Halloween Town 2009

Halloween Town 2009

Halloween Town is now open! So far the items seem to be the same as in 2008.

You can find a List of Halloween Items, their Effects, and their Locations Here.
Remember that any Halloween items that you find are in their own page, found through Items > Holiday Items, and can’t be sold or traded.

Full list of items from this year ():

  • Admin Castle
    –Old Case Files – Collectible
    –Faerie Floss – rare candy
    –Jawbreakers – candy
    –Gum drops – candy
  • Abandoned Mall
    –Trick or Treat Bag – collectible
    –Tombstone – rare candy
    –Candy Corn
    –White Chocolate Peanut Buttercups
  • Haunted Hotel
    –Receptionist bell – collectible
    –Smoking Cauldron-rare candy
    –Bubble Gum-candy
    –Chocolate Frogs-candy
  • Ghost Town
    –Old Rusty Pistol – collectible
    –Lobotomy Kit (rare candy)
    –Candy Kisses
    –Peanut Buttercups
    –Chocolate Candy Car
  • The Asylum
    –Straight Jacket – collectible
    –White Chocolate Feather-Rare Candy
    –Candy Apple-candy
    –Rock Candy
  • Federal Penitentiary
    –Hand Cuffs And Leg Irons – collectible
    –Chocolate Truffles-rare candy-
    –Cinnamon Dots -candy
    –Gum Drops-candy
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