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Christmas unfortunately isn’t a massive event like Halloween is. Although, this year it was a bit different; instead of an almost-invincible NPC attacking the city, the Mysterious Cottage appeared in the Residential area of the City, where everyone could come and pick a present from beneath a christmas tree.

To locate the Mysterious Cottage, you need to navigate to the city, then under the residential district.
City> Mysterious Cottage

Kkkottage 9779102

Once you enter you see a nice Christmas Tree, look under it to see if there’s a present for you!

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The next screen you’ll see what you got from santa! A “rare” christmas item. Check here to see what Christmas Collectables you can get.

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NB: You can only get one present a day; The mysterious Cottage is open on christmas eve and on christmas (maybe boxing day too?).

But if you try to go back for another present you’ll be quite dissapointed Icon Sad

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The 2006 Christmas event was reset on the new day, because some people didn’t get presents, so a lot of people got two christmas items. You cannot get the three Christmas ornaments or the bell in the event, which are given to TC staff.

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