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Basic faction

To buy a brand new faction, go to: City > Create A Faction which i located at the bottom left part of the city, under Factions.
A new faction starts in ‘peaceful’ status, during which it can’t be attacked. This status changes if you declare war on any faction. Once you go into Aggressive mode, you [i]cannot[/i] revert back to peaceful.
These are the specs of a newly bought faction:

Structure: Shed
Holds: 5 Members
Costs: $1,000 x current number of factions in the game
Respect: 250

Faction upgrades

Optional Upgrades:

Upgrade: Forums    
Costs: Free    

Upgrade: Armoury   Upgrade: Medical Armoury
Costs: $100,000   Costs: 100 points

Upgrade: Armour Armoury   Upgrade:  Drug Armoury
Costs: 100 points   Costs: 100 points

Head Quarter/ Size Upgrades:

Structure: Barn
Holds: 10 Members
Cost: $300,000

Structure: Small Warehouse
Holds: 15 Members
Cost: $700,000

Structure: Large Warehouse
Holds: 20 Members
Cost: $3,000,000

Structure: Hanger
Holds: 30 Members
Cost: $8,000,000

Structure: Office Block
Holds: 50 Members
Cost: $30,000,000

Structure: Underground Bunker
Holds: 75 Members
Cost: $70,000,000

Structure: Abandoned Theatre
Holds: 100 Members
Cost: $115,000,000

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Organized Crimes

Your faction can commit as many simultaneous OC’s as it has members for.
To join an OC, the leader or co-leader has to select you for the job. After the jobs ‘planning’ time has ended, the leader/ co can initiate the OC (as long as all participants aren’t in jail/hosp/travel), but during this time any of the selected members can cancel the crime. You can’t leave the faction while an OC is in progress.
If a player hasn’t been active in the last 24 hours they can’t be chosen to take part in an OC.
To commit an OC you need the exact amount of people required.
Go Here for the complete OC pass/ fail descriptions.

Participants gain/lose some Crime Exp by passing or failing OC’s.

Crime: Blackmail
Users Needed: 2
Planning Time: 24 Hours
Cash Gained: $500 – $1,500
Respect Gained: 1 – 2
Recommended Nerve: 15 – 20

Crime: Abduction
Users Needed: 2
Planning Time: 48 Hours
Cash Gained: $1,250 – $5,000
Respect Gained: 3 – 5
Recommended Nerve: 15 – 20

Crime: Bomb Threat
Users Needed: 3
Planning Time: 72 Hours
Cash Gained: $7,500 – $25,000
Respect Gained: 7 – 10
Recommended Nerve: 20 – 25

Warning: Attempting any of the OC’s below this point will remove your peaceful status!

Crime: Planned Robbery
Users Needed: 5
Planning Time: 96 Hours
Cash Gained: $25,000 – $250,000
Respect Gained: 20 – 24
Recommended Nerve: 25 – 30

Crime: Rob a money train
Users Needed: 6
Planning Time: 120 Hours
Cash Gained: $200,000 – $350,000
Respect Gained: 27 – 32
Recommended Nerve: 30 – 35

Crime: Take over a Cruise liner
Users Needed: 15
Planning Time: 144 hours
Cash Gained: $1,000,000
Respect Gained: 70 – 72
Recommended Nerve: 35 – 40

Crime: Hijack a plane
Users Needed: 8
Planning Time: 168 Hours
Cash Gained: $30,000,000
Respect Gained: 89
Recommended Nerve: 45

Crime: Political Assassination
Users Needed: 4
Planning Time: 192 Hours
Cash Gained: $300,000,000
Respect Gained: 252
Recommended Nerve: 45

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These are all the functions the staff members get when having the specified rank.
Members can occupy more than one staff position.
Staff position names/ titles can be changed


>Applications >Change Announcement >Give to User
>Organized Crimes >Change Statement >Change Description
>Change Co-Leader >Upgrades >War functions
>Change Leader >Change Name >Change Tag
>Faction image >Managers >Send Newsletters
>Delete faction >Pay Day >Can Delete Forum Threads
>Medical Armoury Control    


>Applications >Change Announcement >Give to User
>Send Newsletters >Organized Crimes >Change Statement
>Change Description >Change Co-Leader >Upgrades
>War functions >Can Delete Forum Threads  

Third Command:

>Applications >Change Announcement >Change Statement
>Hand out Meds and Drugs    

User control:

>Change Announcement


>Applications >Change Announcement >Give to User

Manager Level 4
>Send Newsletters

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Faction Specials
You can start using these once your faction has 1000 respect.
If you faction is Peaceful, you can purchase these upgrades, but they will not take effect until your faction enters aggressive mode.
 Vigor  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII
 Decreased hosp time:  3 mins  5 mins          
 Cost (respect):  150  400          

 Steadfast  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII
 Increased gym gain:  1%  2%  3%  4%  5%    
 Cost (respect):  1,000  3,000  7,000  12,500  20,000    

 Gallant  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII
 Increased Nerve:  1  2  3  4  5    
 Cost (respect):  500  1,500  3,000  7,500      

 Enormity  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII
  Increased crime ability by unknown multiplier
 Cost (respect):  300  700  1,500    7,500    

 Chaining  I  II  III  IV  V  VI  VII
 Boosts chain interval by:  30 secs (5.30)  1min (6.00)  2mins (7.00)  3mins (8.00)  4mins (9.00)    
 Cost (respect):  250  1,000  5,000        

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its a good layout and i needed to know what each oc does so please dont take it off thanks. and what each staff does.
shaunieboy , January 31, 2007
think the Oc’s depend on the stats and especialy nerve bar. at my faction for planed robbery they let only ppl that have 30 nerve bar without merits and they always succeed and the players lvl vary from 16 to top lvls. Now we are doing money train and until now they all worked
dragosh , April 25, 2007
I’ve noticed a huge difference in difficulty in between the bomb threat and the planned robbery. I have a faction have 13 all levels 10-17 (Most above 14) and we can’t even do a planned robbery. But, I can do bomb threats and only fail them about 5% of the time.
Yoshimitsu , May 13, 2007
player 1 has 5nerve filled
player 2 has 10 nerve filled
player 3 has 12 nerve filled

total= 27 nerve, so they would succeed in planned robbery?? i’m a correct?

or is ist that minimun 3 player have to have a nerve bar of min 25 and that it don’t mather if it’s full or not??

onstabiel , June 07, 2007
No it doesnt work like that. Say in a faction of 6, I had 20 nerve, and someone else had 20 nerve, and everyone else had 15 nerve, despite the total nerve adding up to 100, we would find it very hard to acomplish a bomb threat, because you need 3 people minimum to have 25 nerve or greater in order to succeed.
Hogfather , June 14, 2007
it really doesn’t matter what level you are to do the OC as long as everyone has good crime experience and since thats hidden it’s very hard to know exactly but i would say level 3 for abduction 6 for bomb threat 10 for planned robbery then up in 4s but thats a very rough estimate
_black_rose , July 05, 2007
What does a referee do in the faction?

TCB: See our Staff function list. Staff names can be edited, so you’ll have to figure out what it was called originally.

Scyther99 , July 09, 2007
managed to get 40k for abduction….
CMH , August 13, 2007
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