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Re:Hunting2007/04/16 21:06 Hogfather wrote: Hunting is only worthless if you dont use your head. People seem to forget that you can buy stuff when you travel. If as you claim you get 30k with 30 hunting stats, then that means you only pay 10k for the trip to Africa. Then with your 5 item slots you can make the money back by either buying drugs or weapons and then selling them on the auction/item market. e.g. when I went hunting Anax cost around $600,000, today it’s going for around $700,000. So with a ticket to africa costing 40k – the money gained from 30 hunting skill (30k) you only pay 10k for the trip + the cost of hunting, and can make a profit of between 80-90k from the sale of 1 drug alone. And thats only if you buy 1 drug. Eurmz, SA costs 40k. So you have to hunt 2 days before you even start making profit……
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