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Depending on your budget, and the amount of risk you will take, there are a number of different options available when gambling. An important aspect of gambling is that it also gains you exp.

WARNING: The gambling system and odds have been changed to a more realistic system. You are now far more likely to lose money when gambling!

Every day you get 75 tokens to gamble with (can be upgraded with merits). eg. 1 go at the roulette or at the slots costs 1 token. When you have 0 tokens, you can no longer gamble.
More tokens can be gained by though the Casino job special, using a Casino Pass, or by successfully counterfeiting them (13 nerve crime).
Be warned refreshing the page, and sometimes using multiple pages while gambling will cause this message to display- ‘No Refreshing the Casino. Click here to go back’. Some games also cause you to restart after a certain time of inactivity.

Every 5 levels you gain another betting option for high-low and keno

Level Betting Amount
1 $ 5, $ 10, $ 50
5 $ 250
10 $ 1,000
15 $ 2,500
20 $ 5,000
25 $ 10,000
30 $ 25,000
35 $ 50,000
40 $ 75,000
45 $ 100,000
50 $ 150,000
Poker | Roulette | Blackjack | Slots | High-Low | Keno | Lottery | Craps | Russian Roulette |

Visit this page for two in depth Poker tutorials.

Visit this page for a very in depth look at Roulette.
NOTE: The Roulette page has not been updated since the gambling update. The page is no longer correct.

Visit this page for a tutorial on Blackjack.

In slots if you get 2/3 numbers the same you double your money. If you get all 3 numbers the same, you get 50x your money.
This is a very good option for low levels who don’t want to lose much money, as it is relatively safe.

Note: Slots has been updated, this information is no longer correct, visit this page for the new Slots tutorial.

In High-Low you also have the oportunity to make a lot of cash, with a low original bet. It is much easier for high levels to make large amounts of money, because of the amount they can bet.
Stated by many to have better odds than Roulette and to make more money, it does however take a long period of time to play ( And is dangerously addictive…). It is simple to play- When the dealer draws Ace – 6 pick higher, and for 8 – King pick lower. 7 is a 50/50 percent chance of winning/ losing so it’s up to you.

Keno is a fun Casino game, but people have not been known to earn large sums from playing it. More of an extra, rather than a truly invaluable addition.

$10,000 per ticket, and you can buy as many as you want as long as you have enough casino tokens (costs one per ticket). The winner is drawn on new day Sunday and wins it all!
The winner is announced in the newspaper.
Once thing to note, however, is that while still giving better odds than real ‘jackpot’, or lotto etc, because no money is sidetracked by the sellers, the odds are not in your favour, as with other casino games.

Note: The bet amount on craps is always 25x your level, unlike the other games.
Craps doesn’t earn you a lot of money. For a low level player the extra 50$ earned per dice attempt (if you win) may make the difference, but fora high level it isn’t enough money. The losses are also quite hefty, in view of the winnings. However, by winning off the first roll you can make a nice sum of money.
If you want to make some fast money with no danger of losing any yourself, there is a foolproof strategy. Roll the dice. If you get a 7 or 11 on the first roll click ‘Roll Again for a new Point’. If you don’t win off the first roll, click ‘casino’ and then go back to craps. Following these instructions you should never lose any money. Exploitation of bugs is not allowed within TC. Torn City Basic takes no responsibility for the consequences of using this strategy. If you are concerned if this is legal, mail a member of TC staff. (no longer possible)
Remember, you need to have 10 casino tokens left over to play Craps.

Russian Roulette
In order to challenge people to play ‘RR’ you need to have completed the mission ‘Operation Prospect’ (level 7 and up), and have gained the S&W Revolver. You can be challenged if you haven’t got the revolver and/ or haven’t passed the mission, however you must be above level 7 in order to play.
The odds are NOT the same for both the challenger and the challengee… The challengee has a much better chance of winning. Update: Heavily debated. Possible 50/50 chance for both players.
PLEASE NOTE; There have been a number of RR scams. TC has just fixed two known ones, but more may still exist. Please try not to play for items, as people often don’t send them. Also try to play people you know you can trust. If you think you have been scammed, issue a player report.

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