Starting a faction
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Factions in Torn City are a great way of making new friends, earning some money, and expanding your TC experience. For lower levels it is recommended that you look to join a powerful faction that can offer you protection, and items and money, as opposed to starting your own, because smaller factions with low level players are often extorted by better factions for money, and to farm for respect ( see below for ‘respect’). Later on, once you’ve gained some experience and made some friends you can always try your hand at running a faction, or get co- leader in someone elses. Make sure that you meet the requirements for joining the faction, and you can find factions that are recruiting through the TC ‘Factions’ forums.

The price of starting a new faction is the no. of factions x $ 1000. For instance, at the time of writing this article there were 3,168 factions in TC, so the price to start a new faction is $ 3,168,000. It is much cheaper to buy a faction off other players through the forums. Make sure that the faction you are buying has some respect left, and isn’t in any wars you can’t handle.

A faction makes money through Organized Crimes (OC’s). These give a varying amount of respect and money depending on their difficulty . Remember if your members all have low crime exp, you may fail oc’s.

You can check our ASCII Table for symbols to use as Faction Tags.

Respect is an important factor of your faction. When your faction goes to 0 respect, it is destroyed, along with everything in the armoury and whatever money and points has been donated. Respect also affects OC pass rate.
You can gain respect through passing OC’s, or by fighting other factions. When you declare war, or have war declared on you, every time you hospitalize a member of the opposing faction you gain respect. The respect you gain depends on the level of the person you have hospitalized. Your faction can link together attacks, called ‘chaining’ ( see below). To be effective in wars, chaining is a must.
Remember, when you are warring other factions, they are also attacking your members, taking your respect. Sometimes it is good to accept terms and surrender. However remember that energy spent fighting wars is energy not spent on training, and the same is true for other factions. Wars are expensive.

Chaining is done during wars when hospitalizing opposing faction members. Essentially it means that a faction is working together to hospitalize opponents.
Click Here for a comprehensive chaining tutorial.
A chain is when faction members hospitalize opponents within 5 minutes of each other. A chain is no longer broken if a member attacks twice in a row, although this gives less respect. A chain is broken if nobody attacks for longer then 5 minutes. You then have to start the chain again in order to get more respect. In each attack linking the chain the respect gain is increased via an unknown multiplier. Remember, always attack lower people at the beginning of a chain, since higher members give more respect, meaning the large respect multiplier later on in the chain is more effective.


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