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Thanks to Hexkid [421738] for creating these scripts!
Thanks to MathewS [373969] for his updates and additions!
Thanks to Amita [500343] for the SuperPack script!
Installing and Using Greasemonkey
Safety Concerns
What the Scripts do:
TC City Express Crimes SuperPack

Note: The TC City script is incompatible with some new TC updates (eg the new Items page).
You need to add (or etc) to the excluded pages for the page to work properly.


Current TCB official/ tested versions:
* (Click a Link to download)
These scripts are all compatible, and can be used simultaneously
Note: Each version may be different, and pending TC updates or changes, different functions may stop working.
If you enjoy these scripts, and want something updated, it’s also your responsibility to fix them, or encourage/ find people to spend their free time fixing scripts for you.

You can check here for updated versions:
If you are editing the script, please do not remove the credits to any past contributors, and submit your changes to the github directory linked to above.

Greasemonkey was legalised on Sep 17th 08
*the TC SuperPack script is not maintained by TCB, and can change without notice

Installing and Using Greasemonkey

Part 1: Installing Firefox and Greasemonkey

To be able to use Greasemonkey, you need to be using the Firefox browser, and install the Greasemonkey extension.
Download the Firefox browser from:

Remember, if you don’t like it, you can always just uninstall it again.

Then, open the firefox browser, and install the following Greasemonkey firefox addon:

Click on any images for a larger, detailed image

Once it’s been installed, restart Firefox when it prompts you to.

Part 2: Installing the Scripts

Now click on one of the links at the top of this page, in the script section, to install the script you want to try. You can see a description of some of each scripts functions further down this page.
You can also download one throug hthe github link, also found in the Script section above.


Once the script/s is installed, you can view them, and manage them by going to Tools > Greasemonkey in your firefox menu bar.

Make sure the script has a tick next to ‘Enabled’ if you want to use it. If you want to browse without it, here’s where you can disable the script by unticking it.

Part 3: Using and Editing Scripts

After clicking on ‘Manage User Scripts’, you can view all installed greasemonkey scripts.

In the example above, there’s three different versions of the TC City script installed, as well as scripts for other sites. The only enabled script is the bottom black TCCity script.
Through this window you can enable or disable different scripts, and view and edit their code/ functions, by clicking Edit. To edit the scripts you need a knowledge of javascript.
The windows labeled ‘Included Pages’ and ‘Excluded Pages’ are which pages the script will be functioning on. A * is a wildcard, and means that any extension after that point in the url is included. For instance, in the TCCity script above* means that any url in torn city will have the script running on it.

If your script isn’t working, make sure torncity is included here- both the https://www.torncity and the https://torncity versions, or and

If you don’t want to have Greasmonkey running on a page, for instance you don’t want the script to change anything only while your on your items page, add to the Excluded Pages window.
If you’re unsure about the safety of a script, you can add the login page to the excluded window.
The link you would be adding is:, or whatever you use to login to TC.

If your script is not working, and it is installed properly, right click it in this window and make sure it is Enabled!

Your script should be enabled and working now!

If it’s not working, try uninstalling it, and reinstalling it, or using a different version.

If you’re using the TC City script, you can find the settings menu below the City.
You have to enable some functions here before they will begin to work.


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Safety Concerns

Using Greasemonkey it is possible to insert code into the script that reads your username and password, and sends it to somebody. This is called a ‘cookie grabber’.
This can ONLY happen if you have installed the script, and allowed it to run on that page.

You can avoid this by only installing scripts checked by TCB, or by adding the TC login page, for instance, to your ‘exclude’ list in the script options.
You can see how to do this just above, in the part about Editing your scripts (Here).

For example, the page shown in the image below is 100% safe from that script:

Remember, the scripts that we’ve checked at the top are safe.
However, if you’re downloading random scripts from, or elsewhere, make sure to check the comments, or the code.

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TC City Script – What it does

As shown in the image directly above this section, you have to scroll down below the city in TC to find the menu for this script. From here you can customize what it does and how your pages display.

This is the menu:
(Please remember that different versions will differ from below, and functions may stop working if TC changes/ updates pages or code)

Below we cover some of the features in the TC City script (v. 2008092.6). Check the numbers in the image above for the corresponding menu item.

1. Highlighting

Highlighting does just that- you can set different parameters, and select what, if anything, you wish to highlight, for instance people to bust, or donator packs in the markets.

