41 New Awards!

41 New Awards!

41 new awards based on 11 of the new personal stats have been released!

Please comment here with new award info, to add to our Awards page!

Päivitys: Click ‘Read More’, or the Awards page, to see all the new Awards submitted so far.
(24 / 41)

There are either 5 or 3 awards for each of the following types.

Attacks won
Defends won
Times ran away
Foes ran away
Best kill streak
Kriittiset osumat
Medical items used
Bounties Collected
Items found in city
Times travelled
Times voted

Times voted awards and personal stat is not yet counting as it is based on a new voting system we have in the making. This will be released soon.

New Awards:

(This is not being updated anymore – See the ‘Awards’ page for current rewards)

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