Factions, colors and Company’s

Factions, colors and Company’s

The phenomenal TC Company Summary Spreadsheet is available in Tools and Calculators, thanks to Generjustin.
If you want to check out how company’s work, and how to get a profit, and much more, you should definitely take a look!

You can also now find the list of the new Faction Special costs and effects in the Faction info page (incomplete- please comment with more information if you can)

We’ve completed a BETA Stat color list. Please take a look, and comment if anythings wrong- Click ‘Read More’ to take a look.

 Stat Colours List:
(Thanks to Sayapening)

Battle Stats

#ff0000 = 10 – 99
#cc5c33 = 100 – 499
#ab4d20 = 500 – 2,499
#b57400 = 2,500 – 9,999
#9e8c00 = 10,000 – 24,999
#727800 = 25,000 – 49,999
#668000 = 50,000 – 99,999
#006600 = 100,000 +

Work Stats

#ff0000 = 10 – 99
#cc5c33 = 100 – 499
#ab4d20 = 500 – 2,499?
#b57400 = 2,500? – 4,999
#9e8c00 = 5,000 – 9,999
#727800 = 10,000 – 19,999?
#668000 = 20,000? – 29,999
#006600 = 30,000+

If you have any different info, please give us the exact shade of colour so we can make an accurate graph- Select your stats, right click and and select ‘show source code’ to see the exact shade of colour (will be a blue number, eg #006600 is Green).
Note: if you don’t want people to know your stats, make sure you comment using a different name to your TC account.

Faction Changes:

a) Factions starting respect has been changed from 100 to 250.
b) Amount of declared wars per faction have been limited to 50.
c) Faction wars have been removed, you can redeclare if you need to.
d) Chain counters have been reset, gives everyone a chance to be the new best chainer, I’m pretty sure it won’t have to be reset again – so this is it.
e) A player must be in a faction for at least 3 days before they can leave or be kicked.
f) Peaceful and Aggressive status’s have been added. A faction starts in Peaceful status, during this time they cannot be attacked. Once they declare on another faction, they will lose their peaceful status and can be declared on themselves. Peaceful status can also be earned by staying clear of war for a while.
g) Faction specials have been added. Vigor, Enormity, Steadfast, Gallant and Chaining can all be upgraded giving the faction members massive benefits. The upgrades can be purchased using respect, but be careful, spending too much respect could get your faction killed. Some of the benefits include up to 10% bonus to gym gains, up to 30 minutes off then you’re attacked, massive crime bonus’s and big nerve bar increases. A lot of these upgrades cost a lot of respect. You will be able to start using your respect once you have at least 1,000.

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