OC’s Archive

OC’s Archive

New Organised Crimes, and OC system, were introduced on Mon Aug 18, 2008 17:55:46

This is the old TCB OC info.

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Before you start an OC, make sure you have enough users in your faction to be able to complete it.
Note: ‘Reccomended Nerve’ is the lowest amount of nerve that will allow you to pass oc’s often, if you have the minimum ‘users needed’ participating. Results will vary, according to users and nerve.

Crime: Abduct Someone
Users Needed: 2
Planning Time: 12 Hours
Cash Gained: $10,000-$30,000
Respect Gained: 1-3
Reccommended Nerve: 20

Crime: Pommiuhka
Users Needed: 3
Planning Time: 24
Cash Gained: $40,000-$70,000
Respect Gained: 2-5
Reccommended Nerve: 20 - 25

Crime: Suunniteltu ryöstö
Users Needed: 5
Planning Time: 48 tuntia
Cash Gained: $60,000-$400,000
Respect Gained: 5-7
Reccommended Nerve: 25 - 30

Crime: Rob a Money Train
Users Needed: 6
Planning Time: 60 Hours
Cash Gained: $440,000-$750,000
Respect Gained: 6-10
Reccommended Nerve: 30 - 35

Crime: Hijack a Plane
Users Needed: 10
Planning Time: 120 tuntia
Cash Gained: $1,000,000
Respect Gained: 9-15
Reccommended Nerve: 35 - 40

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