One of the most important elements of this competition is stealth. There’s no point in getting thousands of tags, if everyone knows you have them, and mugs you just before the competition ends.
This can mean both trying to attack people you can ‘someone’, and keeping your head down in the forums etc. A player of any age or level can win this competition if they’re lucky, and smart.
Remember to turn your Stealth on!
High levels and active players, that you suspect/ know are actively taking part in the competition, may have a lot of dog tags on them, and be worth 10′s or 100′s of people with only 1 Dog Tag on them- But if they know you’ve attacked them, they’re going to try and get them back, or tell their friends!
People who mug you for no reason will also be collecting tags. Co-ordinate with others to take them back, and gain more later.
Waiting until the end of the competition when Dog Tags will be clustered in huge amounts before mugging anyone can save effort and precious energy, as well as being a strategy.
Teamwork could also be your greatest advantage- If you actively attack other players and gain lots of Dog Tags, and then unequip and let a low level, unknown, friend mug you, you essentially have a secret storage place for your Dog Tags!

Of course there’s lots of other strategies and methods that may work for you.
Happy hunting (or hiding)!

Easter Hunt
During the month of April, different coloured egg items were ‘hidden’ in different locations in TC (eg City, Forums, Gym, Travel Agency, Crimes). These were found randomly, similar to finding items in the city.
Once all 6 coloured eggs were found (or bought/ traded), you could trade them in for 100 points and a Gold Egg Collectible.

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Holidays Celebrated:

Please Note:
NPC’s aren’t being used anymore, because they generally can only be hit and killed by select few high level/ stat players. See the Halloween holiday description for an outline of the kind of events that have replaced NPC’s.
In other words, these events are generally not active anymore.

Event: Date:
St Patricks Day 17th March
Easter 8th April
Halloween 31st October
Christmas 25th December

How To Participate:
Usually there is an NPC (id 10) that you can attack, and often someone plays the part of the character it’s meant to be. eg, when the npc was a leprechaun for st patricks day it would send you money if you sent it a 6pack of beer and other occasions they’ve posted on the forums, to either threaten Torn City and/or to stir up players (to encourage them to play along)

If you attack the NPC, then when it’s been defeated you usually recieve 50 points. And if you’re the one(or one of the ones) that kill it, you’ll get sent a unique item that can’t be bought in any shops (e.g. Neutrilux 2000, Snow cannon, Bunny Fur).

NB: Even if you are a level 1 and have no chance of hitting the NPC it is still worth attacking, Cause you’ll still get the 50 points! Also, if you attack twice you will not get 100 points. 50 is the max you’ll get for participating.

Here’s a picture of the JackOLanterns profile, Note its HP.
Jackthumb 8408540
click the thumbnail for a full size picture

Adding id 10 to your black list to keep track of any name changes that would indicate a new event coming up.

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