2. Ticking Clock (Broken)
The usual clock, but it ticks in real time! Very handy if you’re waiting for a certain time in the auction house, or don’t want to keep refreshing the page to check TC time. You can also change this clock to display the time of any timezone.

3. Simple Login Page

Good for users on dialup, or who just don’t want to view all of the login, and images that are displayed on the login page.

4. Customizable Menu

This is where you can edit your menu at will, adding and removing items.
In the example shown, some menu items have been expanded upon, such as Crimes | Offences, and the user has chosen to remove a lot of items, such as the Newspaper and Rewards.

5. Express Train

To activate this function, you have to enter percentages into the Battle Stat distribution in the GM menu.
You can now train in one click!
It also tells you your current battle stat percentage (visit your home page to update this), and highlights what stat you should train to achieve your entered distribution percentage.

6. Times, Clock and Percentages

In this menu you can activate a few things, such as the ticking clock and the time it will take for your bars to refill
And displaying your battle stat percentage on the home page

And more…

Totals and categorization of Item page:

Crimes for next award:


And some more that we haven’t covered here.

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Express Crimes Script – What it does

Once you’ve installed the Express Crimes Script, your crimes page will stay the same as usual, except that there are boxes below that you can choose to tick.
Once you’ve ticked one of these boxes you will be given the option to do any crime of that nerve in one click. In the example shown below, the 11 and the 15 nerve crimes have been selected.

You can deselect, or select more crimes at any time.

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TC SuperPack Script – What it does

Requirement : Greasemonkey 0.8+

This script implements 3 functions for torncity players:

1. AntiScamming Center

– Access: City > City Center > Anti Scamming Center
– Function:
+ Colors/Highlights scammers whose ids have been added by yourself and/or fetched by our server.
+ Displays a warning when trading or sending cash to a scammer.
+ several anti scamming/phishing utilities
Note: This only becomes active once you’ve added (or fetched from the server) some ID’s, and Saved the config
– Screenshot:

Asc 7767771

2. Event Checking

– Acces : City > City Center > Event Check
– Function:
+ Check your mail/event every x seconds (you can set x dynamically)
+ Displays alert when your energy/health/nerve reaches certain amount
– Screenshot:

Tc Superpack 2005923

3. Parcel/Present labeling:

– Access: Items > [open] link next to your Parcel/Present
– Function:
+ You can label your individual parcels/presents
– Screenshot:

Box 6335513

Any comments, bugs, issues, suggestions… please PM me in game, ID [500343]

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TCB: Greasemonkey was legalized on Sep 17th 08.
Please ignore any comments to the contrary posted before this date.
uo- , September 12, 2007
There is a way I’ve seen for them to find out. It involves them installing the script and going to the users online, I just installed this to make sure I remembered it right. It shows up similar to the way your name does when using it, [name], but when I turn it off it goes back to normal. So my guess is that the link to your profile somehow interferes with the users online page. Can you verify and possibly change this?
J.C. , September 14, 2007
The script interferes with the users online page, yes. But admins can’t find out the script is being used just because of that.

That is just an innocuous bug (which will be corrected in a future version of the script).

Pedro , September 15, 2007
Ahh, cool makes me feel much better. 🙂
J.C. , September 16, 2007
so there’s no possible way of them finding out unless the express crimes is used?
123456789 , October 01, 2007
is this safe do install and download

TCB: We’d like to assure you that we would not link to anything that isn’t secure.
We do however take no responsibility for your actions.
Anyone who’s thinking the same: You have to make the decision yourself, based on the information we offer.

luke , October 17, 2007
i have tried to download this but thhere is no download button can u plz answer this question thanks

TCB: Follow all of the instructions on this page, then click on ‘download’ next to the script you want to install on hexkids site. Your download shoudl start automatically, if you wait for a few seconds.

luke , October 19, 2007
I find it wierd that you say its an illegal add on for torncity, yet you have guides on how to use it lol

TCB: As an unofficial TC guide, we’ll put all info up, unless it’s damaging to the game.

JPB , October 28, 2007
how do you add your own picture onto your house like the boat above
luke , November 07, 2007
be careful with that script! the creator hexkid is logging your ip at his downloadpage to send it to the staff for rechecking their database!
Advisor , November 09, 2007
It’s not within the official TC site, and as it’s not altering the “game files” in any way to ones advantage, you can’t be banned for visiting a site.
jovis , November 10, 2007
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