Fastest way to GP

Thanks to MikhaelR [765604] for writing this guide
This guide describes the fastest way from unemployed newbie, to GP rank in Medical.
Minimum time frame: 58 days

1. Starting out
Manual Labor (Man.) 10
Intelligence (Intel) 10
Endurance (End.) 10
Other Requirements: None
Join the Casino. The casino entry level position gives the best pay, which will be needed for Intelligence education courses.
Time between step one and step two: Four days.

2. Education
Manual Labor-12
Other Requirements: $1,000
In the four days after joining the casino, save your salary. Once you have one thousand dollars saved up, there are two education courses that you must take. The order in which the courses are taken do not matter. You will need to take:
Basic Computing Course
Costs $500 and 25 energy at the start of the class
Gives 100 Intelligence after seven days. Also gives the ability to code Simple Viruses.
Basic English Course
Costs $500 and 25 energy at the start of the class
Gives 200 Intelligence after seven days.
Time between step two and step three: 14 days.

3. Welcome to the Hospital!
Manual Labor-26
Other Requirements: $750
When you finish the basic computing course and basic English course, you will finally exceed the 300 intelligence and zero manual labor and endurance to move into the Torn City Hospital, becoming a medical student. Your pay jumps from $250 to $400 per day, and your stat increases jump from Manual 1/day, intelligence 2/day, and endurance 3/day to 4/day manual, 12/day intelligence, and 7 per day endurance. The next sub-target is moving up to Houseman, requiring 100 Manual Labor, 600 Intelligence and 150 Endurance, which brings us to the second part of step three. For the next promotion, you will need 74 manual labor, 258 intelligence and 92 endurance. The gains you get from the Medical Student Job gives you those necessary gains in 19 days, 22 days, and 14 days, respectively.
Because of this, the education courses are too slow to help your intelligence or endurance before the game’s automatic gain system hands over enough points for you to reach the benchmark for the next promotion. The recommended course to reach the Houseman rank at this point would be:
Basic Judo Course
Costs $750 and 35 Energy at the start of the course
Gives 250 Manual Labor after 15 days.
Time between step three and step four: 22 days.

4. Second Job Change
Manual Labor-364
Other Requirements: $750
The next move is a bit of a counter-intuitive one. At this point, once you get the promotion to Houseman, you will want to quit your job and switch to working in education for a time. Quitting a job has little negative repercussions in Torn City. Once you have been promoted to a level, when you re-apply to that job, you will automatically regain that level, so no need to worry about having to spend precious medical points on a promotion you had purchased in the past. The major benefit of moving to a position in education is the nice job special. The special

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